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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Fit to be TAGGED... Artesprix® Sublimation Bloghop

Greetings everyone! Today I am here to answer the age-old question... CLEAN or DIRTY?! Today I am joining the creatives with the Designer Crafts Connection for a new fun bloghop featuring projects made with Artesprix® Sublimation Markers and blanks. 

I shared a bookmark project using Artesprix® back in October... and I am so excited to share how I use these tags with iron-on-inks to creatively solve a problem presented by my husband!

What are Artesprix® Sublimation markers? Artesprix® markers have a specially formulated ink that transforms anything colored on plain copy paper into a heat-transferrable iron-on design onto polyester items. With the magical Artesprix® Sublimation Markers and plain paper and some fun type I reversed on the computer I am making a custom tag for my dishwasher.

Materials used: Plain Copy Paper; Pencil; Artesprix® Sublimation Markers; Artesprix® Heat Tape; Artesprix® Protective Paper Roll; Artesprix® Project Mat; Artesprix® Plastic Bag Tags 2ct; Graphite tracing sheet; reversed computer text; Artesprix® Sublimation Stamp ink refill; clear self adhesive hanger; and a Heat source -- Cricut Easy-Press.

First thing I make some reversed type to spell out "clean" and "dirty" using some fun fonts to size and scale of the tag blank and print onto plain paper.

I place tag blank into center of a half sheet of plain copy paper and trace around tag blank using a pencil. This will be for the "clean" side artwork.

For the "clean" art, I made a cloud bubble around the word and lines to make rays. I could have free-handed drawn these, but since I was using the computer, I added them to the text. I placed reverse text over a sheet of graphite tracing paper (same as pencil lead) and transferred the design to prepared sheet with blank outlined. Pencil will not transfer onto Artespix® blanks.

I have fun coloring in the design with Artesprix® Sublimation Markers. I selected a couple of blue colors.

The complete colored design. Inside the cloud I used a watercolor technique to apply the pen ink with a water brush to soften color and add a bit of dimension. I can't wait to see how the color POPs when this is heat transferred!

I followed the same process to trace the word "dirty" onto a pre-prepared colored paper. 

This background took a bit of experimentation and I did not know how this would come out so I did not capture the process. I promise will share process of this in another project post. With some time and patience, I did get a couple papers that looked promising and I traced the tag shape onto one and centered the word within the lines.

Outline and fill in the letters using the Black fine tip Sublimation marker.

Now I'm ready to heat things up and make some magic!

I select a clear plastic hook that works with the size of the hole of the tag and set aside for later.

Set my Cricut Easy Press to 400º for sixty seconds following the Artesprix® directions for tag blanks.

Place tag blank face down onto artwork and secure with Artesprix® heat tape.

Tear two sheets of Artesprix® Protective Paper, prepare a sublimation sandwich on top of the Artesprix® Project Mat. The blank with artwork taped in place are sandwiched between protective paper on top and bottom.

Heat for 60 seconds and then take a peek test to see if transfer is complete. Good to go!

Full reveal of "Dirty" side of tag! I LOVE IT!! I let this cool completely, then repeat the process to transfer "CLEAN" art on the other side.

I place the backside of tag down over the "clean" art, tape in place and repeat the heat transfer process.

After applying heat - take a peek before removing tape.

VOILA!! Look at that - so cool. I've transferred a completely different design onto the backside using the same products and process – just changing up the design and colors.

I place the a clear self-adhesive hook in the center of the dishwasher door. Its the perfect size to hold the sign!

I turn the tag sideways to loop the hook... easy-peasy!


This is going to work GREAT! No more accidental double washing LOL!

Now to solve the next burning question... utensils UP or utensils down?! I like my utensils clean so I put them UP.

This is totally FUNctional – my husband and I will now be able to remember if we turned the dishes on or not.

CLICK HERE to jump over to the beginning of the Artesprix® Sublimation Bloghop at the Designer Crafts Connection blog to view more projects using Artesprix®.

For more info on Artesprix® Products, project inspiration and to purchase these magical iron-on-ink pens, visit Artesprix® website HERE.

Thanks so much for visiting! What would create with Artesprix® Sublimation Markers? Sb :)

** This is a sponsored post. Artesprix® provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.
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