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Saturday, December 12, 2009

12 Crafts of Christmas is here!!!

Every other Christmas my husband and I travel to Chicago to spend the holiday with my Grandmother. There is nothing like experiencing Christmas in Chicago (ok maybe Paris may win out, but I've only been to Paris in April). I sort of know what I'm talking about living in South Florida where just two days ago it was 92! Yes 92 yuk!!! We do have a very nice annual Winterfest boat parade, but it's not the Festival of Trees at the MOSI in Chi-town...

For these travel holidays, I have my Holiday Tree to bring the holiday cheer to my house, without dragging out all the trimmings. Fashioned from wood dowels, and square of wooden fence post is lavishly embellished just like a regular tree - adorned with keepsakes, family photos, paper snowflakes, Scrapbooking embellishments, ribbon and garland. This is just the one side, and there is more to be added yet, but I snapped this photo before I junked it up too much - less is more...

This makes a beautiful centerpiece on the table and keeps the family busy reminiscing on all the photos I cherish on this tree. Best of all, I can change it for any season.

This tree is approx 26" tall and longest limb is 14". If you are interested in a naked tree form, base, various size hooks & star for the top ready to assemble and decorate - I'm happy to produce as custom orders for $15 each plus shipping. Please E-mail me at mail { at } sbartist dot com.

Check back tomorrow for the next installment of my 12 Crafts of Christmas ; )

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ornaments are a passion...

I've been researching origami and kusudama via google and I have found so many cool blogs and info out there in cyberspace - I am so happy to be living in the 21st century - I don't know how people learned anything before the internet...anyway...

I found the coolest thing!

*** 2009 Bloggers Ornament Exchange ***

I thought I was a little nutty, but this is crazy in a cool crafty way. I love christmas ornaments and I have a small collection of treasures I've found here and there. My grandmother and I exchange an ornament each Christmas as our gift. It is a special tradition that is just between us and we have been doing for many years now.

I just signed up to participate and if you want to join in, please visit PamperingBeki's Pampering You Blog here. Here's the rules: Be willing to send an ornament of aprox. $10 value to your partner. They can be handmade, store bought, Etsy bought, whatever. They should all be handmade, but not everybody is crafty, but a passion for ornaments is shared by many. Can't wait to see what I get...I hope it's handmade ; ) Sb

Saturday, November 7, 2009

GREAT NEWS!!! Shop Grand Opening....

For the past 6 months, I have been getting my feet wet with Etsy and Ebay - I have learned that with low cost items like mine, after the listing fees and then percentage cut to them and then one to paypal, too - it doesn't seem worth it for the pennies that may remain at the end of a sale. Etsy is good with the advertising of artists, so it's worth it, but nothing is wrong with a little diversity. After just completing my first wholesale order of ornaments, I decided to add another outlet - it can't hurt, right? By being semi-active on twitter, I found out about a NEW marketplace for artisans that is FEE Free & very user friendly. YAY!!! Now I have my own shop at If you would like info on opening your own shop, click here. It is a handmade only marketplace, free for listing up to 25 items and they offer a premium membership for unlimited listings.

So announcing...

sbartist - painting in the dark...and other whims...

sbartist's Shop

Inside my galleries, you will find a diverse grouping of items from my sister shops SalonD'Arte and SMBdesign as well as original art & reproductions, handcrafted paper items & cards, & whatever strikes my creative, found object collage even artist supplies. I'm always adding new and different things so please check back often...

Don't fight the crowds at the mall - consider giving the gift of a handmade original...

Think GREEN! Sb

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallo-weenie Pups...a New Venture???

I have to say I had an out of artists' mind day in the studios yesterday - on "Halloween". But it was a fun day. I spent the whole day creating...YES I SAID CREATING - not working. At first, I admit, I was not looking forward to the task at hand - my boss at the printshop I work at volunteered me to dress up his 7, seven-week old cockapoodle puppies. I repeat, SEVEN. OK, no big deal - I had been messing around with my oranments and shipping at work to get them out - with no complaints from him, so I obliged. So I did a little searching on Etsy for inspiration, but I didn't want to make bandanas or converted baby bibs. These pups have personality! This is what I came up with and we laced them to the puppies with white satin ribbon which disappeared in their curly locks.

A little secret I'll never let my boss know... I had the most FUN making these!!!! And I think I have found my new calling...Puppy Costume designer extrordinare. Next Halloween, I will have these for sale at SalonD'Arte.

Here are my seven little fashionistas...

And last but not least...My personal Favorite...

This was not my normal Saturday [usually I'm working], but it being Halloween - what a TREAT - it was a perfect day off. I hope you all had an equally awesome Halloween!
; ) Sb

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SalonDArte featured at DigUnderRocks Blog

Wednesday Everybody! My other shop SalonD'Arte is the featured "5 Questions with Featured Artist..." at Blog...

Thanks Sandy - You totally rock!!! Please take some time to read her's pretty awesome : ) SMb

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New card for stamping 101 class

I haven't posted in a while - the daily grind has become too much of a routine. But one creative day is the third Wednesday of the stamping 101 class that I teach at my local SB store. Here is one of the cards for this weeks installment. : ) Sb

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Farewell Old Friend...

Last week we had to say goodbye to our longtime companion "Squirt". He was our 3rd Iguana, who was about 10 years old who we had the priviledge of watching him grow from a little pip-squeak only 10" long. Quite a curious character with a vibrant personality, Squirt always greeted us and had a real special relationship with my husband. They had a daily routine and special communication between just the two of them. And when we brought out grapes - you never saw an animal dance like this - we would laugh so hard. As hard as husbandry of reptiles is, we were very lucky with Squirt and his elder brother, Peewee [who passed a couple years ago] - who both lived 10 or more years. We have many fond memories and will miss you dearly. The hardest thing is...we now have an empty's just us - and it's too quiet...

This is Dan holding Peewee - he was an old lazy lizard and didn't mind being held. We couldn't hold Squirt - we were just a tree to him.

Goodbye old friend. I won't hold a grudge about my finger...I will think of you every time I look at it : ) Sb

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It’s time for the eco-party!! The Etsy Twitter Team has rounded up their best and brightest eco-friendly handmade items and supplies all for your enjoyment. Step right up and see how you can support handmade and the environment at the same time. Win-win for all involved!!

Why is buying handmade and environmentally friendly an important thing to do? The two go hand in hand. Buying handmade items supports small local businesses that do not have a huge impact on the environment like major corporations do. The accumulative effects of mass production contribute to global warming and pollution. You have not used up gas to go to the store to buy a gift and that gift is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Buying handmade helps us to reconnect with actual people in ways we don’t when we buy at “big-box” stores. That connection fosters community and community fosters care and concern for the world around us. So help us support our artists and our Earth!

Many of these shops have created items just for this event. Most are offering great sales like 10% off or free shipping. Take a look through the list and check them out!

Along with this event, the EtsyTwitter Team is hosting a scavenger hunt. Hidden in shops on this list is the graphic you see above. It’s hidden in one of their shop listings. Find them and email the URL to If you blog about this event or tweet it on Twitter leave a comment on this post for extra entries into the contest - one per blog post and one per tweet. I will choose 5 winners at random for eco-friendly prizes at the end of the week. Contest ends at midnight July 27th. Watch the blog tomorrow for photos of the prizes! They’re really neat!

Now go on and shop till your green self drops!!

25% off the price of everything in the store (not including shipping). Refunds will be sent to your Paypal account after purchase. This offer may not be combined with other specials such as gift certificates.

Pendants are assembled from repurposed poker chips, silver plated bails and quality papers. They are sealed with a non-toxic sealer and glaze that give the pendant a glass-like shine.

This lovely herbal facial masque is made from skin-nourishing lavender and chamomile. 20% off everything in the shop.

This is a great salve to use if you or your loved ones have been out in the sun a bit too long. 15% off herbal salves when you mention "EtsyTwitter" at check out. The discount will be refunded by PayPal.

Created from an upcycled vintage wood domino and vintage beads. 15% off all orders over $10 (not including shipping). Refund given through PayPal for amount of discount.

This lovely mossy green coffee cup cozy is hand knit with a gorgeous cable stitch. An eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper sleeves. Free shipping when you type "Go Green" in the message to seller. Refunded via PayPal after payment.

A beautiful piece of a flawless icy white beach glass that hangs with a seashell found along the Canadian shores. Now accepting par payments to Canadians. After you buy, she will send a PayPal invoice in Canadian money.

This shop features all plant-based, non-toxic body care items as well as eco-friendly supplies for crafters.

Recycled and embroidered olive oil bottle. 20% off of everything in the shop this week!

Created from Precious Metal Clay which is recycled from silver used in photographic practices. Free shipping for any order over $50 in USA. Insurance will be extra.

This particular specimen consists of a blue singing flower under a vintage glass dome with a handwritten specimen label.

Knitted and crocheted this with a soft and silky all natural pure wool yarn.

This lovely pillow was once a wild vintage sweater made of a thick, soft 100% Shetland wool in a pattern of turquoise, charcoal grey, pinks, yellows, and a darker blue!

Ready to Go Green? Tired of those plastic bags from the grocery store? Well, here's the solution!

This black round shell beaded white necklace is upcycled from a resale shop find. Free shipping on her Go Green and Christmas in July items over $6. Code is "Sh6".

This item is a eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper sleeves. 25% off everything – prices already reduced.

Recycled silk upholstery fabric in two-toned stripe used on the front and back covers. Inside are 28 pages of re-purposed discarded blank office paper. Receive a FREE treasure bag of craft supplies with any order from PrettyCheap (one bag per order please).

Upcycled from a Scrabble Tile! Two for one prints if you mention "Etsy Twitter" on check out. Just buy one print at the regular price & then include the name of the 2nd print you'd like (for free!) in the notes to seller section.

This is an elastic Bracelet made of Baby Huayruro Seeds. 10% off if the buyer types "GGETT" in the message to the seller.

Free standard shipping on any bag with the "Go Green" code. Shipping will be reimbursed after the sale.

The ring is wrapped in sterling silver wire that is recycled from American jewelers and manufacturers! The stone is colored and shaped by nature alone.

Organic cotton market bag

A yarn made from 30% recycled polyester from plastics found in soda and water bottles, this yarn helps lessen the impact on the environment and landfills.

This pre-made, REcycled/UPcycled scrapbook album is just waiting for you to add your photos to or give as a gift!

A bracelet made from an upcycled vintage tin from Japan, with a graphic design of tropical hibiscus on one side, and white polka dots on a pink field on the other. Free shipping in the US, affordable shipping worldwide.

This Cozie SET contains a super cute, crocheted cozie for your personal ice cream container! Plus one cozie for your significant other to use around their favorite flavor! Your choice of any Reusable Coffee or Cola Cozie FREE with any purchase during the Go Green Event! Just note your selection in message to seller.

She recycled a favorite shirt into a preschoolers pillowcase dress. Free Shipping on all Go Green items.

Let everyone know you care for the environment with this stylish market bag. Free shipping in ETT Go Green Event Section.

Cherish your Disney Memories with this adorable mini album! The pages are made out of recycled AOL installer CDs. Receive Free Shipping & free gift on all Think GREEN items in this shop. Please mention GREEN TWEETS in message at checkout to receive credit of shipping costs.

20% off list prices for buyers using the discount code "Go Green"

This is a set of 4 black and white images attached to 100% recycled cards with 100% recycled envelopes. Free shipping for the rest of July (refunded through PayPal).

This fine silver [.999] pendant is made from an actual leaf with precious metal clay. Free shipping on any item in the Etsy Goes Green section.


Come by tomorrow for a look at the 5 fabulous prizes we are awarding at random to the scavenger hunt winners!! Plus all week we will be talking about going green! See you back here tomorrow!

Follow us @EtsyTwitrTeam on Twitter for all the Earth-loving updates! See the whole team's tweets here. Think GREEN! SMb

Monday, July 20, 2009

Oops! I did it again...same finger : (

No it wasn't self inflicted this time!

This is what happens when you piss off an ornary iguana who is depressed because our two red eared sliders (turtles) moved away to my sisters house - she has a beautiful spa [living pond] for them to catch some R&R. I can't believe it's the same finger!!!!! Yes it hurts & the feeling did come back, I wish it hadn't. No the kind of manicure I was glad I saved my Rx pain killers from the last incident ; ) Sb

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mrs. Claus has come to town...

Many of the classes I am teaching this month at my local SB storse are celebrating Christmas in is the new gal on my Stacking Santa Boxes' arm...the little mrs. She is so sassy! Sb

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wreck this Journal - WIPEOUT!!!

My Wreck This Journal journey had taken me on a raod trip last Friday to see my sisters...and now that I am now an amateur movie maker...we had a little fun, my sister and my two neices [fellow Wrecksters]. This was fun to make, but time consuming compositing about 500 photos this time from my Canon DS-20 to this the final product.

So I present you with this edition "Days of our Journal"...BTW my sister and I both own video cameras....though it never dawned on us... ; ) Sb

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Sea Lady" Torso

This is my one of three "Ladies of the Sea" I made for a Torso Swap in the ArtTechniques Yahoo Group. The hostess is in Hawaii so this is particularly exciting that these ladies are going from one tropical paradise, halfway around the globe to another Tropical Paradise. Aloha! Sb

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wreck This Journal - Rusty part two

My Wreck This Journal journey had taken me on an amazing side trip...I am now an amateur movie maker. It was fun to make, but time consuming compositing about 50 photos from my Canon DS-20 to this the final product. I think you all will like it...

Now the exciting conclusion of Journal meets "RUSTY"...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Students Always Amaze Me...

I have a monthly stamping techniques class that I teach at my local S.B. store and I have two awesome ladies who show up for class every month, without fail. I'll go on to say that my methodology to teaching is more of a experimental lab, as opposed to traditional stamp class. I prepare a few techniques to teach them with some pre-selected stamps & supplies and we dive right in - learning by trial & error.

Last night was particularly fun! Teresa, brought this cool car stamp and some sayings to accompany it in a cool retro "Grease" style. She wanted to make a birthday card for her husband for this Saturday [this car has particular sentimental value to their relationship - it was his car when they first began dating back in the day - so this made it EXTRA special].

All three of us collaborated in this, Teresa came up with her vision & design [and the stamps], Jan helped in finding this great background paper, and I recommended the metallic ribbon. For the car she used a technique of hand-painting in the stamped image: with Dewdrops quick drying shimmer pigment inks. I instructed her to rub some ink directly from pad onto an acrylic block and pick up color with an EK Waterbrush. The result was stunning [sorry about the photo it's from my iPhone]. While she is painting away with pale blue and platinum planet, I stamped away about a dozen cars so I will post another version of the card that is much clearer of this design so you can see the results. Meanwhile, Jan was hand-coloring and stamping a background for her stamped birthday card and practicing using the heat embossing tool - something each of us are always happy to have more practice with.

Great work ladies!!! Teresa I hope your Hubby loves the card : )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wreck This Journal - After RUSTY!!!

Well since the postal trip yielded no additional distress, I moved on to the "CHEW ON THIS" experiment...more to come I am putting together the pix into a video...Sb

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