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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Sea Lady" Torso

This is my one of three "Ladies of the Sea" I made for a Torso Swap in the ArtTechniques Yahoo Group. The hostess is in Hawaii so this is particularly exciting that these ladies are going from one tropical paradise, halfway around the globe to another Tropical Paradise. Aloha! Sb

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wreck This Journal - Rusty part two

My Wreck This Journal journey had taken me on an amazing side trip...I am now an amateur movie maker. It was fun to make, but time consuming compositing about 50 photos from my Canon DS-20 to this the final product. I think you all will like it...

Now the exciting conclusion of Journal meets "RUSTY"...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Students Always Amaze Me...

I have a monthly stamping techniques class that I teach at my local S.B. store and I have two awesome ladies who show up for class every month, without fail. I'll go on to say that my methodology to teaching is more of a experimental lab, as opposed to traditional stamp class. I prepare a few techniques to teach them with some pre-selected stamps & supplies and we dive right in - learning by trial & error.

Last night was particularly fun! Teresa, brought this cool car stamp and some sayings to accompany it in a cool retro "Grease" style. She wanted to make a birthday card for her husband for this Saturday [this car has particular sentimental value to their relationship - it was his car when they first began dating back in the day - so this made it EXTRA special].

All three of us collaborated in this, Teresa came up with her vision & design [and the stamps], Jan helped in finding this great background paper, and I recommended the metallic ribbon. For the car she used a technique of hand-painting in the stamped image: with Dewdrops quick drying shimmer pigment inks. I instructed her to rub some ink directly from pad onto an acrylic block and pick up color with an EK Waterbrush. The result was stunning [sorry about the photo it's from my iPhone]. While she is painting away with pale blue and platinum planet, I stamped away about a dozen cars so I will post another version of the card that is much clearer of this design so you can see the results. Meanwhile, Jan was hand-coloring and stamping a background for her stamped birthday card and practicing using the heat embossing tool - something each of us are always happy to have more practice with.

Great work ladies!!! Teresa I hope your Hubby loves the card : )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wreck This Journal - After RUSTY!!!

Well since the postal trip yielded no additional distress, I moved on to the "CHEW ON THIS" experiment...more to come I am putting together the pix into a video...Sb

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wreck this Journal - Experiment #7

I sent my book through the mail. It cost me $2.75 but it was still tied up the next day when it came back [FYI - USPS doesn't allow tied packages - but they made an exception because it was only going 7 miles across town]. It was only a slumber journal came home the next afternoon...AND...I taunted my mail carrier..."Wet is Better"..."Not Fragile"..."PLEASE BEND"..."PLEASE DROP ME"...they usually crush everything into my cubicle at the community mailbox...this time I don't think they saw the humor in this experiment!

What will come of my Journal next...Sb

It's Official!!! I'm a member!

I have been accepted as a member for the EtsyTwitter Team for my sister blog SalonD'Arte. YAY!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

"Numbers" Card for All Things Tim Swap

#2 Place sticky things here...

(honey, GUM, syrup, glue, sucker, marshmallow).

Honey - CHECK. Mint Chocolate chip ice cream - CHECK. Blackberry preserves, nice and PURPLE and STICKY [yummy on an english muffin, too] - CHECK. and Sweet & Sour Sauce from a bottle, not a package - real thick and sticky...more items may follow after honey dries...still waiting 3 days later...Sb

continued...Happy Friday!! I'm still waiting for the honey to get tacky or solidify so I can move on. I don't want it to drip off or attract the ants. Anyone think it will help if I put UTEE on it and heat emboss it??? Seriously! Tomorrow it's getting tied and bound closed and going on a little trip via USPS...weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

#1 - Make a Sudden, Unpedictable

movement with the journal...OK. GO! I tried to crumple the book up and I pulled a muscle in my neck doing so...OK a little too enthusiastic - but it's done now...

No longer pretty - my book lays down now looking like a bird with a broken wing...

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If you look close in the lower left corner - I have gotten a ding from carrying the book around with me in my bag today. Ok - I guess that is my jumping off point...

Wreck this Journal!!!

OK. I have committed
Myself to the 'wreck this jounal' event - I have this beautiful, sleek
& smooth brand new book - in all it's perfection -and I love new
books, no dents or dings, dog-eared pages and freshly printed smell.
My pet peeve: those stickers the book stores put on them- like
grafitti. I have to admit I am a bit of a printed material hoarder -
but for my library of art books - I cherish them.

How can I destroy a book?

I'm going to have to take inspiration from my altered artist friend
Judith, who had a round-robin altered book themed "fold, spindle, &
mutilate" - an exploration of tearing apart a book and artfully
putting it back together. I remember taking my alotted 40
pages...tearing 30 of them out and making little envelopes glued
together into a bridge when opened and the remaining 6 pages for an
origami book that folded out. It was a challenge and the book was all
black and white - one of those 'inside information' books. Oh yeah -
I just realized a Freudian - I edged everything I glued back in in RED!

So back to the burning question? How do I go about wrecking a
perfectly pristine book???

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