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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallo-weenie Pups...a New Venture???

I have to say I had an out of artists' mind day in the studios yesterday - on "Halloween". But it was a fun day. I spent the whole day creating...YES I SAID CREATING - not working. At first, I admit, I was not looking forward to the task at hand - my boss at the printshop I work at volunteered me to dress up his 7, seven-week old cockapoodle puppies. I repeat, SEVEN. OK, no big deal - I had been messing around with my oranments and shipping at work to get them out - with no complaints from him, so I obliged. So I did a little searching on Etsy for inspiration, but I didn't want to make bandanas or converted baby bibs. These pups have personality! This is what I came up with and we laced them to the puppies with white satin ribbon which disappeared in their curly locks.

A little secret I'll never let my boss know... I had the most FUN making these!!!! And I think I have found my new calling...Puppy Costume designer extrordinare. Next Halloween, I will have these for sale at SalonD'Arte.

Here are my seven little fashionistas...

And last but not least...My personal Favorite...

This was not my normal Saturday [usually I'm working], but it being Halloween - what a TREAT - it was a perfect day off. I hope you all had an equally awesome Halloween!
; ) Sb

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