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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friendly plastic has all been traded...

Thanks for visiting & I hope you'll browse around a bit...Sb

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

friendly plastic colors

I have these 4 colors of friendly plastic for trade. I have 4 each of the black, purple and pink and 2 of the white pearlized...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"a Quiet Room for one to Sleep..."

This was the latest Round Robin for my local Altered Book Club in Ft. Lauderdale. "My Favorite Things" Altered Book Page - June 2008.

This month was Marianne's strange book to be altered which is about psychology, perhaps an old textbook, with lots of strange imagery in it discussing psycho babble. The corners have been chopped off the top making it like a giant tag, complete with hole. She put a "cork in it" [is she is trying to tell us something].

This book had so many neat visuals and text to choose from for altering. I was going to collage imagery and words of my many favorite things, but I came across this page that was of a darkened den/library which the excerpt was titled "A Revolution in a Quiet Room". There is a comfy looking couch with blankets, surrounded by books, paintings and sculptures - a perfect place for a nap. With this I paid homage to my favorite of past-times...taking a nap, wherever and whenever possible...painted in purple, my favorite color. I used tons of googly eyes, lurking about in the dark recesses; looking down on me as I slumber...

left page detail...

Right page detail...

"Spagetti Pie" Altered Book Page

May 2008 round robin for my local Altered Book Club, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

This month I had Christine's altered cookbook, an old book from 1949, entitled, "Fireside Cookbook: A Complete Guide to Fine Cooking for Beginner and Expert". Her book was a little tattered, so it wasn't so tough altering it and it was quite fun to do. This book is so interesting - it has all of these kitschy retro illustrations throughout. I had to have a copy for my kitchen. Just my luck - I managed to find and purchase one from the used area at Amazon. Since my Dad has not been so well these past few months, he has been on my mind quite a lot lately. He had a passion for cooking, and was known for his specialties; so for this project, I made a tribute to his "Spaghetti Pie"

As a footnote, I received the book from Amazon about a half hour before getting word that my Dad had an angel sent down from the postal gods...Sb

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ATC Workshop Lesson 1 Examples

I know I'm a couple weeks behind, but if you scroll down to the previous post, I'm pretty sure some other things have taken priority and I will be excused for my absence. Anyway, I am finally getting to the workshop exercises and exploring...

For the intuitive watercolor: I made 2 backgrounds [photos 1 & 2]. I used dry Pelikan watercolor on base, then dripped in Luma concentrated colors. Heat made paper buckle up like a rainbow, so I fixed this by wetting back side of watercolor paper first before starting technique. I used a drinking straw to help move around the paint in a more controlled fashion [this is a handy tool for your painting/brush kit].

For the watercolor on baby wipes [photos 3 & 4]: I folded the wipe up accordion style both directions, so that it was folded into a thick, small square. Holding it together, I dripped yellow into the center, from top and bottom,then dipped the corners in purple. I pressed it all together to saturate all layers. This made a real nice pattern. I did another version that was more of a traditional scrunchy, tie-dye style.

For the painted paper towel [photos 5]: I used the Lumiere's. These are a new media in my box and I found these needed to be watered down a lot - it is very thick, but blends nicely - yet retains opacity. This lends itself to more organic shapes. I found it helped to make the paper towel real wet to move the paint around.

I will be using the intuitive watercolor sample #2 for my completed ATC. Check back to see the finished piece in my next post...
: ) Sb

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tribute to my Dad: Ralph V. Novak

Ralph Vincent Novak, of Shelby, AL, was born June 28, 1942 in Berwyn, IL and passed away June 23, 2008. He left behind his wife, Betty; daughters, Susan Brown (Dan) and Alice Potchen (Robert); and granddaughters, Alexis and Inanna; other family members and friends. Inquiries please contact:
This ran in the Chicago Tribune 6.26.2008.

I don't think it has really sunk in for me yet. All I know is that I am thankful that he waited and his broken heart held up through all the years of waiting. I had been separated from my father for about 25 years, due to divorce. My sister and I reunited with him on Valentine's Day, 2004. And what a reunion it was - it was like no time had ever passed! He was just as we remembered, except, he was very sick. He certainly didn't look it.

A self-taught artist | he was a painter and also created with glass via torch [glass-blowing]. He earned a living for many years blowing glass at Circus World, Cypress Gardens and on the art show circuit. I had thought for years that my talents were passed down from my maternal grandmother, who is also a painter. But that day, I fully realized that the talents I have were pulsing in my veins from birth. And what a collector he was! This filled in all the blanks and PROCLAIMED that I was definitely my 'Father's Daughter'.

A week and three days later, I am still in a daze & my father seems to be poking me in my sleep, my most cherished time, keeping me awake...this night I decided to post this memorium. Dad, I know you are out there have poked this bear...I have recovered your recipes and I might return fire with a pumpkin pie...
with love always, your lil' devil girl
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