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Thursday, May 18, 2017

It's a #Cre8time Celebration... Mod Podge® 50th Anniversary #modpodge50

Hello everyone -- I am so excited!! Today, I am a part of a special bloghop TODAY with the Designer Crafts Connection to kick off the Plaid® Crafts Mod Podge® 50th Anniversary festivities tomorrow, Friday, May 19th.

I cannot believe one of my favorite Cre8time staples has reached such a momentous milestone. Tomorrow will be NATIONAL MOD PODGE DAY!! Be sure to follow the Plaid® Crafts blog or Facebook page so you can join in the festivities throughout the day. Let's get this "Mod Podge® 50th Anniversary Celebration" PARTY started! To pop over to the beginning of the hop CLICK HERE to see all the stops on the hop!

Well I think everyone of all ages knows the magic of Mod Podge®... it makes decoupage so easy. I have this old plastic tray from the TV show "Friends" which has been sitting as a catchall on my computer table for about as many years as it's been off the air. This plastic tray is starting to fade and doesn't look so "friendly" anymore, so it's going to get a Cre8time transformation and make friends with two new Mod Podge® products!

For this special Mod Podge® celebration, each of the Designer Craft Connection designers were sent an assortment of Plaid Mod Podge® products use in our creations - each receiving different products... many new! 

For the "Mod Podge® 50th Anniversary Celebration", I received two brand new products -- Mod Podge® Ultra Matte Chalk, Mod Podge® Antique Matte and a blingy MOD toolkit. This 7 Piece Mod Podge® Tool Kit has everything I need contained in a super cute two-pocket zipper pouch: a 6" ruler; distressing stick; squeegee, 6 1/2" scissors; 3 1/2" scissors; and a 3/4" flat gold talkon brush.

The only other things I will need is something to collage onto my tray, a paper trimmer, a corner rounding punch, a circle punch, some glue Dodz, and some yarn. My collage papers is a leftover EK Success Halloween Treat Bag which I have been saving for a project just like this!! I'm going to give this tray a little Dia De Los Muertos makeover. The bag is a high gloss black paper with reflective silver foil in a beautiful skeleton flourish design.

First things first - I didn't even prepare or sand the tray. It's glossy and plastic and I was excited to slather on a layer of the Mod Podge® Ultra Matte Chalk. It goes on white and dries clear. I wasn't really concerned about the brush strokes as it dries clear. I painted around the outsides and bottom and set aside to dry. **A TIP** to keep your Mod Podge® lid from sticking to the jar... cover top with a section of plastic wrap before winding down lid. A simple fix which will save your sanity when it's time for your next project.

I just wanted to make the surface look like it's a painted wood surface and this did the trick! This is a section painted with Ultra Matte Chalk at top and unpainted {glossy} plastic at bottom. It's hard to see, but even my hubs was impressed. 

I usually "PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL" when painting - BUT this time I did not... and I had so much fun and was delighted in the results. There was a couple areas that I had to touch up with a light second coat, where the Mod Podge® beaded away from surface. This only added the texture and charm. I want this to look old and painted.

While my tray is drying, I gently disassemble my treat bag and use a paper trimmer to cut it to fit the inside {which is 10 1/2" x 7 1/2"}. I could have used scissors to round corners, but because it's handy and within reach, I used a corner rounder punch. Then I gently crumpled the prepared paper to add a bit of texture and to take attention away from the fold lines. I'm all for DISTRESSING things MORE!!! 

Now to work on the inside! I cracked open the Mod Podge® Antique Matte, which looks like pancake batter {though also dries clear}, and poured some into the base of the tray. I spread it around to the edges and cover the base completely, then brushed excess onto backside of prepared paper. I placed paper into tray then used squeegee to press out air bubbles and excess Mod Podge®. Then I used the brush to paint remaining podge to seal in the front {exposed design} in place and give it the antique treatment.

I am quite impressed with how it transformed the very reflective and glossy surface on the paper... and it's glued down, too. Now for some finishing touches!

I prepared some feet with recycled water bottle lids {these can't go in the recycling bin}. I placed several adhesive Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L DODZ around the edge, then wrapped the yarn around a few times. I secured to base with my Mod Podge® Mod Melter {of course... I have one of these}. I punched a circle of the paper bag to fit into the center of each and PODGED them in place. Easy and cute!

I made a braid of the Bernat® Maker Home Dec™ yarn to line the edge around my reNEWed decoupage tray.

Tacked in place using the Mod Melter. I placed the glue onto the fiber and pressed in place, as I found out the hot tip of the gun could melt my tray {I had to go back and patch one corner - but because this is a decoupage project... you can't even tell}.

My reNEWed tray makes
me Sugar Skull Happy!

The Mod Podge® Antique Matte dulled down and gave the shiny silver a whole different patina in just one coat. 

This finish can be built up in layers too! It's hard to see, but the aged, distressed surface is lovely -- I don't think anyone would know this was previously a paper treat bag.

I just love how the yarn contrasts and adds to the charm of the already pink tray. The braid gives a woven touch to this recycled project. I love how this turned out!! I might even go back with colored pens and doodle some flowers into the design.

CLICK HERE to jump over to the beginning of the "Mod Podge® 50th Anniversary Celebration" Bloghop at the Designer Crafts Connection blog and see all the FABulous ways you can use Mod Podge® in your creations!

OH YES... there's blog candy to be won and an extra special surprise, too! TWO readers who will win this great selection of MOD PODGE products! Follow instructions at the Designer Crafts Connection blog for how you can enter to win.

To learn about Mod Podge®
and the entire product line 

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Thanks so much for visiting and enjoy the celebration! I'd love to hear about your Mod Podge® decoupaged creations! Sb :)

** This is a sponsored post. Plaid® Crafts has provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.
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