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Friday, June 19, 2009

Wreck this Journal - Experiment #7

I sent my book through the mail. It cost me $2.75 but it was still tied up the next day when it came back [FYI - USPS doesn't allow tied packages - but they made an exception because it was only going 7 miles across town]. It was only a slumber journal came home the next afternoon...AND...I taunted my mail carrier..."Wet is Better"..."Not Fragile"..."PLEASE BEND"..."PLEASE DROP ME"...they usually crush everything into my cubicle at the community mailbox...this time I don't think they saw the humor in this experiment!

What will come of my Journal next...Sb


  1. Looks like the post office will love it!


  2. Wonderful idea! I thought about it too, but was too afraid, it might get lost...

  3. That photo of the journal begging the post office to do its worst is a hoot! I bet you gave a number of civil servants a big laugh with that.

  4. Love your taunt of the postal workers! *laugh*

  5. I love what you did it made me laugh. I just learned of this book today. So I am just reading I do not have one of my own. Yet.LOl.
    This looks like fun.

  6. I love that you were playing with the post office and they didn't even get it. LOL


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