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Thursday, February 14, 2013

What to do when You Get Valentine's Candy... Make Fun Jewelry!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Today I have a special project to share with you: a brand new "original sbartist creation" using Amazing Crafting Products by Alumilite Corp.  

When I get some creative inspiration - I run with it - and today was no exception. This morning I received some cards and a box of fun valentine candies from my sweetie. Holy cow!!! I couldn't wait to break the conversation hearts out of the box and turn them into a new piece of festive jewelry.

Because to be perfectly honest - a real candy necklace on me would last about... ummmm ... 37 seconds! So problem solved... with my Amazing Mold Putty!!! I arranged the hearts in a circle and I mixed up some Amazing Mold Putty into a ball and pressed it around form a mold around it. Then I painted a few colors of Ranger alcohol inks in each of the hearts and poured in some Ranger UTEE {ultra thick embossing enamel}. And viola - in a little over an hour, I have a brand new necklace to wear for this special day. You just gotta love this stuff!! 

My husband is going to be so puzzled and surprised at the new jewelry he gave me for Valentine's Day. Want to see how I made this, step-by-step??? CLICK HERE to see my demo at the Saturday Crafts Fair on Linqto. To learn more about the Saturday Crafts Fair, please see the details below.

Presenting my new
"Gumdrops of Love" Pendant

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you have fantastic day with your loved ones. I'm so blessed that I can share my creations with you here. Are you looking for creative playtime and inspiration on Saturdays? Please join me live at 4:00pm EST {1pm PST} in the Daylight Musings room at the Saturday Crafts Fair on Linqto! Join me every Saturday where I share my projects, how-to's, tips, and more. The weekly event starts at 2pm EST with three hours of creativity and fun - I hope to see your there.
: ) Sb


  1. How inventive is this!! I would have an urge to reach down and eat them....kind of like the candy necklaces I loved when I was young! lol! Wonderfully made!

  2. What a great idea, Susan! You really were thinking out of the box...and I guess somewhat literally, too.

  3. WOW! What a fun project! Love it! Thanks for the ideas...when I was a child, we used to make candy necklaces! :)

  4. This is fabulous, and looks SO fun. A real candy necklace wouldn't work for me either! I love the design......wonderful!! Happy Weekend!


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