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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm GELLIN'... I'm GELLIN' and I totally made it MYSELF!!!!

Hello everyone! I'm happy to report I've FINALLY crossed off something on my creative "bucket list" – try out Gelatin Plate monoprinting! In the process of playing with a new product, I've created an AMAZING DIY No-Gelatin Printing Plate too! There are loads of DIY tutorials online on how to make one of these with Knox Gelatin, but I did some experimenting and give this a try using the new Amazing Mold Rubber! Today I'm sharing my results – ENJOY :)

Amazing Mold Rubber is an easy to use, high strength liquid silicone mold making rubber that is strong, soft and flexible - great for undercut parts and cures in approx. four hours {I timed it for this project - it is 4 hours... YAY}. Amazing Mold Rubber is a two-part liquid rubber used to make extremely elastic molds to produce quick and exact reproductions of your original. Replicas can then be cast in Amazing Casting Resin, Amazing Clear Cast Resin for plastic parts - or use other materials such as plaster, wax, clay or polyester... and that's just the beginning to all the fabulous uses just waiting to be discovered!

After four hours my Amazing Mold Rubber was fully cured and my AMAZING DIY No-Gelatin Rubber Plate was ready for a joyride! This second video is a test run on my faux gelatin plate... and my FIRST TRY at Gellin'...

Isn't this totally AMAZING!!! Now I have two plates in different sizes {one 6" x 7" and the other is 3" x 4"} that I can use simultaneously for double the mixed-media fun! I can totally see how this can become addictive. Here is my first three-paint layer monoprint and I can't wait to make more.

Now that I've got my hands on another brayer, I'm ready to rock n' roll. One brayer to paint with and the other to roll my impressions.

Why an ATC size plate? For my ARTful Lunch... I'm packing a daily ARTful lunchbox of creative playtoys to make a daily ATC while I'm at work. CLICK HERE to read post.


ATC No. 1

I created about 4 or 5 papers using my homemade no-gelatin rubber plate. I overstamped down the side with a handcarved stamp that I made in highschool out of a pink eraser. The silhouette man with dog is from Viva Las VegaStamps! on top of a torn washi tape boardwalk. I added some ( ) and numbers with plastic letter stencils leftover from my summer art camp supplies and blotted before the marker dried to mute the tones.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you are having a great day! Sb :)

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  1. Pretty cool stuff, Susan! Great idea!

  2. Well I haven't tried it either- just haven't gotten around to it! Great videos!

  3. Thank you for sharing. This looks like something I need to try.

  4. WOW!Great idea, Susan! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. so much creativity on this site! never thought to make a mold, the possibilities!

  6. Cool stuff Susan, never thought of making my own stamps,can this stuff make a stamp deep enough for fimo clay impressions ? Thanks for Sharing!

    1. Yes Brenda! This product is a liquid silicone, but there is also Amazing Mold Putty that cures in about 10 minutes that works well for clay impressions also.

  7. This such a creative idea! I must share on Pinterest!

  8. What a creative idea! I've gotta pin it!

  9. oooow I really like how this came out. Great tutorial! Now I have something else on my list to try.

  10. Here from the UPA link in your article. This is a stupendous idea! Helene


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