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Friday, September 4, 2015

Papier-mâché Animals on Parade... a #Cre8time Collaboration with #MixedMedia Friends

Hello friends. I know I've been a bit quiet... I'm not able to burn the midnght oil creating all night, every night like I used to... though I am still creating - with reckless abandon!

Grab ahold of your seats!!! It's that time again - time for another Cre8time Collaboration hosted by the amazing Tina Walker. She came up with another fabulous challenge for a bunch of us mixed media junkies... an altered papier-mâché animal collaboration. You know I was all - in!!!

I am so excited to share my whimsical creature that is a twisted and taped bundle of recycled newspaper, packing papers, paper towel tubes, WIRE HANGERS {yikes}, topped in a hoarded cherished jar of purple chalkboard paint.

I started out by cutting up and bending two recycled wire hangers {from dry cleaning} and began building up my creature with rolled up newspaper wrapped in masking tape. Feet done!

This body is stuffed with loads of newspaper, tissue, recycled paper towel tubes and I decided to add a couple craft matchboxes. I taped these together to create a trio of mini drawers.

I reinforced and secured edges of drawers with a good beading of hot glue. This also helps keep the moisture from the wet gluey paper from warping and dissolving my boxes.

I cut up another hanger and bent into ear shapes. I hot glued this to a stiff recycled paper tube {I think it was one from saran wrap} and taped on balls of crumpled paper to create the head shape.

Then its on to the laborious task of papering my creature. I used a mixture of 1/2 PVA glue to 1/2 water. I mixed it in a big pyrex cooking dish and began soaking and adding on torn sections of recycled tissue paper, newspaper and packing paper. This took several hours since this critter is so large. I set it aside to dry overnight.

It's really coming along and OMG... it's got a personality!!!

I added some brads mounted in discs of paperclay for eyes, and molded a bit of paperclay to the snout to create indentions for the nostrils. When papering, I must have been sniffing the glue - I only thought to give my new friend a BIG happy smile - LOL!

When clay additions were dry, I painted the entire figure with a purple chalkboard paint that I picked up on clearance ages ago. I painted on layers in a drybrush fashion so that I didn't affect the papier-mâché. Due to monsoon storm - this isn't drying as I expected. I'm going to have to wait a bit longer for this to be dry so I can take some chalk to it and doodle up my new studio mascot... a super cute donkey!! I will share as soon as I can - this paint is still glossy and a bit tacky - which seems ODD for a chalkboard paint.

I need make a point to give credit to another artist who provided me the inspiration to make this critter. An amazing mixed media artist I follow on FB - Karen Kradel Fincannon, who makes wonderful sculpted critters.

I have had this screen shot in my phone for quite a while and I'm pretty pleased how my donkey came out... though her lil' guy is so STINKIN' cute!!! Thanks Karen for sharing your wonderful art online to inspire us all.

Can you help me name my
new studio donkey mascot??
Please leave a comment with your suggestions.

Thanks for dropping by - please enjoy the Animals on Parade! :) Sb
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

#Cre8time Organization for the Office... with Designer Crafts Connection and Deflecto Craft


Hello everyone! Today is another Designer Crafts Connection Bloghop challenge... this time featuring office supplies from Deflecto Craft. Who doesn't love office supplies - especially when we put our own Cre8time twist on them. As a graphic artist working in the printing industry, these items have transformed my disorganized mess on my desk.

For this challenge, Deflecto Craft provided three items for us to work with: Stackable Cube 4 Drawer Organizer; the 5" x 7" Black Bordered Craft Frame; and the Interior Image® 8 1/2" x 2" Sign Holder Nameplate. Each of these products on their own are sleek and functional, but combined, your desk and work area can be totally transformed.

The first thing I set off to embellish was the Interior Image® 8 1/2" x 2" Sign Holder Nameplate. I used some silver letter stickers from my stash to spell out "dream BIG" along the black swoosh bar. I enlarged my logo and text from my business cards to fit the plexiglas area. This can be changed out easily at any time by sliding out the protective anti-glare plexiglas and replace with a new insert.

Now I move on to putting a little bling onto the 5" x 7" Black Bordered Craft Frame. These frames are great as they are for a sleek, modern look... but are a perfect blank canvas for a myriad of projects or handmade gifts.

I had a lanyard from a convention with black square gems that was coming apart, so I gently peeled the gems off of the felt backing and re-adhered as an accent to the black edge of the acrylic frame. I had one small section of gems remaining and I saved this to embellish the storage drawer cube. I typeset a favorite quote by Arisotle and printed out. I trimmed page to fit frame and I have an instant piece of "Quotable Art" that looks like something storebought.

I don't know about you, but my desk seems to end up with a bunch of cups holding a hodge podge of pencils, pens, markers and whatnot... causing more clutter than actual organization. Insert the Deflecto Craft Stackable Cube 4 Drawer Organizer and all this clutter is organized in a jiffy. I really love the clear cubes as they blend in to the background and let the contents be seen and easily accessed. I need to have everything within reach and these drawers are so handy.

I divided up my cups of pens and supplies into the 4 drawers... and I have room for plenty more! I wrapped a purple decorative tape around the edge of the storage cube and topped it off with some of the matching black bling leftover from the frame. This ties all three items together with pops of black.

Sleek and Saavy Desk Organization!

CLICK HERE to jump over to the beginning of the hop at the DesignerCraftsConnection blog. Be sure to visit so you can enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win Deflecto Craft Products.

Visit the Deflecto Craft website at

You can buy Deflecto Craft products at Amazon,
Shoplet, Jolly Molly's and other online retailers.

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Thanks so much for visiting! For more ideas and inspiration follow the Designer Crafts Connection "Deflecto Craft Office Supply Challenge" by selecting hop back/forward on the logo below to enjoy all of the wonderful creations. Sb :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lunch Notes with #Cre8time LOVE...

Hello everyone. I'm back to share a little project using the Wet-Erase Chalkboard Signs that are handy, yet so much fun!

The Deflecto Wet-Erase Sign is perfect for adding a sign in a snap! These cute Black signs mounted to a Mahogany easel come in a three pack measuring 5 7/8" x 9 1/2" x 5 1/4".

In a previous post I created this fun Mexican themed sign using the assorted color pack of Deflecto Wet-Erase Markers for a fun taco night we had around the Thanksgiving holiday. I had fun decorating this and I love the border I created. I would like to use this on a daily basis as a menu note board for my husband for the meals I prepare and leave for him. I have to cook on a daily basis now for health reasons and he is really reaping the benefits and bragging about his "gourmet cook" at home - LOL!

I'm going to keep the border here, so using a small paintbrush and water, I apply water and gently rub to remove the chalk ink in the center of this board.

 I blot away the excess water and repeat until most ink is cleared.

Using a paper towel, I mop up the remaining and gently dry the center, careful to not wipe away my border. This is really pretty simple and didn't take more than a few minutes.

The Deflecto Wet-Erase Markers clean up quick and easy with a wet paper towel and water, then followed with a dry cloth - and they leave no ghosting. The ink is opaque and bright and does not require multiple coats - that's a timesaver. **A Little TIP** These markers write on plexi, glass and anything with a durable non-porous surface so you can decorate pretty much anything! I love using these on the Deflecto Craft Plexi frames.

The center of my blackboard is clear for re-decorating with my border in tack. There was a little smudge here and there which was easily touched up. All I have to do is create a new message for today!

Lunch Messages with LOVE!

I placed the sign right where with the water and drinks - a place that is sure to be seen. My husband really gets a kick out of my new daily routine of home cooking... and I have a little creative fun, too!

How would you decorate with Deflecto Wet-Erase Signs?

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 :) Sb

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Stay tuned this week as I will be sharing more ideas using Deflecto Craft products building up to a Designer Crafts Connection Deflecto Craft Challenge bloghop this THURSDAY - you don't want to miss it! Have a fabulous day :) Sb
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