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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Shapes for all Seasons... Grafix® Creative Plastic Films Bloghop


Greetings everyone! Today I am joining the Designer Crafts Connection for another bloghop featuring projects made with Grafix® Creative Plastic Films. You might be familar with Grafix® products such as shrink plastic, adhesive sheets or transfer paper... but they have so many other surfaces to delight artists and crafters alike!

Discover your creativity with Grafix®... is your source for specialty plastic films for Arts, Crafts, Graphics, Drafting & Design! For more than 50 years, Grafix® quality plastic films, specialty papers, and Incredible Art Products® have been inspiring artists, crafters, and designers to create the beautiful and innovative.

I was provided the Grafix® Disc Bound Mixed Media Journal and a multi-pack of Grafix® Metallic Foil Board and Paper to create with.

Grafix® Plastic Films are something I have never tried and I am excited that this Mixed Media Journal is a 6" x 9" size with an assortment of 6 surfaces pre-punched for disc-binding... ready to create!

These 6 unique surfaces which are geared toward a variety of mixed media applications. Try inks, stamps, stencils, markers, embossing, painting, drawing, and more! The ideas are whirling around in my head -- I'm not sure where to begin.

Hello bling! The Grafix® Metallic Foil Board and Paper is sure to steal the show! A multi-pack of 5 colors, 2 sheets each in 10" x 13" size.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Cut the paper and plastic film with die cuts! I make an effort to support fellow creatives as much as possible. I have a set of Crafty Chica Sizzix® dies that are for celebrating Dia De Los Muertos (from 5 years ago). Where I work we have an annual Community Celebration for this Holiday and I have had these for making projects with kids at the event. I've never really made an entire project - so this is going to be fun with this fabulous metallic paper!

I will also die cut some florals using Crafty Chica Makers Movement® dies that I purchased online. These were released this summer.

All I have done is die cut my papers and plastic film (I chose the .010” Clear Dura-Lar sheets). I am loving all the bling from this metallic paper... it is true mirror card! When assembled and embellished, this sugar skull will be turned into a mini mask by mounting onto a glitter pencil.

After testing my entire bag of pens on scraps of the Dura-Lar to see which took and looked best (happy to report most pens worked fabulous), I set off on drawing and doodling in the details.

I decorated each of my sugar skulls with a few metallic markers and chalk-ink pens. The front is the Dura-Lar mounted over green foil / the reverse is Dura-Lar over gold foil.

The more layers the more personality!

Layer film sugar skull on top of the foil paper... WOW! I finished by adding details in the metallic areas too.

I also die cut a skull shape with the Grafix® Double Tack Mounting Film to mount each side back-to-back.

I aligned the Grafix® Double Tack Mounting Film to the back of one side, place pencil then layer and join surfaces together.

I used some Diamond Glaze to adhere the layered foil pieces and gem accents.

This Catrina is ready for her close-up!

The hand drawn embellishments, marks and doodles to bring these Sugar Skulls to life!

I love the contrast of the front and the back just from varying colors. The pens worked great on the Clear Dura-Lar and dried quicker than expected. I can't wait to share this at our Viva la Vida Altar Celebration this weekend. 

CLICK HERE to jump over to the beginning of the Grafix® Creative Plastic Films Bloghop at the Designer Crafts Connection blog to view more inspiration and projects using Creative Plastic Films.
For more info on Grafix® Productsproject inspiration and purchase these fantastic surfaces visit Grafix® website HERE.

Thanks so much for visiting! I'd love to hear what you would create with Grafix® Creative Plastic Films.  Sb :)

** This is a sponsored post.  Grafix® provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Color all the Things... Dive into the World of Artesprix® Sublimation Ink

Hello friends! It's finally Friday and I have something new and exciting to share that I have been keeping a secret all Summer. Earlier this year, I responded to the call for Artesprix® Design Team and I was invited to be a Guest Designer for the Artesprix® Blog.

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to the world of Artesprix® and working with Sublimation ink. 

My guest designer project is to feature Artesprix® Bookmarks, and I was sent this assortment of Artesprix® Sublimation Markers, Sublimation Stamp Pad, Blanks and everything I need to dive into the world of sublimation.

For my first project I grabbed a never used stencil from my stash and the Artesprix® Sublimation Markers to create a bright colorful bookmark... and though I tried to get my hubs to play with me, he only chose the colors! Artesprix® bookmark blanks are the perfect canvas to creating personalized art to mark your books.

So... what are Artesprix® Sublimation markers? 

Artesprix® markers have a specially formulated ink that transforms anything colored on plain copy paper into a heat-transferrable iron-on design onto polyester items. With the magical Artesprix® Sublimation Stamp Pad and Sublimation Markers and plain paper and a hand-drawn, stamped or stenciled design, I can customize all the things! What the WHAT?!! The holidays are just around the corner...

Materials needed: Plain Copy Paper; Pencil; Artesprix® Sublimation Markers; Artesprix® Heat Tape; Artesprix® Protective Paper Roll; Artesprix® Project Mat; Artesprix® Bookmarks 4ct; Stencil -- Art by Marlene MASKBM17 from Studio Light B.V.; and a Heat source -- Cricut Easy-Press Mini™ (Artesprix® Heat Press or Home Iron).

Ready to play...

Using a pencil trace Bookmark blank onto plain copy paper. For paper size, plan to leave approximately 2" on all sides to yield for coloring outside the blank shape and applying heat tape. Trace stencil design within bookmark outline and be sure to add about 1/8" to 1/4" of coloring outside the lines.

Using the yellow Sublimation Ink Marker I set off to fill in all of the lines.

The pens have a nice chisel tip that makes it easy to draw a thin or wide line.

First layer of color done... next the background.

Using the blue Sublimation Ink Marker, I filled in all the negative spaces.

The tiny areas were tricky but this is why I did the lighter color first.

OK... all colored! I think I want to add some outlines.

Using the Black fine tip Sublimation Ink Marker, I re-traced the stencil design shapes, then added some hand drawn lines and cross-hatching in a few areas to make it a bit more artsy.

I love it! Yes the color looks a bit dull... but not to worry -- it needs some heat to come to life!

Pre-heat Cricut Easy-Press Mini™on the highest temperature setting and prepare bookmark for thermal transfer magic by placing face down within pencil lines secured with Heat Tape. You can see why I colored outside the lines -- there will be no white edges when transferred.

With the Project Mat on bottom, I make a "Sublimation Sandwich” — a piece of Protective Paper at the top and bottom of your bookmark taped face down onto stenciled design. I used two layers of protective paper on top and bottom for good measure.

Now the fun part... apply heat! Starting at one end I press and hold Cricut Easy-Press Mini™for 45 seconds, then move to next unpressed area, slightly overlapping and pressing again. I repeat 3-4 times until entire length of bookmark has been heat pressed. 

I have to admit this is not what I intended to be doing when I purchased this little mini iron... but I love it!

Let cool a bit -- the bookmark is metal... and keeps heat a while. Take a peek check by gently peeling back one section to peek and see if thermal transfer is complete.

If it looks good, let bookmark fully cool then remove Heat Tape.

Wowee!!! Look how bright and vibrant the blue and yellow is!!

The heat transferred bookmark next to the hand-colored stencil design on paper.
This bookmark certainly won't be missed in the pages of a book.

The possibilities are endless with a variety of Artesprix® Blanks that can be customized with hand-drawn art or using my stash of stamps. These custom bookmarks are so easy to make and is a fun project to do with kids (heat part adult supervised of course).

What else did I make??! Hop on over to see my Guest Designer Project on the Artesprix® Blog... and see how my love of stamps meets bookmarks.

Thanks for visiting... I'd love to hear how you would art up your own bookmark using Artesprix® sublimation markers.

Happy creating! Sb

** This is a sponsored post. Artesprix® provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Create Mini Albums that Grow... with i-crafter + Designer Crafts Connection

Greetings everyone! Today I am joining the Designer Crafts Connection for another fun bloghop... making mini albums with die cuts from i-crafter -- products inspired by crafters, for crafters. If you have been following me for a while you know that I love making mini books in all shapes and sizes.

If you love papercrafting and making MINI projects... is a crafters candy-land! CLICK HERE to hop on over to learn more about these fabulous products!

I was provided these i-crafter die-cut items to create with: 222113 Mini Album accordion; 222171 Mini Album Divider #1222712 Mini Album Divider #2, and 222173 Mini Album Divider #3 {each of which come with assortment of die-cut embellishments including florals, leafs and sentiments}; Water Lily, 3D Dimensional Embossing Folder By Lynda Kanase; Tiny Home 3D By Lynda Kanase die{this I will be using in another project}.

Included in the package is all pages pre-cut, ready for assembly. 

The i-crafter Mini Album, Accordion die set allows you to create a multi-page, mini album without needing to glue or stitch the binding. HELLO... no glue or stitching! This is a quick and simple way to create a 4” x 5 ¼” mini album using a paper accordion binding system that is expandable depending how many pages you desire.

With everything cut, I select a distress paint to add some shabby chic color to the edges of all the pages. I just rubbed around the edges, front and back of all the pieces, the accordions, and the page interlocking sticks.

Just a small amount of color to compliment the floral embellishments and sentiments. 

Adhere the five sections of die cut accordion using some quick-setting glue {or double-sided adhesive tape}.

Fully assembled accordion ready to add pages.

Slide the slit in the center of large page onto the first full accordion spine.

Make sure spine is fully pulled through page. Ready for some magic?! 

Slide a stick into the accordion spine and push through to opposite end. First page is attached! YES -- it is that easy! No glue needed. Makes life easy if you want to move pages around later on.

I repeat the process alternating 2-page sheets with tab divider pages.

The book grows as you add pages.

There ends up being a couple places where accordion spine meets up with tab from divider pages. 

Add a line of adhesive runner and sandwich edge of acetate page in place. Voila!

The completed book base after inserting pages and locking onto accordion spine. I am new to this type of binding and I love it!

The two remaining accordion flaps are for adhering the cover, or for adding on pages by joining on more accordion sections.

I cut two pieces of creamy white cardstock to size of other pages in preparation for embossing with the Water Lily, 3D Dimensional Embossing Folder. I quickly swiped two colors of distress paint daubers onto the folder surface, misted lightly with water and placed paper into folder.

I send the embossing folder through my Cuttlebug die cutting machine. I repeat this process to create papers for the front and back cover and extras to collage onto a recycled holiday card box.

The result is a subtle, faux watercolor texture. This pairs nicely with the colors of patterned paper accents, including i-crafter die-cut tags, pockets and envelope.

For the front cover, I glue the accordion tab to the cover base.

Glue a ribbon for a book closure that will be sandwiched within cover, then add more glue to adhere embossed painted paper. Repeat on back cover.

I add a few embellishments and its time to move on to the interior pages. I will be gifting this to a co-worker who just had a baby so I am leaving things open for her to fill in.

I am in love with the dimension of the cover and the subtle blue and green color.

The papers provided for the cover I used as lining for the inside front and inside back cover.

More i-crafter die cut accents. Tag with pocket and a paper floral paper clip, with die cut foilage on opposite page.

Close-up of the paper floral paper clip... use of metallic paper add bling while keeping things flat.

I love these monstera leaves!

This mini album has plenty of room and special places to hold things.

I added a layered butterfly as a closure for the envelope.


Shabby Chic Garden Accordion Mini Album

I am quite surprised how quick and easy this book came together. This mini album is perfect for use as a planner on the go or as a pocket brag book... a wonderful gift for a new mom. To complete this gift, I will enclose book in a coordinating upcycled box, paired with an adhesive runner, stickers and some clear photo corners. 

CLICK HERE to jump over to the beginning of the i-crafter Bloghop at the Designer Crafts Connection blog to view more inspiration and projects using heat transfer foils. 

For more i-crafter inspiration visit Blog HERE

Thanks so much for visiting! Sb :)

** This is a sponsored post. I-crafter provided paper products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.
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