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Monday, August 3, 2015

#Cre8time Life Loves a Box of reNEWed Crayons...

Welcome! It's the first Monday of August an it's time for a new Designer Crafts Connection Bloghop. This month's theme is "Crafting with Back to School Supplies". Crafting with school supplies - who can resist?!! Even though I'm out of school, I still enjoy getting a new box of crayons, and fun colorful pens with a new composition book to doodle and sketch in.

What could be more fun than breaking into a brand new box of crayons. I remember trying to keep them so nice as long as possible... 

but all too soon they end up this :(...

My box of misfit crayons
are ready to get
a new Cre8time
lease on life!

The solution is so fun and easy - and something that the kids can get involved in {except the melting part}. Create fun shaped molds using Amazing Mold Putty - a 2 part molding putty that is not only food safe, but you can bake in the molds up to 375ºF... WOW! I grabbed an assortment of my stash of fun molds and began filling each with combinations of broken crayons while I heated my toaster oven up to 325ºF {you want to test your oven to see how hot you can safely melt crayons and not burn the wax}. 

You want to line a pan with foil to place the molds on... this does get a bit messy - as careful as I tried to control the mess and spillover, the liquified crayons came alive and liked to travel.

At this temperature, it didn't take very long. I stood at watch adding more wax in some and taking out the completely molds as they were filled. **A NOTE** the Amazing Mold Putty Molds retain the heat for quite a bit - you don't want to pick them up with your fingers or let tiny hands handle these until are completely cooled. When cool to the touch, I transferred the molds to the freezer for about 1/2 hour to fully chill the wax. Then they are ready to pop out! I scraped away any frayed edges with my fingernail and my new FUNtastic crayons are ready to play!

I couldn't resist breaking out my cherished mold of a yellow Peeps chick - it took longer to melt down enough crayons to fill, but he is so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

What little girl or teacher wouldn't love a beautiful box of ornate crayons packed in a recycled chocolate box - each crayon cast in a vintage button mold. What fun shaped crayons would you create? CLICK HERE to view all the AMAZING ways you can add Amazing Mold Putty to your Cre8time.

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