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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#Cre8time Celebrating with Deflecto Craft and Designer Crafts Connection

Hello everyone! Summer is in full swing and anything could be a reason to celebrate! Do you have a party to plan? Today you are in for a treat as the Designer Crafts Connection takes on a new challenge featuring fabulous party decor items from Deflecto Craft. Let's get this celebration started...

For this challenge, Deflecto Craft provided three items for us to work with: the fabulous dual use Three Tier Dessert Stand; a 5" x 7" Beveled Edge Frame; and the VersaGrip™ Wide Clip Sign Holders. With these products you can set up your party table at a moments notice and easily customize them to coordinate with any theme or event.

My inspiration is summertime in Florida. One minute you can be planning a day at the beach and the next minute... the tropical downpours move in and you are stuck indoors for the afternoon {or days depending on Mother Nature}. So I'm having a summer beach bash movie party with all the snacks and treats. The first thing I did after a run to the store was embellish the 5" x 7" Beveled Edge Frame. This sleek beveled frame has metal knobs that unscrew easily for quick and easy framing.

I took one of my decorative napkins, opened it up fully and placed inside the frame, then trimmed edges flush with frame edges. I layered inside a fun phrase that I printed off the computer in coordinating colors. Using one of the bamboo skewers, I poked through the corner holes to insert and secure the screwposts. Easy-peasy!

Now for the fun!!! With a few pantry items, jumbo marshmallows and Wilton candy melts and accents, I have everything needed to make some tasty treats on bamboo skewers.

In my inspiration for these treats on a stick from Pinterest, the marshmallows were colored blue. The coloring step can be skipped and depending on season you may find blue ones at the store {mine had a nice assortment including Ghostbusters shapes}. I couldn't resist the jumbo sized which are about the size of 4 or six regular large marshmallows, making for super-sized tasty fun!

I skewered several marshmallows and dipped them in a pool of blue with a smidge of green food coloring. You may want to do these ahead of time as you have to dip them several times to get the colored desired. You can't leave them wet too long because they start to dissolve {I did 3-4 dips on each with 5-10 minutes between swims}. After setting out to dry for a while the marshmallows dried out. I melted some white chocolate candy melts then dipped each blue mallow into the chocolate and dunked them in toasted coconut.

The finishing touch is to add the Wilton "Finding Dory" candy fish and goldfish crackers with a dab of chocolate on the back to act as glue. I set aside to let chocolate harden before adding bamboo skewers. These are so cute!! 

Now with my pops ready... my table is ready to be set. I gathered some beachy items from around the house along with some fun beach toys that I picked up for my nephews. I covered the three tiers of the Dessert Stand in a layer of plastic wrap for easy clean up and used a craft knife to cut slits through plastic wrap at points for assembling the layers. I layered fun snack items and candy on the tiers, then added the marshmallow pops in the holes perfectly spaced for staggering tasty treats. The VersaGrip™ Wide Clip Sign Holders come in handy for standing up or attaching signs or items to plates or vessels. I'm using them to hold up the cute sea life beach toys. This summer movie beach bash is ready...

with a Snackers Paradise!

CLICK HERE to jump over to the beginning of the Bloghop Celebration at the DesignerCraftsConnection blog. Be sure to visit so you can enter a giveaway for your chance to win some of these Deflecto Craft Products.

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Deflecto products are available through local art, craft and educational stores, in addition to online retailers such as Amazon.

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Thanks so much for visiting! For more party ideas and inspiration visit Designer Crafts Connection "Deflecto Craft Celebration Challenge" bloghop HERE. Sb :)

** This is a sponsored post. Deflecto has provided product in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Super Gifts for Him... with Designer Crafts Connection

Hello Everyone! Need a fabulous DIY project for Father's Day or for the GUY who has it all... join the Designer Crafts Connection today for a new first Monday bloghop... Gifts for Him! CLICK HERE to pop over and see all the MANly makes.

Do you repurpose empty tape spools to use for crafty projects? Well I do and they are so versatile. My Cre8time led me to an ingenious idea for the perfect gift for Dad... with a steampunk twist. This was quick and easy to make using aluminum tape, a few crafty stash items and some magnetic craft sheets. 

Dad will love it... no more tiny metal brads or nails all over the place - someplace to keep them within reach.

I cut a section out of the tape spool and rounded the edges, then covered the entire thing with sections of aluminum tape - a good manly base. I burnished everything down real good with a bone folder then set off adding hardware. I cut a section of magnetic sheet to fit and ran through a Cuttlebug diamondplate embossing folder {yes - it works}. I wrapped around metal tape bangle and tacked down with some double-sided tape. 

To reinforce and add more detail, I punched some holes with my Crop-a-Dile, set eyelets and affixed some gears and swirly paperclips with screw brads. I covered up the exposed brad wings on the inside with more aluminum tape to secure and to finish it off.

A super gift for a SUPER DAD!!!

Thanks for visiting! CLICK HERE to jump over to the Designer Crafts Connection Blog to see more fantastic handmade "GIFTS for HIM".  :) Sb

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Catch a #Cre8time Dream... Designer Crafts Connection Smoothfoam Wreath Challenge


Hello friends! I have been dreaming of having some Cre8time revisiting my newest obsession... weaving. Last month some crafty pals and I tried our hands at weaving {click here to see more}, and today I am weaving in the round for the latest Designer Crafts Connection challenge using Smoothfoam™ Ruled WreathsCLICK HERE to hop on over to the Designer Crafts Connection blog to see a ROUNDup of seasonal decor!

For this challenge, Smoothfoam™ generously provided 12" and 14" Ruled Wreaths to let my imagination run wild! These brand new wreaths have molded lines and numbers stamped into the foam to make design and layout simple. 

The wreaths come in five sizes from 8" to 16", are round and will not break like the extruded Styrofoam wreaths.

The Smoothfoam™ Ruled Wreaths make design and layout easy with 12 sections divided with lines and numbers... 12 sections on one side, 10 on the other. NO MEASURING... say what??! As someone who is short on time, taking out the steps of having to measure/divide things out is very exciting!!!

I've always loved dreamcatchers, and these ruled wreaths are the perfect base to try out some weaving in the round. So I gathered up a few supplies from my crafty stash and set off to getting messy painting natural twine. 

I took a 12" wreath outside and quickly sprayed it a light teal blue with Design Master Über Matte spray paints in Mist.

I wrapped the natural paper rafia around the wreathform aligned with the pre-measured sections... easy peasy. This part took the longest to wrap the raffia flat and taught around and around {I got in a nice upper arm workout too}.

I kept wrapping all the way around, leaving a gap at each of the section markings where I will use twine to weave the center webbing.

To secure raffia wrapping, I set with some staples at the back to ensure it doesn't come loose. YEP! This is a NO-GLUE project.

Before moving on, I also tied a knot in a section of twin to fashion a hanger on the back and stapled in place.

I dry-brushed the sections in some earthy, beachy hues with Ranger Distress Paints, adding just enough color and giving a weathered feel.

Now it's time for weaving the magical web in the center. I roughly followed a tutorial by Kat from "We Can Re-do It" HERE. The divided lines in the wreath make it easy to space out wrapping to create a woven pattern. I went around the wreath twice to nicely fill in the webbing.

Since this dreamcatcher has taken on a weathered beachy feel, it is only natural to add a special piece in the center of the weaving... a clear resin cast crowned starfish. I had pulled out so many other beads and baubles to add, though I really like the simplicity of the woven twine.

I fashioned a bow for the top with the same natural paper raffia that wraps wreath form.

The finishing touch is tails added to the bottom fashioned from knotted sari ribbon. So pretty!

Catch a Seaside Dream...

As summer heats up here in South Florida, I'm going to enjoy this touch of the beach I have added to my powder room. The touches of color complement the neutral and white paint and accents... looks like I need some new hand towels to match ;)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! CLICK HERE to hop on over to the Designer Crafts Connection blog for more ideas to deck your walls with Smoothfoam™ Ruled Wreaths! and a chance to win some for yourself!  :) Sb
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