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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

#Steampunk Owly's #Cre8time Secret... Starting from the Same Place #artistcollab

Hello Friends! Thanks for popping over today as you have arrived at a very special web art event... an ARTIST COLLABORATIVE project hosted by Tina Walker with over 60 artists participating from around the world. PLEASE CLICK HERE to jump over to Tina Walker's blog who is our hostess and organizer of this Cre8time adventure and see her two AMAZING creations... and also give her some love for dreaming up these fun events!

This is the contents of my bubble envy of crafty goodness from Tina. Everyone got the same assortment to use with the only stipulation that we use it all.

Amazing Casting Products provided supplies needed to produce hundreds of molded resin cast pieces to be made for each player {all handmade} and Beacon Adhesives supplied Fabric Tac adhesive.

This collaboration project took lots time and Cre8time love donated by countless volunteers who gathered, prepared and sent in goodies to Tina who undertook the effort of dividing up and shipping care packages to each artist... and don't forget all of the technical coordination for getting everyone linked up for viewing today.

In the effort of full honesty... this collaborative has been months in the making and my piece just began in the last 12 hours as I wasn't sure what my muse wanted to make and for the past several days I have been lending my techy-ness to the group in helping everyone sync up online today. 

So you can say this project is "freshly hatched" LOL!

I grabbed 3 bottles of acrylic that were within reach one this purple distress paint. The other two were Paper Artsy - and aged gold and an espresso brown color. So I set off painting items purple.

Using the Stencil Girl Stencil... I started out applying purple with the dauber top, then I ended up smudging it out with a dry paintbrush. The purple "POPPED" so nicely on the swatch of green upholstery fabric.

I layered purple, gold and espresso brown paints on a flower accent and the resin and chipboard pieces building up a purple metallic patina finish. At this point there's more paint on my hands than the items I'm painting... it's a GOOD THING! 

I also stenciled another painted scrap of material and a word flash card that had "decorate". I think I decorated it proper.

I use the Beacon Fabri-Tac to start assembling my critter's wonky eyes. I love these little tubes with a precision application tip... it made getting precise application easy without having to use toothpicks to apply from the larger bottle.

Here's the final layered eyes. Love them!! I included a circle of fabric to help the flower accent pop in the center of the smaller gear.

Now with all the pieces painted and assembled... I freehand cut shapes to make the body and features. No pattern and NO SEWING today. And I'm about an hour into project creation.

I don't know what this fabric is but it's a thick and felt like. I especially love the coloring. I folded in half and cut into two pieces. Then I shaped them to have pointy ears making a front and back.

I used these electronic bits to act as stitching for my bird's belly by pressing ends through the layers of fabric and folded over on the inside. I did glue fabric to body also for added stability. I love the interesting detail these create!!!

After gluing the ears and top of head, I folded ends over and used remaining stenciled fabric to close in the bottom and act as a base. I didn't even trim this - it just happened to fit!

I added other pieces to accent ears and glued on the eyes. I love how fast the Fabri-Tac sets up. I have an OWL!!

On the backside, my owl has a backpack from his mountain climbing journey to Pike's Peak... see his ropes. I couldn't bring myself to cut this little piece of history so I made some kitschy accessories layering the remaining electronic bits and my painted word strip. I have used everything and the only a few trimmed scraps of felt and green fabric remain along with the resin dragonfly. OH YEAH... I just remembered, I was going to cut the wings off and use them for feet. Well, since it didn't get painted that will have to wait until my next play day. 

I'm totally in LOVE with my wonky steampunk owl... and from start to complete in under two hours. 

So what is OWLy's Cre8time Secret??!

He's now the official secret hiding place to stash my flask - LOL!! How fun is that! I was going to fill with polyfill beads, though I can't remember where I stashed it. I think this was serendipitous that the flask happened to be a perfect fit nestled inside my quirky birds belly.

To visit all the other stops of
"Artist Weaving Collaborative"...
check out the squares below.

Make sure to stop at Amazing Casting Products... 
there's a giveaway for some of their amazing stuff!!!

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you are inspired to go grab some random bits and see what you can create! Have a creative day :) Sb


  1. Oh, he's so cute! Love the eyes!

  2. I have a soft spot for owls, and he is no exception! He is perfectly adorable!

  3. I Love your owl, so creative I can't believe you created this so fast!

  4. Love all your steps and what a cute finished owl!

  5. This is darling and I love your hidey place:D

  6. Your creative brain is so incredible! I always enjoy your projects and you always have a unique twist! And thank you for your techie help! I couldn't have done this without you! Big hugs!

  7. Hee hee hee...Perfect secret spot for the hooch! Love your project and the yummy art fingers in your photos. ;)

  8. Very inventive! Thanks for all your tech work! xoxo

  9. Your project is so FUN and what a creative use of the items!!! Thanks so much for incorporating my stencil design into your owl!

  10. Lol... Such a cool hiding place 😊 I love owls! Great project!! So glad to have been able to create together with you in this collab 😊

  11. What a perfect place to stash your flask! SO CUTE!

  12. Love your wonky eyed owl .. great hidey spot for necessities in life .. you just never know when you might need a stiff drink of whatever spirit LOL!!!... awesome ... cheers

  13. Very clever and creative!! Really love your owl!! Love the stenciling and the colors you used!

  14. This is great. Purple is not a colour that is used often but this is fantastic


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