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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wreck this Journal!!!

OK. I have committed
Myself to the 'wreck this jounal' event - I have this beautiful, sleek
& smooth brand new book - in all it's perfection -and I love new
books, no dents or dings, dog-eared pages and freshly printed smell.
My pet peeve: those stickers the book stores put on them- like
grafitti. I have to admit I am a bit of a printed material hoarder -
but for my library of art books - I cherish them.

How can I destroy a book?

I'm going to have to take inspiration from my altered artist friend
Judith, who had a round-robin altered book themed "fold, spindle, &
mutilate" - an exploration of tearing apart a book and artfully
putting it back together. I remember taking my alotted 40
pages...tearing 30 of them out and making little envelopes glued
together into a bridge when opened and the remaining 6 pages for an
origami book that folded out. It was a challenge and the book was all
black and white - one of those 'inside information' books. Oh yeah -
I just realized a Freudian - I edged everything I glued back in in RED!

So back to the burning question? How do I go about wrecking a
perfectly pristine book???

For more info or to join "Wreck this Journal" Journey please Click HERE.


  1. Welcome to the adventure! It will be fun to see what you discover in the wreckage :)

  2. Welcome. ... it will be easier than you think. :D

  3. Some of it isn't as easy as you might think!!!! But it's sure a lot of fun.

    Glad to be wrecking with you.



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