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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wreck This Journal - Rusty part two

My Wreck This Journal journey had taken me on an amazing side trip...I am now an amateur movie maker. It was fun to make, but time consuming compositing about 50 photos from my Canon DS-20 to this the final product. I think you all will like it...

Now the exciting conclusion of Journal meets "RUSTY"...


  1. This is fantastic!! :) I love how Rusty got to play a part in the wreckage!

  2. Here's the awards I see this winning :

    Most perfectly chosen soundtrack.

    Star with the biggest sharpest teeth and cutest face.

    Best use of build up of suspense before actual chewing begins.

    Most interesting use of virtual page turning.

    Of course, the Academy is going to have to come up with whole new categories for you, but I think this is a winner ;)

  3. WOW! No really, WOW! I loved every bit of your video. I loved the pics, the music, the joyful playing...all of it rocked! And what a treasure to keep (not the journal, the video).

    Wreck ON!

  4. That was COOL!
    I need to learn how to do a video... yours rocked

    Rusty is a star!

  5. as soon as i heard the music start, i was like, "Oh yeah!" wonderful!

  6. GREAT!! This Wrocked!! I love the shot of Rusty with teeth bared and a twinkle in the eye. What a love! Fabulous job on your first movie - looking forward to the next!

  7. What can I say? You're a Wreck Star. Wreck on!!! :)

  8. Your journal is a rockstar! *laugh*

  9. Welcome to the jungle!! I appreciated the time it took to put together that video - I watched it twice :)

  10. u r just 2 darn creative.. Rusty is a STAR 4 sure!! wreck on

  11. A star is born! (That's one cooperative puppy you have there. LOL) Yay you for learning a new skill to pull this together and share with us. THANK YOU!!!


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