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Monday, October 5, 2015

Flippin' a CREEPY, Crawly Switch... Halloween Crafts with Designer Crafts Connection

Good morning friends! October has arrived and today brings a new bloghop with the Designer Crafts Connection focused on "HALLOWEEN CRAFTS". So today, I am sharing how to make some spooky home decor for the spooky holiday season.

What do you do with a blank light switch plate and some of last year's leftover Halloween party favors??? You create a spooky lightswitch plate!

Supplies needed: a light switch plate, hot glue gun, your choice of halloween favors {I'm using skull rings and spiders, scissors, masking tape, acrylic paints, silver Rub n' Buff®, Amazing Mold Putty and Creative Paperclay®.

I wrapped torn pieces of masking tape onto the light switch plate to add texture, making sure to wrap around the backside and burnish edges. I cut off the rings sections on the skulls, then using hot glue, I adhered skulls to the corners and finished off with a plastic spider. ** A TIP ** Be careful when applying hot glue to plastic parts... it's very easy to melt them.

Now for the FUN to BEGIN! I got out my Amazing Mold Putty to create a mold of my altered switchplate! To see how-to of mixing Amazing Mold Putty please click here. I begin by taking equal parts of Amazing Mold Putty parts "A" and "B" and gently mix together both parts, working quickly so that the colors are evenly mixed together with no striping. Press the Amazing Mold Putty around the switch plate gently pressing it around the item and sides.

I let the mold sit and cure for about 15 minutes, then the mold is ready to fill with resin, polymer clay or paperclay. OH... did I mention that Amazing Mold Putty is FOOD SAFE. It can be used for custom candy molds, ice cubes, cookies, fondant shapes... and so much more! What creepy, tasty treats can you dream up?

I pressed some Creative Paperclay® into the mold, leveling it out flat to meet the edges of the mold. I let the mold dry overnight before attempting to remove. 

I gently removed casting from mold then let paperclay fully dry out {being in hot and humid South Florida... this took a couple days}. It looks like something that might be found at some ancient ruins - the texture and detail is captured beautifully. Wouldn't it be so fun to make a whole bunch of these and let the kids join in the fun of decorating?

While cutting out the holes, I dropped my lightswitch plate and one of the corners broke off. Along with the cracks from drying, this just added to the charm of this ghoulish lightswitch plate. Time for the transformation! By adding some acrylic paint this switchplate came to life in minutes.

Flippin' a Creepy, Crawly Switch...

I really love the distressed plasterlike texture that you get from the paperclay. I've rubbed casting with some acrylic paints and silver Rub n' Buff® to create a rusty, grungy patina. I dipped my screw heads in paint to match, wrapped some faux barbed wire trim and affixed to the lightswitch next to my front door... this is so creepy cool. I'm working on a resin variation to affix outside onto my doorbell to really scare the kiddies on all Hallow's Eve.

Thanks for visiting! Continue on the Designer Crafts Connection "HALLOWEEN CRAFTS" Bloghop by selecting hop back/forward on the logo below. Sb :)

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  1. OH OH OH! Susan, it's been a while since I've been by to see you and I am thrilled that I chose today to do it!! I adore this switch plate (you know I love my Halloween stuff) and I could leave them up all year long :) Thank you fro sharing the process (and reminding me I need more Amazing Mold Putty!) Hugs ~ Christi


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