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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"a Quiet Room for one to Sleep..."

This was the latest Round Robin for my local Altered Book Club in Ft. Lauderdale. "My Favorite Things" Altered Book Page - June 2008.

This month was Marianne's strange book to be altered which is about psychology, perhaps an old textbook, with lots of strange imagery in it discussing psycho babble. The corners have been chopped off the top making it like a giant tag, complete with hole. She put a "cork in it" [is she is trying to tell us something].

This book had so many neat visuals and text to choose from for altering. I was going to collage imagery and words of my many favorite things, but I came across this page that was of a darkened den/library which the excerpt was titled "A Revolution in a Quiet Room". There is a comfy looking couch with blankets, surrounded by books, paintings and sculptures - a perfect place for a nap. With this I paid homage to my favorite of past-times...taking a nap, wherever and whenever possible...painted in purple, my favorite color. I used tons of googly eyes, lurking about in the dark recesses; looking down on me as I slumber...

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