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Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Students Always Amaze Me...

I have a monthly stamping techniques class that I teach at my local S.B. store and I have two awesome ladies who show up for class every month, without fail. I'll go on to say that my methodology to teaching is more of a experimental lab, as opposed to traditional stamp class. I prepare a few techniques to teach them with some pre-selected stamps & supplies and we dive right in - learning by trial & error.

Last night was particularly fun! Teresa, brought this cool car stamp and some sayings to accompany it in a cool retro "Grease" style. She wanted to make a birthday card for her husband for this Saturday [this car has particular sentimental value to their relationship - it was his car when they first began dating back in the day - so this made it EXTRA special].

All three of us collaborated in this, Teresa came up with her vision & design [and the stamps], Jan helped in finding this great background paper, and I recommended the metallic ribbon. For the car she used a technique of hand-painting in the stamped image: with Dewdrops quick drying shimmer pigment inks. I instructed her to rub some ink directly from pad onto an acrylic block and pick up color with an EK Waterbrush. The result was stunning [sorry about the photo it's from my iPhone]. While she is painting away with pale blue and platinum planet, I stamped away about a dozen cars so I will post another version of the card that is much clearer of this design so you can see the results. Meanwhile, Jan was hand-coloring and stamping a background for her stamped birthday card and practicing using the heat embossing tool - something each of us are always happy to have more practice with.

Great work ladies!!! Teresa I hope your Hubby loves the card : )

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