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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I'm having an AMAZING #Cre8time Moldmaking and Casting... Day three of the "See You at CHA Blog Hop"

Welcome to day three of the "See You at CHA!" Bloghop. This upcoming CHA Mega Show will be it's 75th year celebrating creativity. Yes this is a party and there are plenty of chances for you to win the AMAZING bloghop prize. To get back to the top of the hop and catch up on day's one and two CLICK HERE to jump over to the Craft and Hobby Association's Blog.

CHA has been an event that I have attended as a retailer {when I was an instructor at my local scrapbooking store}, and now I attend as a CHA Designer Member with my business SMBdesign, and also as a working artist demonstrating at the big event. This upcoming CHA Mega Show will be my 5th year attending. I travel cross-country from Florida, the land of Disney World to attend this event that happens just steps away from Disneyland. Can you believe I haven't been to Disneyland yet?? My first time attending, my sister and I drove down to Huntington Beach for dinner and put our feet in the sand {it was way too cold that year to put our feet in the water}. 

You can find me demonstrating at the Amazing Casting Products/Alumilite Corp. Booth #2400... come and try out Amazing Mold Putty and see the other products in action.

For the celebration I'm sharing this mini pumpkin project using Amazing Mold Rubber, Amazing Remelt, and Amazing Casting Resin

I love creating molds in Amazing Mold Rubber and I decided to make molds of three different mini pumpkins {please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. This project shows how I made a mold of the smallest of my teeny weeny pumpkins – it's not a pretty mold on the outside and I had to do a little extra work to make this mold usable. 

Amazing Mold Rubber is a liquid silicone which is fast curing and captures every little detail. I figured since it was starting to thicken up really FAST {it's still super humid summer time here in South Florida}, my pumpkin would stay submerged... NOT!! Before putting the pumpkin in the mold rubber, I dipped the top with the stem into the liquid silicone and let all the airbubbles dissipate before fulling submerging into container. So I had to sit there and keep pushing it back down and dragging the liquid silicone over the top.

**A TIP** Don't use a SILICONE spatula in liquid silicone – use a plastic knife or spoon. If you don't clean it off immediately, the liquid silicone fuses to it. My nice purple spatula now has a pink tip.

In preparation, I had a couple sections of old cut up molds submerged to keep the pumpkin from settling all the way to the bottom {you can see the yellow peeking through the mold}. I planned setting it upside down so the stem would be at the top of the mold and I would cut a nice size "X" at the top to gently free the pumpkin from the mold. Since the cured mold is all bumpy at the top, I need to backfill to make it level. I could do this with another pour of Amazing Mold Rubber... but since I had a mold fail on a previous pour, I'm fresh out of my pink magical goop and my local store was out - yikes! So I can fix this in a jiffy with Amazing Remelt, so I can use my mold right away - and I can go back with another layer of mold rubber later for a permanent fix.

I melt down some Amazing Remelt in the microwave and pour on top of Amazing Mold Rubber, filling the bowl to the top. I set this in the refrigerator for a bit to cool off and solidify quickly. I was busy messing about with other molds I was casting so I wasn't paying much attention to how long I left it in the fridge {sorry}.

So now my mold is level and the Amazing Remelt formed exactly to the shape of the Amazing Mold Rubber mold... and it doesn't stick to it permanently. When I'm done casting resin, this can be cut up, remelted and reused for something else!

I attached a mini binder clip to one of the sections of the "X" cut at top of mold, prepared a small batch of Amazing Casting Resin and then poured into the mold. I set aside to cure for about 20 minutes. I let cool a bit and removed first casting from the mold. The detail is so AMAZING!!! But I have a couple large air bubbles that were trapped in the mold – I forgot to poke around inside with a toothpick before the resin solidified. No worries... this baby won't go to waste! I filled the holes with some air dry clay and sanded back the edges – all fixed.

The paint I wanted to use wasn't a bit too fluid for this purpose, so I gave the entire resin pumpkin a coat of clear gesso – an easy fix! Once dry I rubbed on some Ranger Distress Paint in Cracked Pistachio {a lovely teal green}... I'm in LOVE!!

When dry, I mixed another small batch of Amazing Casting Resin colored with some Cotton Candy Alumidust. I poured some off into molds and saved the rest for topping my pumpkin. This is what I did... I waited for the resin to start to get thick and I dipped the pumpkin into it a couple times right as it was about to solidify. As it started to turn opaque, I turned it upright and sprinkled a rainbow mix of seed beads to serve as sprinkles {I mixed these myself from my 30 separate colors of seed beads}. This is so adorable... but it needs a little something, right?! I wanted to add a little more.

I waited for resin to fully cure and gently rubbed off the seed beads. They came off pretty easy. I mixed up another batch of Amazing Casting Resin with the Cotton Candy Alumidust and dipped again. Now the stem was completely covered. I used a mini file to make little hole in the top of the pumpkin to accept a piece of wire and wire-wrapped a stem to hold a candle and attached a glass leaf bead. Perfect!

This pumpkin is ready just in time for the See You at CHA Celebration! What item have you been dreaming to mold to use for your creative projects?

• • • • •

Now for the giveaway instructions... there are three ways you can enter via Rafflecopter below.

There are just three entry options to win our $500+ $650 Visa gift card:
  • Leave a comment on this blog post below (mandatory) answering the question - "What is your favorite "can't live without" craft supply or tool?"
  • Tweet about the giveaway (tweet text includes #CHAshow hashtag; you can tweet daily for extra entries)
  • Answer a multiple-choice poll about how often you "cre8time" for crafting (double entry value).
Anyone and everyone in the US and abroad is eligible to enter, even you and your team. CHA staff are the only folks who are not eligible.

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Thanks so much for dropping by! I hope I get to meet you at CHA next month. I'll be demoing with my fellow amazing creatives at the Amazing Casting Products/Alumilite Corp. Booth #2400. Stop by and say HI! See you at CHA!!!  Sb :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#Cre8time Cryptkeeper Pendant for 31 Days of Halloween #DominoArtChallenge

Hello boys and Ghouls! Welcome to a very special project that is part of the 31 Days of Halloween Challenge at Domino Art... devoted to altering dominos, puzzle pieces, and game pieces - all those little things we love to save for the most special projects. Today is my project and you want to jump over to the Domino Art Blog to see all the other spooktacular altered creations!

My project today is an altered puzzle piece turned into jewelry from the crypt! Creating for Halloween comes a close second only to creating for Christmas and I go ALL OUT. I invite you to read along as I share details on how this came to life...

Supplies: Puzzle piece; recycled chess piece; detail scissors; scraps of pre-painted distress marbled papers; copper wire; Crop-A-Dile; copper eyelet; copper wire; wooden bead; "hello sweetie"; "barb wire background" and "skeleton rising" stamps from Viva Las VegaStamps!, Ranger Distress Paints; Versafine Black Ink; waterbrush; Maroon pigment ink; VLVS! ultra fine clear embossing powder; Diamond Glaze; assorted markers; Ranger Old Paper and Gathered Twigs Distress Ink; Ranger Embossing Antiquities in Rust; dark amber sticky-back gems; and double-sided adhesive tape. 

Starting with a leftover scrap of Distress Ink marbelized cardstock, I traced my selected puzzle piece {this being a generic blank craft version} and cut out with detail scissors. I adhered to puzzle piece with a generous slathering of glue stick.

The backside was blank as well, so I wanted to give this side a grungy rusted finish. I used Ranger Distress Paints to create a marbled, drippy background... I just love this effect!!!

While my paint was still wet and drippy, I dragged the color around to the front and made some creepy, bloody drippings from the top and also painted the edges.

While my paint is drying, I stamped the skeleton rising onto white cardstock with black Versafine ink and set with VLVS! ultra fine clear embossing powder. I added a little color with a waterbrush and an assortment of markers. By the time I was done fussy cutting this character, my puzzle piece is ready to stamp.

I used my heat gun to finish drying and set paint on the puzzle piece. I inked up a barb wire background stamp with maroon pigment ink and pressed the rusty colored side of the puzzle piece into the stamp. I could have used clear or black ink, the ink gets lost when this opaque embossing powder is applied.

Now the magic... turning this barbed wire into fabulous faux rusty wire. I applied Ranger Antiquities Rust embossing powder - a lovely distressed rust mixture, and tapped off excess. When heat set, the rust comes alive!

I finished off with a rubbing of distress inks to and a grey marker to bring out depth and create shadows. The back is it's own gorgeous rusty mess!

I brought a little rust around to the front by adhering "hello sweetiesentiment to a piece of double sided adhesive tape, leaving edges exposed to create a matted edge, then applying the same rusty goodness in a bottle. A zap with the heat gun followed by a gentle rubbing with some Distress Inks, and a rusty sign is ready. I added a kiss of Diamond Glaze for a little dimensional shine.

A adhered the skeleton to the puzzle piece and trimmed to match edges. With black and grey markers I smudged out some shadowing. This cryptkeeper comes to life with some dark amber sticky back gems. I punched a hole in the top and set a copper colored eyelet with my Crop-A-Dile tool for a reinforced hole to accept some wire-wrapping and beaded detail.

With matching copper wire, I wire wrapped a wooden bead to the top and formed a loop for stringing onto a necklace. I also wire wrapped a random chess piece I happened upon during the process... it's a charm now! I added a dark amber sticky back gem to the bottom for a little added bling. I braided black and sparkly orange fun fibers with a natural raffia to use as a chain to complete the look. I can't wait to wear this with my dancing skeleton earrings!

"Hello Sweetie"...
a Puzzling Proposition

Thanks for dropping by! What are you creating for Halloween? Leave a comment and your link I would love to see. Please visit the Domino Art Blog art to see all the other spooktacular creations!  Sb :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Flippin' a CREEPY, Crawly Switch... Halloween Crafts with Designer Crafts Connection

Good morning friends! October has arrived and today brings a new bloghop with the Designer Crafts Connection focused on "HALLOWEEN CRAFTS". So today, I am sharing how to make some spooky home decor for the spooky holiday season.

What do you do with a blank light switch plate and some of last year's leftover Halloween party favors??? You create a spooky lightswitch plate!

Supplies needed: a light switch plate, hot glue gun, your choice of halloween favors {I'm using skull rings and spiders, scissors, masking tape, acrylic paints, silver Rub n' Buff®, Amazing Mold Putty and Creative Paperclay®.

I wrapped torn pieces of masking tape onto the light switch plate to add texture, making sure to wrap around the backside and burnish edges. I cut off the rings sections on the skulls, then using hot glue, I adhered skulls to the corners and finished off with a plastic spider. ** A TIP ** Be careful when applying hot glue to plastic parts... it's very easy to melt them.

Now for the FUN to BEGIN! I got out my Amazing Mold Putty to create a mold of my altered switchplate! To see how-to of mixing Amazing Mold Putty please click here. I begin by taking equal parts of Amazing Mold Putty parts "A" and "B" and gently mix together both parts, working quickly so that the colors are evenly mixed together with no striping. Press the Amazing Mold Putty around the switch plate gently pressing it around the item and sides.

I let the mold sit and cure for about 15 minutes, then the mold is ready to fill with resin, polymer clay or paperclay. OH... did I mention that Amazing Mold Putty is FOOD SAFE. It can be used for custom candy molds, ice cubes, cookies, fondant shapes... and so much more! What creepy, tasty treats can you dream up?

I pressed some Creative Paperclay® into the mold, leveling it out flat to meet the edges of the mold. I let the mold dry overnight before attempting to remove. 

I gently removed casting from mold then let paperclay fully dry out {being in hot and humid South Florida... this took a couple days}. It looks like something that might be found at some ancient ruins - the texture and detail is captured beautifully. Wouldn't it be so fun to make a whole bunch of these and let the kids join in the fun of decorating?

While cutting out the holes, I dropped my lightswitch plate and one of the corners broke off. Along with the cracks from drying, this just added to the charm of this ghoulish lightswitch plate. Time for the transformation! By adding some acrylic paint this switchplate came to life in minutes.

Flippin' a Creepy, Crawly Switch...

I really love the distressed plasterlike texture that you get from the paperclay. I've rubbed casting with some acrylic paints and silver Rub n' Buff® to create a rusty, grungy patina. I dipped my screw heads in paint to match, wrapped some faux barbed wire trim and affixed to the lightswitch next to my front door... this is so creepy cool. I'm working on a resin variation to affix outside onto my doorbell to really scare the kiddies on all Hallow's Eve.

Thanks for visiting! Continue on the Designer Crafts Connection "HALLOWEEN CRAFTS" Bloghop by selecting hop back/forward on the logo below. Sb :)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bats are Flying!!! Fairfield Halloween Bloghop with Designer Crafts Connection

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection Fairfield Halloween Bloghop... featuring oly*fun™ and PolyFil from

I'm always working so I don't normally dress up in a costume – though this year Halloween falls on a Saturday. I do LOVE to wear festive head adornments that are easy to take on and off... so this year I'm going a little batty! I've made a Halloween Fascinator using oly*fun™ fabric, a headband, tulle, lace, seasonal floral/feather picks, Beacon Fabri-Tac adhesive, and some fun metal tags from Deflecto.

I have fallen in love with oly*fun™ and have been using it for all kinds of projects. CLICK HERE to read more about this fabric from Fairfield Worldoly*fun™ comes in a fun assortment of 18 colors which makes creating pretty much anything possible... especially when it comes to making no-sew projects. CLICK HERE to see my Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S. pillow and my Holiday Shelf Elf Sitter using these fantastic Fairfield products.

To begin, I sketched a bat pattern template on some cardstock, cut out and traced onto a couple colors of oly*fun™ using a white pencil.

I cut out a variety of circles to create a "one-eyed" bat, two layers of my bat in black and one in purple that was slightly larger to give some added detail.

Now to prepare my layers for gluing. I made three layers thick for extra dimension/stability and because I will be embedding the Deflecto metal tags in between the layers so that my wings will fly and I can mount bat vertically on my headband.

I've also dismantled a purple tulle fairy skirt from the Dollar Tree to add some additional details. One circle is the last layer for an added touch of whimsy.

Using Beacon Fabri-Tac adhesive, I glued down the layers of my one-eyed bat and then moved on to adhere the black front to the purple center layer. I set aside the other black bat which will be the backside to conceal all of my support mechanisms inside.

Before I add the support system, I have added some tulle fringe to the edges of the wings... it's my favorite color, girly and it matches a shimmery purple spooky cape I have in my box of Halloween goodies. I glued gathered strips along the edge using Fabri-tac - all of which will be hidden after final assembly.

I've bent and wrapped a couple of Deflecto Flexible Sign Danglers around my headband to act as supports when I mount my bat vertically, and there will be more concealed within the layers of fabric {you could also use wire or pipecleaners}. I happened to have a bunch of these sign danglers and they did the trick.

These strips are be perfect to add structure and stability for my batty fascinator - keeping the wings in flight without sagging. I left a small pocket open in the bottom of the eye to insert the tabs mounted to the headband when I'm ready to wear - then remove again for flat storage.

Now to ADD BLING!!! I grabbed my black soot Ranger Distress Stickles and started adding glittery detail to my batI had to let her sit overnight to dry, but it was so worth the wait.

The sparkley detail added so much personality to "Ms. Bat".

Batty Fascinator... ready to fly!

I wrapped some black tulle and lace around the base of my headband and gently slid the bat onto the headband mounts. I've gathered my resin skull pendant choker, spooky spiderweb cape and the seasonal floral/feather picks to add height and drama to my "Batty Fascinator". I tried it out on a test run to plan my updo... all I can say is that it's going to be so AMAZING on Halloween. I'm creating a matching "dracula" style collar/capelet to add to the top of my storebought cape.

Connect with Fairfield World on your favorite Social Sites...

oly*fun™ is available from Hancock Fabric,, the shop at and also JoAnn Fabric.
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Thanks so much for visiting! For more ideas and inspiration follow the Designer Crafts Connection "Fairfield Halloween Bloghop" by selecting hop back/forward on the logo below to enjoy all of the wonderful creations. Sb :)
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