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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Add a little BLING to your #Cre8time... with Rinea® Foils and Designer Crafts Connection

If you have arrived for the StencilGirl Products and Amazing Casting Products Bloghop... please CLICK HERE for my stop on the hop.


Hello everyone! Today I am excited to be a part of a bloghop featuring Rinea® Double-Sided Paper Foil from Global Crafting with the Designer Crafts Connection. This paper has made my paper folding dreams take on a whole shiny new dimension!!! 

Rinea® Double-Sided Paper Foil is a wonderful option for creating dimensional ornaments and whimsies from folded paper. This SPARK-ling paper has become a new favorite to create folded paper designs I have been wanting to try... and my project I'm sharing has added BLING to Spring!!! 

Back before the holidays GlobalCrafting provided each of the Designer Craft Connection designers with Rinea® Double-Sided Paper Foil to use in our creations - we had so much fun with these papers that we have been challenged again to "Rock Your Sparkle with Rinea®". To pop over to the beginning of the hop CLICK HERE to see all the stops on the hop!

Rinea® Double-Sided Paper Foil is a specialty craft paper imported from Germany. It is made up of a thin sheet of paper sandwiched between two layers of thin aluminum foil - the paper gives it sturdiness and stiffness while the foil gives it the shininess and the malleability to maintain the shape however you bend or fold it. It is more than just origami paper due to the specific thickness and the quality of the foil used, making it ideal for many interesting crafting ideas. The paper does not wrinkle like foil and does not cause painful cuts like thick sharp foil can. 

The paper comes in many interesting colors with shiny, matte, and embossed surfaces giving you lots of options to play with and combine. I have selected a magenta star pattern and pale pink matte finish for today's creation.

To my delight, when cutting my papers to size, I discovered that the backside of the pink matte Rinea® Double-Sided Paper Foil is a lovely gold color... a bonus for my planned paper folding, saving me a step of gluing two sheets together to get this effect.

For my project I cut one square to 6" square and the other about 5" square. I made a test using scrapbooking paper first that was 4 1/2" square and it was hard to make the folds in the finishing stages due to the thickness of the paper.

I love Origami, Kusadama and other styles of paperfolding... and have loads of books with fabulous patterns. For my project I selected a practical pattern from "The Origami Handbook" by Rick Beech... the Easter Basket. For the last bloghop, I created a folded pattern from the same book that I combined several modular sections to form a beautiful bracelet. I encourage you to look this book up at your local library!

This pattern has many steps, though I find making multiples are easier when doing sections of the folding in stages. You can see how much folding this shape has to be done, putting the Rinea foil to an extreme test of durability.

The common problem with Origami and Kusadama folding is that with more intricate shapes, the paper becomes very hard to manipulate due to it's thickness {or lack thereof}. Rinea® Double-Sided Paper Foil solves this issue while providing a metallic {solid or textured} finish in a variety of colors that lends itself to folding and holds it's shape.

No scraps of Rinea® Double-Sided Paper Foil goes to waste as I even quickly fashioned some coordinating blingy Easter grass for these mini baskets. I cut thin slivers {approx. 1/16"} with my paper trimmer, but you can certainly use scissors. I tried using my fringe scissors that cut five strips at once - though they were a bit thick for this purpose. I ended up cutting them all in half to make them thinner. The green shreds are how the strips look straight from the trimmer... LOVE the curls!! I think Quillers would love this paper. A quick, gentle crumble and circular swirl between my hands and perfect grass is done!

This basket is the result using the two-tone pale pink with gold. The basket is only one 6" square paper and the handle a folded 6" long by 3/4" wide strip. I've filled with the green Rinea® shred and a couple wooden vintage mini decor. The best part... NO GLUING!!

This basket is the result using magenta star paper. The basket is only one 5" square paper and the handle a folded 6" long by 3/4" wide strip {which is how it ended up a bit taller of a handle}. I've filled with the pink Rinea® shred and teeny Darice mini eggs and one vintage painted wooden egg. I finished off with two tiny satin bows added with a mini glue dot.

A perfect way to show off 
mini vintage Springtime decor!

Oh the possibilities!!! These little baskets would be great for party favors or place holders. I'm totally making Grinchy gifts with these at Christmas and filling with those funny coal shaped chocolates - LOL! 

CLICK HERE to jump over to the beginning of the "Rock Your Sparkle with Rinea®" Bloghop at the Designer Crafts Connection blog and find more SPARK-ling inspiration and projects using this gorgeous and versatile foil paper!

You can find more information
and ideas at the Rinea® website

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Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you are inspired to try out this unique paper and fold up something beautiful! Sb :)

** This is a sponsored post. GlobalCrafting has provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Welcome to the #Cre8time Tropics...StencilGirl Products + Amazing Casting Products Bloghop Day 1

Hello friends! Today I am participating in a very special bloghop where the creative teams from Amazing Casting Products and StencilGirl Products have put their spin on projects using products from both lines.

I have to admit I was a bit unsure of what to create, there possibilities with the challenge at hand are endless... so I decided to create an altered torso. 

I've had this papier-maché torso lying around for more years than I'd care to admit {over 10} and it has nice wood accents. I'm painting her up with spray paints and StencilGirl stencils and gave her some handmade resin tropical flair and WINGS!

I created several molds using Amazing Mold Putty: an Art Deco style vintage mirror, a hand-carved polymer clay palm leaf, and some interesting shaped shells.

For two of the shells, the details on the front were just as beautiful on the back. So I rubbed the cured mold with petroleum jelly {inner and outer edges}, and pressed another batch of Amazing Mold Putty onto the top of each, overlapping down around sides to create a two-part mold. **TIP** A mold-release is needed to do this as mold putty fuses to itself, so in this case petroleum jelly works perfectly.

I selected three StencilGirl Products designs: Art Deco Wallpaper Stencil L319; Tribal Leaves Stencil L213; and Mimosa 6 Stencil S126.

The first thing I did is put a border of clear packing tape around the edges of each stencil, on the front and backside, and burnishing with a bone folder. I remember hearing this trick from another artist and thought it was worth a try.

First I added some color to the wood accents on the torso. I used Carbon Gray Varathane Wood Stain - it's easy to apply and dries quick. I never heard of gray stain... I happen to love this color and the color it achieved. 

Some areas didn't take the stain too well and looked a bit spotchy {most likely due to wood glue in the composite shape} so I added a little more color with a white-wash from a paint pen, then brushing over with a grey acrylic glaze. That's more like it!!

When this is dry I use some plastic wrap to cover the wooden parts and get ready for some fun... spray painting with stencils! I used some Mod Podge Matte finish to seal the papier maché torso in preparation to accept a layering of spray paint.

I have a bright gloss green and a bright blue which I sprayed alternating in no particular pattern.

After I had a nice base layer, I continued adding color spraying through the stencils. The shapes are organic and look like shadows peeking through palm branches at night.

I brush the inside of each mold with Ocean Blue Alumidust and also mix some into a batch of Amazing Casting Resin. This resin turns an opaque white when cured and the Alumidust will give it a pale blue hue.

I always make sure to have extra molds on hand to pour any leftover resin so it doesn't go to waste. This is all of the molds poured with resin cured. I needed two of the mirrors so all the small bits are extras for the rainy-day project bin.

Look at the AMAZING detail in the front and back of each shell cast in resin. The overpour {flashing} tears away pretty easy while resin is still soft and any remaining can easily be trimmed away. I sanded edges with an emory board.

I gave a little shine and brightness to the resin pieces by brushing the high points with Tonic Nuvo Embellishment Mousse. This color is a nice pearly pale blue... perfect for beachy themed projects!

I finished off by adding a section of recycled jewels around the neck to dangle the resin palm leaf and a faceted gem. I crossed the mirror shapes and wrapped with wire to form wings and secured with wrapping wire around the torso. I brushed a little of the spray paint onto the wire to blend it in to the background pattern. I'm so happy with how this looks that I left off the other two shell pieces I prepared... in this case less is MORE! I hope you love my tropical winged torso as much as I do. She will be a beautiful addition to my creative workspace.

To see more AMAZING projects for the StencilGirl/Amazing Casting Products Blog Hop follow along at the links below!

Today's stops on the hop are as follows...

One lucky winner will receive both a $25 Gift Certificate to StencilGirl Products - AND - a $25 Gift Certificate to Amazing Casting Products!

Visit the fabulous designers from both teams and comment for your chance to win!

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You have until Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59PM Central Time to leave your comments.

Winner will be announced on StencilGirl's Facebook page and Amazing Casting Products’s Facebook page on Monday, April 24th.


Thanks for dropping by and I'd love to hear what you are creating with stencils! xo Sb

** This is a sponsored post. StencilGirl Products and Amazing Casting Products® have provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.
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