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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Deck the #Cre8time Halls with ColoriQue...


Hello Friends! Are you ready for some holiday inspiration?! Today I am part of a Designer Crafts Connection Bloghop featuring ColorBox® ColoriQue paints and U-Paint metal Blanks... and we have been challenged to create holiday decor! 

For this challenge I was provided two U-Paint Acanthus Leaf Ornaments (6″ W x 1 1/4″ H) along with three colors of ColorBox® ColoriQue: Moss Landing, Ruby Slippers, and Verdigris.

ColoriQue brings artistic color to metal and more!

ColoriQue is an ink based product developed by Clearsnap® and jewelry artist Lisa Marie Jimenez. Colors are blendable and can be layered for unique effects. Easily applies to a variety of metals, working on both raw and plated. Not just for metal, ColoriQue can also be used on clay, ceramic, glass, wood and leather. Dries quickly and is studio safe. 

I love recycling and repurposing items and I have a box of "alterables" containing items from around the house and thrift store finds. I have grabbed some ribbon, Glue Dots® and holiday floral picks from my stash to accompany the U-Paint Leaf Ornament embellishments and ColoriQue paints. 

For today's project I selected a three-panel curved frame that was a thrift store score for 75 cents. With some paint, embellishments and some photos... I can transform this into some lovely holiday decor that will make a perfect keepsake gift too! I remove the backing and glass and give frame a rub-down with a damp towel to clean off any dust and dirt to prepare for it's transformation.

Using a cosmetic sponge, I daub on "Ruby Slippers" ColoriQue. I am more interested in quick coverage and getting color into all the nooks and crannies, and the sponge does the job and gives a streak-free finish.

The ColoriQue goes on bright with a slight shimmer that is a bit translucent. As the color dries, the red color dulls back. If the base of this frame was white instead of black, I would have a totally different look -- very bright. I don't know if this frame is wood or particle-pressed, but I love how with only one layer of color, it now looks like mahoghany.

When dry the "Ruby Slippers" ColoriQue looks like a deep cranberry over the matte black wood frame. I sponge along, daubing on the color, completely covering all edges. I wait a few minutes to let layer dry before applying a second coat to build up richness of color. I didn't have to wait long. I was painting in sections, so where I began was dry by the time I got all the way around the frame.

Now to paint the U-Paint Acanthus Leaf Ornaments. Using a cosmetic sponge I applied a layer of "Ruby Slippers" ColoriQue, then followed with "Verdigris", and finally with the "Moss Landing".

I repeated each color a second time, this time just on the high points -- building up depth and interest of colors in the intricate details.

I went back and lightly rubbed the high points with a little more "Ruby Slippers" to marry the color with the matching painted frame. I love how the color and sheen of the ColoriQue has quickly and easily transformed both of these items... and it dries in a snap! 

I gently bent the painted Leaf Ornament back and forth in the center to break apart into two sections. I trimmed away one sharp edge with heavy duty scissors. I'll be covering up these with some faux floral items, so I'm not concerned about the edges matching.

The detail is equally beautiful on both sides of the U-Paint Leaf Ornament. I took an extra step of adding color to the largest portion of the backside as portions will be overhanging the frame edges.

After bending each piece slightly to match arch of the frame, I used 3/16" multi-use Glue Dots® squares to attach in place flanking the outer squares and leaving space between to add some faux foilage.

I finished off the center with sections of holiday floral picks - reassembling bits and pieces to make a garland-like swag and join the center of the flanked painted Leaf Ornaments

So Merry and Bright!

This 75 cent thrift store frame has been transformed into a beautiful holiday display piece. I'm waiting on some new photos of my toddler nephews to replace Santa wrapping paper and this keepsake will be on it's merry way to my Grandmother for Christmas.

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For more information on ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jiminez or to purchase products please visit website HERE.

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Thanks so much for visiting! CLICK HERE to pop over to the beginning of the Designer Crafts Connection "ColoriQue" Bloghop and enjoy more holiday decor inspiration.   Sb :)

** This is a sponsored post. Clearsnap® has provided Lisa Marie Jimenez ColoriQue paints, and U-Paint provided the metal blanks for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.
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