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Thursday, December 21, 2017

#Cre8time is Merry and Bright...

Hello friends! With just days until Christmas... this elf is in a frenzy making handmade gifts. I have most everything completed and shipped, but I have saved the special gifts for last. They are the best and several will get a finishing touch with Etchall® Etching Créme!

Today I'm sharing a quick and easy transformation of ceramic ready made ornaments from the craft store... you know the ones -- they cost about $1 and are ready for paint, collage or ETCHING!!

Etchall® is a REUSABLE, easy to use etching créme that creates permanent etched designs on large or small areas of glass, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, marble and slate. No curing, drying required... it just takes 15 minutes! CLICK HERE to read more about this fantastic product. I will also be using Etchall® Resist Gel which makes hand drawn detailing quick and easy.

I will also be using Etchall® Resist Gel which has a pointed applicator tip, but I am working small so I want to have more control over the detail, and the Etchall® Designer Tip Kit will help. I have done freehand designs using Etchall® Etching Créme, and I'm excited to put my penmanship to work in a whole new dimension.

The Etchall® Designer Tip Kit includes: three tips (small, medium, large) and two empty 1 oz bottles with caps and locks AND can be used with Etchall® Etching Créme and Etchall® Resist Gel.

The Etchall® Resist Gel is an opaque pale blue in color which when dry and ready to etch goes clear.

There's very little prep work for embellishing these blank ornaments. Just remove from packaging, remove hanger, and clean surface with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. This plain round ornament ready to be transformed into a priceless keepsake.

This ornament will be a very special commemorative gift. My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last month {seriously... twenty-five YEARS}. This is truly a milestone! Not too many folks my age are even married, and if they are... newly married {some divorced}. Twenty five years hasn't always been bright and shiny, some of it was gritty and hard, but we are still together and stronger for all life's ups and downs. This ornament is going to represent this momentous occasion and it must be handmade.

Supplies needed:

I masked off the edges with some blue painter's tape so I can grip the ornament while I work. I select a couple chipboard numbers from my crafty stash to plan out my design, then trace around the numbers with a wet-erase chalk pen. This pen writes on glass and is easily removed with a wet cloth. I also write years in my own handwriting to give a personal touch. Now I'm ready to apply the Etchall® Resist Gel.

Using a craft stick, I transfer some of the Etchall® Resist Gel to the smaller bottle from the Etchall® Designer Tip Kit, and select a precision applicator tip.

Twist to remove the locking lid to the bottle, then twist on one of the nibs. I selected the thinnest and gently squeeze to get the resist gel flowing and draw a little to test the flow. I trace over my design applied with the chalk ink pen. I am going for an aged, distressed look and feel, so I am throwing caution to the wind...  

I outlined the numbers and it's thicker in some areas than others. I set this aside to dry. 

Depending on thickness of application the Etchall® Resist Gel dried in about 20 minutes to half-hour. 

While that one is drying, I'm going to have fun with freehand drawing designs on the other ornaments. This is as fun as decorating sugar cookies!

When Etchall® Resist Gel design is dried, I scoop out a bit of the Etchall® Etching Créme and gently spread over the hand-drawn design.

I placed a cotton swab into the hole of the ornament so I could rotate the ornament without touching it and also to keep the etching creme from oozing down onto the backside. A WIN -- WIN!

I evenly spread the Etchall® Etching Créme just to the edge of the ornament, leaving the sides as is. I set aside for about 20 minutes while I keep drawing with Etchall® Resist Gel on my other ornies. 

TIMES UP!!! I gently remove the some of Etchall® Etching Créme and place back into the container. 

Because the etching creme is wet, it made it really easy to also rub away the resist gel. I noticed part of the 5 had peeled back so I quickly removed as much creme as possible to reuse, then rinsed the rest away before it could etch into the masked areas.

Under running water, I gently rubbed away the remaining Etchall® Etching Créme with water. The resist gel design came off pretty easy in the process.

I pulled away all the dried resist gel and gave the ornament a final rinse. I set on a towel and patted dry. At first I couldn't see the etched design. I didn't realize that etched ceramic takes a lot longer to dry than etched glass. Ceramic is porous so it takes longer for the moisture to evaporate. I kept myself occupied drawing on the other ornies while I waited and after about 15 minutes... the magic could be seen!!!

When the ceramic is completely dry, I rub some Silver Leaf Rub 'n Buff® to the surface which only sticks to the etched surface. Using a paper towel, I rub away the excess to reveal the hand drawn design. I love the patina the rub n' Buff gives on the matte etched area. The un-etched edge of the ornament remains the original glazed ceramic finish.

I add two pieces of ribbon to make a hanger and this special ornament is ready to give to my husband for Christmas! I love how the design looks tattered and worn... like an old antique glass ornament. If I wanted it supremely perfect, I could have simply broke out my Cricut Expression and cut vinyl -- but for this gift from the heart only a HANDMADE touch would do. Merry Etchmas!!! 

Etch the halls with Etchall's December Special!
Get a FREE resist gel with the purchase of a 16oz etching creme. 

Thanks for dropping by! I'll be back shortly to share another gift that I've topped off with Etchall®. xo Sb
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** This is a sponsored post. Etchall® has provided products for use in this project in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions. My ideas and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Very unique. Happy Anniversary. Our anniversary is December 28th. I will make something special for my man!! Great idea. Thanks. You used the resist in the tip bottle..good. Liked your phrase.."gift from the heart"!! That is why you have 25 years under your belt....Proud of you!! Barbee


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