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Thursday, March 16, 2017

I'm Green with #Cre8time Envy... Upcycle and Create with Etchall® Bloghop with Designer Crafts Connection

Hello friends! It's National Craft Month and today I am part of a special bloghop with the Designer Crafts Connection as we Upcycle and Create with Etchall®. I am relatively new to etching - my first project using Etchall® Etching Créme was adding a monogram to a mirrored compact for Christmas gifties and I am excited to etch everything under the sun!

Etchall® tickles 
my GREENcrafting heart as it makes customizing everyday items quick, easy and fun. Today I'm sharing a couple items from around the house transformed using Etchall®... first project goes from BBQ to Boho Budvase! 

Supplies needed:
  • Etchall® Glass Etching BEE-Ginner Kit
  • Fineline applicator bottle {from painting stash}
  • grungy paintbrush {old and for gooey messy projects}
  • scotch tape
  • items to etch {bbq sauce bottle, tapered candle holder, recycled water bottle}
  • rubbing alcohol and goo-gone
  • soft towel
  • scissors
  • plastic palette knife

Pictured above is the Etchall® Glass Etching BEE-Ginner Kit that I received for this challenge. It has everything you need to get started... even a mirrored tile with hummingbird design to make right out of the box. Etchall® is a REUSABLE, easy to use etching créme that creates permanent etched designs on large or small areas of glass, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, marble and slate. No curing, drying required... it just takes 15 minutes! CLICK HERE to read more about this fantastic ACMI Certified product.

The preparation is the most time consuming part, and I'm doing three projects at once - making the process quick and easy! I'm transforming a recycled bbq sauce bottle, a tapered candle holder, and adding some design and texture to my glass water bottle. Each of these projects can be done in under an hour. First thing you need to do is remove all the labels, adhesive and wash items to be etched. I use goo-gone to remove adhesive residue. After washing, I go over each item with rubbing alcohol and soft cloth to remove any oils and fingerprints from handling. If you need to pick items up... put a baggie on your hand or wear gloves {baggies work for me}.

Using palette knife I scooped up some of the Etchall® Etching Créme and placed into my fineline applicator bottle - this was a bit of a task, but well worth it in the end. I now have the ability to precisely add Etchall in a fine line and create my own BOHO design. My BBQ bottle had a fine raised line along the top and bottom of where the label was and I wanted to etch this line. I could have done this much quicker with the adhesive vinyl in the kit, but I was going to add hand drawn doodling, so I carried on.

I drew on a freehand design {nothing pre-planned} and some accent dots until I was happy and set aside to dry. Since I didn't use the vinyl as masking to protect the un-etched glass, I will have to wash all of the dried Etchall® Etching Créme away to reveal my beautiful etched design. No worries since with this fine applicator, I used a small amount of product. After washing and drying bottle, I filled it with some white tulle and spring floral pick tied off with a bright green gingham bow. From BBQ to BOHO!

Next up, my glass water bottle that I've been using instead of a plastic bottle needs a little design and texture to give some extra grip. This bottle was originally bought containing fancy mineral water with the plans of reusing {I'm trying to eliminate plastic as much as possible}.

So I cut some strips of the vinyl from the kit about 1/4" wide and applied them vertically leaving about 1/4" between them. I didn't measure and didn't care if my stripes were a bit wonky... yeah - this measuring queen is just winging it! 

After all lines are placed, I place a horizontal stripe along the top and bottom to make a nice finished edge. I burnish to make sure all cut edges are sealed down - this ensures a nice crisp edge. Lastly I added some scotch tape to protect the exposed glass at top and bottom of the bottle {conserving my vinyl for my next project}.

Now I can use my palette knife and apply the Etchall® Etching Créme like I'm icing a cake - making sure a nice even layer is applied.


I set this aside for 15 minutes. Then it's time for the reveal!! Using the pallete knife I scrape away the Etchall® Etching Créme and what's leftover goes back in the bottle. This little bottle of créme can be used over and over for loads of projects!!



Now for my last project, the plain candle holder collecting dust in the cabinet. I'm going to use a brush to apply the Etchall® Etching Creme to the glass in a splotchy brushstroked pattern... similar to what you would see in Pier One or other home decor stores. This candle holder came from a dollar store to have on hand for hurricane season when we may need to use real flame candles. Using an old brush I just painted dabs of etching creme around and around until the whole candle was covered. Again I let this set to completely dry, then I will have to wash away all of the dried Etchall® Etching Créme away to reveal my beautiful etched design.

Look at that beautiful design... even the reflection is gorgeous!

The best part... I did it myself. I have a collected a whole box of glass items from around the house that I want to etch designs into for home decor and gift-giving throughout the year {especially the stockpile of scented jar candles}.

CLICK HERE to pop on over to Designer Crafts Connection for more ideas, techniques and magical transformations using Etchall® and to find a DCC coupon code to use at Etchall® for a special discount when you order your own beginner set. This offer is valid thru March 31st, 2017.


Thanks for dropping by and I'd love to hear what items you are creatively upcycling! xo Sb

** This is a sponsored post. Etchall® has provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Getting #Cre8time Girly... Last Minute Gift Idea Bloghop

Hello friends! Are you still crossing off all the names on your holiday gift list... you are in luck today. Welcome to the LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEAS Bloghop hosted by Einat Kessler. Hop along and get Cre8time ready to finish off your list with some ideas for fabulous handmade gifts. At the bottom of the post there is info on how you can link enter a grand prize of a $100 gift card - YAY!!!

I have many girls in my family, two sisters, four nieces, and I'm always on the hunt for fun handmade gifts I can give. I've recently been introduced to Etchall® Etching Créme!... and I am totally hooked! 

Today I'm sharing a quick and easy GIRLY project with you - one that holds a special place in my little GREENcrafting heart, too!

Supplies needed:
  • Etchall® Glass Etching BEE-Ginner Kit
  • removable stencil letters {or traditional letter stencils}
  • permanent marker
  • adhesive vinyl {I used Cricut vinyl}
  • contact paper
  • glass compact
  • xacto knife or swivel knife
  • rubbing alcohol
  • soft towel
  • scissors
  • plastic fork or craft stick
  • timer

If you are like me, you probably are picking up little gifties as you find them throughout the year. I happened upon these fabulous mirrored compacts at Michael's and bought about a dozen of them for a couple bucks a piece. What I really love about them is that they have a beautiful jeweled bezel top on them. A great base to add a custom handmade touch... enter Etchall® Etching Créme!!!

If you aren't familiar with this product - Etchall® is a REUSABLE, easy to use etching créme that creates permanent etched designs on large or small areas of glass, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, marble and slate. No curing, drying required... it just takes 15 minutes! CLICK HERE to read more about this fantastic product. I don't know how I've went on this long never having etched. I have a whole box of glass items I've collected from around the house that I want to etch designs into for home decor and gift-giving throughout the year.

The preparation is the most time consuming part, but since I'm doing a several at once - the process goes quick and easy... and it's FUN! 

This is a fun and easy project that can be done in under an hour. After opening compact from packaging and removing protective film, I cleaned off the bezel surface with rubbing alcohol and dried completely with a soft cloth. Then I cut a small square of Cricut Vinyl to fit over center of compact.

Using pick tool from Etchall® Glass Etching BEE-ginner Kit, I peeled backing from vinyl square and centered onto compact, and burnished down with squeegee tool {also included in kit}- pressing out any air bubbles from center outward. I selected a letter for a monogram and pressed onto the vinyl. I traced the letter onto vinyl with permanent marker, removed stencil and connected lines to fill in gaps. 

Now I'm ready for the hardest part... the cutting! I can cut fine freehand with an Xacto knife, but if you have one of these swivel knives in your studio stash - this is the kind of project that the swivel tool is made for. The swivel blade makes cutting curves so easy. 

I placed my compact on a paper towel to steady it, then as I started to cut, I rotate the compact - NOT THE KNIFE - as I follow the blade along the outline. I find it easier to cut towards myself as apposed to away. 

**A TIP** I recommend doing a test run with contact paper to get a feel for how you are most comfortable cutting vinyl before your finished project. Also to make sure you applied enough pressure to cut through material {it doesn't take much - but it's definitely different than cutting paper}.

After all lines are cut, I used the pick tool to gently pick up the letter and remove to expose the letter shape for etching. I go back and re-burnish to make sure all cut edges are sealed down.

**ANOTHER TIP** I did a dry run of this using contact paper in place of vinyl first. Though it did work, the edge of the edging was not as crisp and sharp as when done using the vinyl. I think it's because the tackiness of the contact paper allowed a bit of etching créme bleed under the edge. The result was fine - but I wanted to see for myself if there really was a difference in vinyl -vs- contact paper... the answer is YES. It's worth it to invest in the vinyl for crisp, sharp edges. 

Before adding etching creme, I add sections of contact paper around vinyl square to fully cover - adding plenty of overlap - to protect from any etching creme drips. It's pretty thick like pudding, but one can never be too careful when making a special gift.

Using the back end of a plastic fork, I placed an even layer of Etchall® Etching Creme to the exposed letter and set my timer for 15 minutes. The leftover creme on applicator goes back in the bottle. This little bottle of créme can be used over and over for loads of projects!!

With the etching créme evenly applied, I set the timer for 15 minutes and wait for the magic to happen.


With the back of my applicator, I gently scrape away the etching créme and it goes back into the bottle for reuse later. Now the IMPORTANT PART... LEAVE the VINYL and protective contact paper in place and completely wash away any remaining etching créme with water. You don't want to accidentally get any etching smears or fingerprints on the rest of the piece. Rinse under water and rub surface with your finger to ensure all is removed, then dry with paper towel. 

Now it's time for the REVEAL!! Gently peel back the contact paper and the vinyl letter stencil so you can reuse again {I place mine on a sheet of salvaged sticker backing sheet}. I love how the monogrammed letter has added dimension since this bezel is not only glass... it's also mirrored. 

This gift is done and ready for giving paired with a couple other girly gifts - a lip gloss and some bling! The compact was pretty enough by itself... but with the addition of a custom monogram - it's now so much more special and looks so expensive. I can't believe I did it myself. Even my husband was impressed!

Ready for some more last minute gift ideas??! Please hop along at each of the links below and be sure to take a moment to leave each artist a comment and some blog-love.

You can enter to win some amazing holiday blog candy... a $100 Visa Gift Card! Please enter following the Rafflecopter instructions below. *The winner of the $100 Visa gift card will be announced on on Sunday, Dec 25th. Good LUCK!!!


Thanks for dropping by and I'd love to hear what your favorite last minute gift ideas are. Wishing you all a Happy Holidays and I'm off to Chicago for hopefully a white Christmas! xo Sb

** This is a sponsored post. Etchall® has provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

All that #Cre8time Sparkles and Shines... with Rinea® Foils and Designer Crafts Connection

Hello everyone! Today the Designer Crafts Connection takes on a new challenge featuring something full of glittery goodness and is a paper... Rinea® Foils by GlobalCrafting. This paper has made my paper folding dreams take on a whole new shiny dimension!!!

One of my favorite things is to make dimensional ornaments and whimsies from folded paper. With all the gorgeous variety of papers available these days it is an obsession to use up every leftover strip and scrap. Well there is a new SPARK-ling paper that is what I have been dreaming of... Rinea® Foils!!! 

The common problem with Origami and Kusadama folding is that with more intricate shapes, the paper becomes very hard to manipulate due to it's thickness {or lack thereof}. Rinea® Foil solves this issue while providing a metallic {solid or textured} finish in a variety of colors that lends itself to folding and holds it's shape {which is important when working with complex folds}.

For this challenge, Rinea® Foils by GlobalCrafting provided each of the Designer Craft Connection designers with product to use in our creations. You want to pop over to the beginning of the hop HERE because of course, there is a chance for you via Rafflecopter to win some of this gorgeous Rinea® Foil paper!!! 

Rinea® paper-foil is a specialty craft paper imported from Germany. It is made up of a thin sheet of paper sandwiched between two layers of thin aluminum foil - the paper gives it sturdiness and stiffness while the foil gives it the shininess and the malleability to maintain the shape however you bend or fold it. It is more than just origami paper due to the specific thickness and the quality of the foil used, making it ideal for many interesting crafting ideas. The paper does not wrinkle like foil and does not cause painful cuts like thick sharp foil can. 

The paper is as popular in Germany and parts of Europe as construction paper is in the US. In Germany it is known as Alu-Bastlefolie which means Aluminum Handicraft Foil Paper. It is very difficult to find this paper in the US and those that want it have to import it from Germany. Our goal is to introduce you to unique and interesting crafting ideas popular in other parts of the world made possible only using this paper and, at the same time, make it easily available in the U.S. The paper comes in many interesting colors with shiny, matte, and embossed surfaces giving you lots of options to play with and combine.

I love Origami, Kusadama and other styles of paperfolding... and have loads of books with fabulous patterns. For my project I have modified a pattern that is called "the Ellington" from the book, The Origami Handbook by Rick Beech... which ends with three diamonds and wraps around to make a lovely napkin ring. Which with Thanksgiving coming up next week... this pattern paired with the Rinea® Foils will make each tablesetting simply stunning!

To make a full bangle, I will need three completed folded sections to fit my wrist. Easy-Peasy!!

I find it easier to cut all of my papers first, then work on one stage of fold on all pieces, then moving on to the next series of steps {just my preference}. Paper folding is very relaxing and methodical... and a lot of repeating of the same steps. In this case repeated along until the strips are completely filled with folded diamonds.

For those of you who fancied gumwrapper and teabag folding patterns, you would love using the Rinea® Foils. Look how gorgeous the pattern even is on the back side!!! This would make a wonderful border for a card or accenting a home decor project. Not to mention folded boxes, punches or die-cut shapes! The crafty-stash has a whole new universe of possibility... and this paper is kid-friendly, too!

This is the resulting top edge of one section. The instructions were to stop at three diamonds, though I continued to the edge of the strips, giving me five - with a small bit of overlap.

One 3/16" glue dot is all it needs to hold together. Perfectly paired with Rinea® Foil - I used three glue dots in total. These amazing dots make papercrafting quick and hands-free!

After having three sections completed, I fold back one end to accept the other end to naturally continue the folded pattern in one long strip. 

With one glue dot, I tuck one end over the other as the folded pattern naturally repeats uniting three folded sections into a completed bangle.

I have some pink resin bangles with matching necklace that my new folded bangle will fit right in to the ensemble. Even though this is held together with just three {3} glue dots... my mind is racing with ideas that I had put on hold because papers were limiting or challenging for the folding patterns I want to create. 

The star embossed pattern into the Rinea® foil is so lovely. The resulting diamonds when complete are approximately 1" in size. This unique foil paper gives you a FINISHED product that is STUNNING. My bangle is ready-to-wear as is!!! But I will go back with a craft glue and a toothpick to secure all the loose edges underneath so that is a bit more durable when wearing. I may even go back later line the inside with a strip of satin ribbon.

A perfect matching
Cre8time Bangle!

This is only the beginning! I love wearing a variety sizes and textured bangles... and my new pink Rinea® foil creation makes a statement! Oh the possibilities and I look forward to trying my patience at trying some of my favorite folds working smaller to create earrings and other fun paper jewels.

CLICK HERE to jump over to the beginning of the Rinea® Foils by GlobalCrafting Bloghop at the Designer Crafts Connection blog and find more SPARK-ling inspiration and projects using this gorgeous foil paper!

You can find more information
and ideas using Rinea® Foils
at their website

Find loads of folding ideas using Rinea Foil on Pinterest

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you are inspired to run out to the library, get some books and try out this amazing paper to fold up something beautiful! Sb :)

** This is a sponsored post. GlobalCrafting has provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.
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