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Thursday, July 10, 2008

ATC Workshop Lesson 1 Examples

I know I'm a couple weeks behind, but if you scroll down to the previous post, I'm pretty sure some other things have taken priority and I will be excused for my absence. Anyway, I am finally getting to the workshop exercises and exploring...

For the intuitive watercolor: I made 2 backgrounds [photos 1 & 2]. I used dry Pelikan watercolor on base, then dripped in Luma concentrated colors. Heat made paper buckle up like a rainbow, so I fixed this by wetting back side of watercolor paper first before starting technique. I used a drinking straw to help move around the paint in a more controlled fashion [this is a handy tool for your painting/brush kit].

For the watercolor on baby wipes [photos 3 & 4]: I folded the wipe up accordion style both directions, so that it was folded into a thick, small square. Holding it together, I dripped yellow into the center, from top and bottom,then dipped the corners in purple. I pressed it all together to saturate all layers. This made a real nice pattern. I did another version that was more of a traditional scrunchy, tie-dye style.

For the painted paper towel [photos 5]: I used the Lumiere's. These are a new media in my box and I found these needed to be watered down a lot - it is very thick, but blends nicely - yet retains opacity. This lends itself to more organic shapes. I found it helped to make the paper towel real wet to move the paint around.

I will be using the intuitive watercolor sample #2 for my completed ATC. Check back to see the finished piece in my next post...
: ) Sb

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