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Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm Cuckoo for WASHI Tape!!!

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Hello friends! I'm dropping in today to share a little "EYE CANDY" with you. In an effort to steal a smidge of Cre8time each day - I have reached a point that I need to also purge and organize my crafty stash. I have completed finding a proper home for my Gelatos {which I've already shared here} and now I've moved onto my stash o'washi tapes!!! 

Though I did purchase new containers for the Gelatos {this was a treat for the purging and organizing to come} - I won't be doing this with any of my other supplies. I will find and repurpose a container that is already in my craft cave. Originally I had planned to steal and recycle the box that the freezer paper comes in - complete with a tear strip. Unfortunately after gathering all the rolls in one place... this would only house about half of them. So yesterday I repurposed a flip-top corrugated box that delivered a beautiful pair of Fiskars scissors enscribed with my Fiskateers number - a perfect fit for what I thought was ALL the rolls of washi in my stash... until I found five more rolls this  morning.

I needed a bigger home, and my muse would not be satisfied until this task is resolved. After a few minutes poking around my bins and boxes of supplies... I happened upon this nice tin containing a kit of angelina fibers from US Artquest {ordered from HSN a while back}. It has a clear windowed lid, too! So I can see all my little spools of goodness.

I ran to the pantry to grab the box of snack size ziplocks and gently transferred each skein of angelina fibers to it's own baggie and all of these now live in the Fiskars box... totally TRADING SPACES! The last thing I need to do over the weekend is attach a recycled metal tear strip from the box of aluminum foil {this might require some power tools}.

Here's my new shiny home
for ALL of my washi tape! 

Now I can move on to my next creative adventure. Have a Happy Thursday!!! :) Sb

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