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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Ready for a Weekend Getaway... DIY Bloghop with Expo International Trims


Hello Friends! Are you ready for a weekend getaway?! I know I am! Today I am proud and grateful to be participating in a special DIY Spring Bloghop with Expo International Trims. I have a couple makes using Expo International trims: a pencil case turned Chic clutch and a wintery felt phone holder.

With some scissors, double-sided adhesive and Fabri-Tac ~
making a seasonal quick change is quick and EASY.

Expo International sent me this selection of items to create with. Keep an eye out here on Cinco de Mayo as to what becomes of the festive fringe and red trims. TRIMS USED in this project: Shell Beaded Denim Trim - Black Multi; AnnaLie Jute Trim {natural burlap background with cotton lace overlay}; Evelyn Black Lace; and striking Flower Brooch.

I shopped my closet and gathered some canvas, white, black and khaki - my travel go-tos and grabbed some items that need some travel ready flair.


First up - my not so girly yet functional fishing hat. I removed the leather straps and measured a section of the lacy jute trim and lined with double-sided adhesive. Remove the backing, wrap around and VOILA ~ instant transformation!

My canvas tote has a stain that won't wash out. What's a girl to do?! Camouflage it by adding some Expo International Trims of course!

Adding lace trim is quick and easy with Fabric-Tac.


I love to double layer contrasting trims... 
and it makes the trim look like it's all-in-one.

How did I get these great boho roses?!

I made them out of Expo International Trims!

I had a small section leftover of the lacey jute trim. It's not going to waste. I gently peeled back the lace to expose the threads and gently cut apart.

Now I have two separate pieces! I wrapped these wonkily into a rose shape, added a pearl to the center, and secured with Fabri-Tac.

I cut the burlap into strips, added a strip of double-sided adhesive tape, then backed onto this beautiful distressed denim trim with shells and wound it up into another boho rose.

Again - secured with strategically placed dollops of Fabri-Tac.

I added a broken clip-on earring to the center of this one.

A little more Fabri-Tac adheres them to the jute trim band.

An easy-peasy transformation from stuff I had around the house. AND I can easily remove and re-attach my leather strap for the pop-up fishing excursion.

But there's one more....

This natural woven purse is beautiful as it is... but it needs a little something.

After the addition of Expo International Black Lace trim and this gorgeous Adornments Clip-on Brooch!!! 

Instant STYLE!

What would you transform
for your travel getaway with
Expo International Trims?

CLICK HERE to POP over to the Expo International BLOG for other projects in this special Spring Bloghop with Expo InternationalFor more information on Expo International and products to dress up anything please visit website HERE.

Visit Expo International on FB to enter for this great giveaway of trims.

For more inspiration on creating with Expo International please visit Share your creations #expotrims #diyhomedecor #embellishwithexpo 

Thanks so much for visiting! Sb :)

** This is a paid sponsored post. Expo International has provided trims for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.

OH the SPARK-ling Possibilities... with Rinea® and Designer Crafts Connection

Greetings everyone! Today the Designer Crafts Connection is creating with the beautiful, SPARK-ling Rinea® Double-sided Paper Foil... are you ready to SPARK your creativity?! Where I live, summer has arrived and I'm getting a jumpstart for family picnics and BBQ's. 

If you are not quite ready to think about 4th of July, tempt your cre8time muse checkout these cute Easter Baskets using Rinea®... and for the fashionistas folded Rinea® bangles.

For this challenge, the maker of Rinea® has provided each of the Designer Craft Connection designers with product to use for creating. When you are done visiting here, be sure to pop over to the beginning of the hop HERE to see more inspiration using Rinea® Double-sided Paper Foil!!!

The star embossed pattern into the Rinea® foil is so lovely.
Rinea® Double-sided Paper Foil is a specialty craft paper imported from Germany. It is made up of a thin sheet of paper sandwiched between two layers of thin aluminum foil - the paper gives it sturdiness and stiffness while the foil gives it the shininess and the malleability to maintain the shape however you bend or fold it. It is more than just origami paper due to the specific thickness and the quality of the foil used, making it ideal for many interesting crafting ideas. The paper does not wrinkle like foil and does not cause painful cuts like thick sharp foil can. 

The paper is as popular in Germany and parts of Europe as construction paper is in the US. In Germany it is known as Alu-Bastlefolie which means Aluminum Handicraft Foil Paper. It is very difficult to find this paper in the US and those that want it have to import it from Germany. Our goal is to introduce you to unique and interesting crafting ideas popular in other parts of the world made possible only using this paper and, at the same time, make it easily available in the U.S. The paper comes in many interesting colors with shiny, matte, and embossed surfaces giving you lots of options to play with and combine.

This wonderful SPARK-ling Rinea® paper makes dimensional ornaments and whimsies from folded paper OH-so much better! Rinea® Double-sided Paper Foil solves this issue while providing a metallic {solid or textured} finish in a variety of colors that lends itself to folding and holds it's shape. For my project I have used the Magic Star/Frisbee origami pattern found in "The Origami Handbook" by Rick Beech.

I take the time to always make a sample out of scrap paper first to test the process, sizing and to figure out the final segment assembly.

First I begin by cutting all of my squares needed.

These stars are will be so wonderful made
from red, silver and blue Rinea® foil!

Following the steps from the book,
I begin folding all cut squares in half.

I follow along the steps and complete folds for each color. This pattern calls for 8 squares that are folded down to a parallelogram, then nested together and linked into final shape. The royal blue star is completed and assembled.... using NO GLUE!

Did I mention it has a fun twist... it's kinetic!

When pieced together, this is not only a star... it is a spinner.
You can open the star into an open octagon.

The star shape closed.

When you slide the points pushing outward,
the shape changes to this open octagon.

When complete you not only have a fabulous patriotic star coasters... they make a fun party favors too!

This is a fun project that can be sized up or down depending on the use. These can be smaller and strung on string to make a garland, or larger and attached to dowel rods for yard decor. This is a great project for the kids too!

What festive party decor
will you create with Rinea®?

CLICK HERE to jump over to the beginning of the Rinea® Double-Sided Paper Foil Bloghop at the Designer Crafts Connection blog and find more SPARK-ling inspiration and projects using this gorgeous foil paper!

You can find more info on Rinea® Foils
at their website

Find lots of creative inspiration on the Rinea® Foil BLOG

Thanks so much for visiting!  Sb :)

** This is a sponsored post. Rinea has provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.
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