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Monday, December 6, 2010

This year's Annual holiday ornament debut!

For 7 or 8 years now - I make two dozen ornaments or something festive for my Grandmother every holiday season. Since I lived in Chicago as a teenager, she has been teaching oil painting and has a large following of students in 3-4 classes she teaches every week. She gives my annual handmade creations to her painting students.

This is a 6" handmade painted and collaged paper tree with a golden swirl that will hang from the top like a garland. I saw this on one of the crafty shows on tv a long, long time ago - and there wasn't a template online. So I put my math hat on, made many measurements...and made my own swirl on graph paper. For the trees I painted and collaged a large sheet of thick watercolor paper with torn tissue paper and magazine papers in green that were then cut into many triangles. With a slit halfway up one and halfway down a second one, you can join them together. Hope you like it. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Only two weeks until our roadtrip advernture to Chicago...YAY!!! Sb

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