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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sisters are ALWAYS Sisters... #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

When you work somewhere for a long time {say over a decade} a myriad of personal junk ends up on one's work computer... well it certainly does for me. I've been trying to backup files on slower days {which are very few} and today I came across these pix that I had scanned from very old and faded photographs from when I was a kid. Through the magic of photoshop filters, I was able to restore some of the color.

My mom used to take these annual pix of my sister {Alice} and I under the Christmas Tree... long before we had a little brother and another sister. I don't know what year the above photo is, {its hard for me to tell because I was the same height with long hair until junior high}, but the one below is Christmas 1975.

When visiting our Dad on New Year's Day in 2005 - we decided to start these up again to have an update to go with our kid pix. I do think we need to find a bigger tree - LOL!

The years may have passed and we have grown up {almost} but we look exactly the same... and we're still sisters just the same! :) Sb

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  1. Awesome photos! These are begging to be placed on a scrapbook layout! You could make a 'Christmas by the tree' album!


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