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Friday, December 5, 2008

O1A - Lori's Smokin Gal

Smokin' Gal a little description...This is a part of the One Image Fall swap. The image was a lady leaning on a post smoking. I have some old photos from my father who passed away in June that he took on a trip to Europe when he was 15. He took many amazing black & white photos and I immediately thought of this photo to go along with the stamped image. My father was traveling with friends of his parents with a bus tour around Europe in the early 1950s. This particular stop was in Koblenz, Germany and he made a point at telling me why he took this photo - being one of three men on the tour, at every stop, the ladies lined up waiting to use the ladies room. He was probably sick and tired of this at the time, since they traveled to Paris, Italy and Switzerland, plus many other destinations, too. I know that even over 50 years later, we GIRLS are still standing in line waiting for the Loo - and there are never, ever enough [talk about taking a stand, he he]. Enjoy! Sb

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  1. Love love love this. Consider a trade for it????
    Susan SB


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