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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bursts of Color Light up the #Cre8time Sky

Hello Everyone... WE are just over two weeks until the new year - I cannot believe how fast 2014 has flown by. This month's challenge theme is "FIREWORKS" for the Reader's Art Quest at Unruly Paper Arts and is perfect for getting ready for the shiny new year. I have created a painting using a myriad of supplies that I haven't used in ages and just had fun with the inspiration provided.

The Unruly Paper Arts Reader's Art Quest "FIREWORKS Inspiration photo and color palette, are full of bright bursts of color much like you see when fireworks light up the night sky.


I came across a stash of some old 16x20 illustration boards that were screaming for some attention. I turned on some tunes and just threw some inks and paint and made the colors fly. I added more details with markers and colored pencils.

The brush nibs of the markers and texture of the colored pencil strokes are a nice contrast to the drips and splatters - all reminiscent of a sky aglow with bursts of light.

I hope you enjoyed my project and that you are inspired to join us in this month's Reader's Art Quest. I would love to see what you create. Please leave me a comment with your link.

Happy Creating! Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday too! :) Sb

Monday, December 8, 2014

Wrapping Around a Christmas Tree... Quick and Easy Holiday Decorating with Foamology™

Welcome to another special Designer Crafts Connection Challenge - using products from Fairfield World. We have been challenged to share quick and easy holiday decorating ideas featuring Foamology™ by Fairfield line - peel, wrap, stick, done! I have dreamt up a holiday tree assemblage so easy that even my Scoutie "Elf on the Shelf" sitter could make.

With the holiday season fast approaching, It seems I have less and less time to get ready for the holidays and decorate - especially this year because I'll be traveling for our biannual Christmas trip to visit my grandmother. 

Cold and flu season seems to be hitting early here where I live in South Florida, as I have spent the first week of this holiday season with the cold and flu... and down for the count. Which means nothing has gotten done and this elf is way behind! 

So I have about an hour or so to put up a little bit of festive decorations from the time my husband leaves for work to between the time I have to go to work. And this is going to be quick and easy tree then I'm going to make with Design Foam with Stickybase™ Tiles, a roll of festive wrapping paper left over from last Christmas, and some removable glue dots.

The Design Foam with Stickybase™ Tiles couldn't be easier to decorate with or to create a sculptural wall hanging. 

The lightweight, easy pull-apart soft tile shapes have a sticky backing - you just tear apart, wrap fabric {or paper} around them, then peel off the backing to secure it leaving the center area open to layer or mount onto the wall. Easy Peasy!




Ready to stick together!

This being a seasonal project and that have a textured painted wall, I'm going to assemble the shape layers using the exposed adhesive, but mount the base pieces to the wall using removable glue dots {lots of them}.

I am combining both the triangular assortment and also the assorted rectangles and squares of Design Foam with Stickybase™ Tiles. I pulled apart the triangles first so I can determine what way I want to organize them before I start covering them. Once I have an idea of the design that I'm going to create with and how I will need to use the varying squares or rectangles for filler. I can use the rest to make faux gift packages using leftovers of old wrapping paper saved for crafting purposes to complete the scene.

I have a small little area between my sofa and TV {once I move a surround-sound speaker stand} that I'm going to stick my assemblage to the wall. It will be perfect! A fun and festive way that we can celebrate Christmas and not have to drag out all the Christmas decorations and trimmings.

I assembled my shapes on the floor to figure out way I like them best. To keep things in order once I start wrapping the shapes, I labeled each shape what layer they were on. And I also took a picture of my design and each layer as I disassembled it to have as a reference when assembling on the wall.

Then I set off work with some Christmas movies on TV and wrap wrap wrap each little shape {this was the most time consuming part as I had to wrap about 40 shapes}. I cut the paper to fit with an extra 2" around to wrap up the sides; peel off the backing... and it's just as easy as that!

The gold shapes are covered with a crinkled section of gold sparkly hologram wrapping that will be my gold star tree topper.

Thanks for visiting! CLICK HERE to jump over to see what other designers made with their Foamology products and be sure to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below! :) Sb

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