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Friday, March 22, 2019

#Cre8time Spray-time... Designer Crafts Connection Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra Challenge

Hello creative friends! Are you ready for something NEW that will knock your Cre8time socks off?! In celebration of March is National Craft Month, the Designer Crafts Connection Bloghop designers are creating with something brand NEW... Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra!

YASS!!!! Mod Podge Ultra comes in a SPRAY bottle!!!

For this challenge I was provided an 8 oz bottle of Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra in a matte finish; an artist variety set of Folkart ® Brushes; a Plaid ® Art Materials - Brush Basin; and a 2 oz bottle of Brush Plus™ brush cleaner. The rest of the supplies I am using are from my crafty stash: Folk Art Apple Red Multi Surface paint; gold brocade trim; red satin beaded trim; recycled gold gift tissue paper; StazOn Ink; Asian chop background stamp; LED mini candle; and some wood findings. I also need a pair of scissors, my paper trimmer and 1/8" double sided tape {for adhering trims}.

For today's project I am transforming this empty liquor box.

I have reinvented a couple of these boxes into lamps previously and I am so excited to finally make this Asian inspired version based off of this altered puzzle piece design I created for a swap many moons ago {2007}.

I will be honest I have started this collage project before, but never finished. It's quite time consuming to brush and apply each individual square of paper with traditional Mod Podge to complete this home decor project. So I am so excited to try out the BRAND NEW Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra which is a SPRAY formula and I'm sure it will speed up the process.

The box is a nice sturdy paper but has some lettering to cover, so I paint the box red using Folk Art Multi-Surface paint in apple red. This paint is buttery like a heavy body acrylic and covers nicely. I apply in a dry-brush fashion so it can dry quickly and I can build up layers of color where needed.

I quickly covered all sides and the lid. I like the distressed texture that has resulted. Now I'm ready to start the decoupage process.

I crumple up and flatten out the sheet of recycled gift tissue, fold over and cut into 1" strips with my photo trimmer {this can also be accomplished with scissors}.

I stack the strips and cut into approx. 1" squares. I cut some into 1/2" and thinner sections for edges. These squares will be decoupaged to create a faux mosaic background.

Now the FUN begins! There are a few steps to get the Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra ready to go. STEP 1 – shake the product for 15 seconds. STEP 2 – Prime the sprayer by spraying a few times to make sure the nozzle is clear and you get an even mist. STEP 3 – wipe the nozzle with a damp cloth to clear nozzle after spraying, as you work on you project. 

These 3 steps need to be repeated every time you are going to spray Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra to ensure your nozzle doesn't get clogged.

I spread out my tissue squares on a protected surface and SPRAYED-AWAY! I sprayed a nice layer and made them pretty saturated so they didn't dry too quickly.

Then I sprayed an even coating of Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra to my painted surface.

**PLEASE NOTE** treat Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra as you would a paint brush. The Mod Podge Ultra Spray top needs to be cleaned after EVERY use. This product dries pretty quick and will clog nozzle and become unusable. So after several times of spraying and wiping, I just rubber banded my wet sponge to the nozzle. EASY-PEASY!

I apply the squares in a wonky mosaic pattern, smooshing them up and leaving some red peeking through here and there. This is so easy, messy and fun! The Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra dries quicker than I expected, so as I sprayed more as I worked across the surface.

When completing the mosaic on surface, I sprayed a sealing coat of the Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra. I'm not concerned with the beading – the product is self-leveling. While the lid dries, I continue onto the sides of the box.

I'm LOVING this new Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra! It has sped up this process ten-fold! I have all this papered in about an hour. Using a brush and traditional Mod Podge this takes soooo much longer. 

I let the sealing layer of Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra dry completely for a couple hours and the surface is beautiful, textured and a lovely matte finish ready for some inky-goodness.

I apply a good amount of StazOn ink to my asian chop background stamp...

and apply to the mosaic surfaces.

I continue stamping to cover all sides.
This really makes the gold and red POP!

Now for finishing touches. I cut a square of the same tissue and mounted into the bottom of the box and added a distressed gold LED candle from Dollar Tree.

I used some double-sided adhesive tape to add trim to edge of open sides.

I added my painted wooden finial layered on a painted, dried up ink pad container. When it comes to embellishing, I use whatever shape works!

Illuminated with Asian Flair...

The pale gold metallic paper that comes in the box reflects the candlelight nicely.

I love how this turned out and I can't wait to decoupage ALL THE THINGS with this new Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra... the first thing being some composition books!

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For more information on Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra or to where you can purchase this product please visit website HERE and find more projects and inspiration on the Plaid® Online Blog HERE.

What would you collage with
Mod Podge Ultra?!

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** This is a sponsored post. Plaid® has provided Plaid® Mod Podge Ultra, and Folk Art® supplies for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.

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