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Monday, July 26, 2021

Destiny Found... Cooking with Tina StencilGirl® Stencil Collaboration

Hello friends! It's been a long time since I've played in my art journal and Tina Walker cooked up a FUN art journaling project to challenge me and kept me working on the same page for the past couple of months.

Join me today in the final reveal of the latest StencilGirl® collaborative project, "Cooking with Tina" featuring the art journals of eight artists all following the same RECIPE – a few ingredients being our favorite StencilGirl® Stencils.

For me art journaling isn't something I do on a regular basis. I enjoy working in a journal and this fun collab let me ease into creating an art journaling practice. Also it didn't require a lot of time or the pressure to complete a page in one long session.

Tina kept us on the edge of our seats each week – adding another ingredient (creative twist) to apply over the 12 weeks. This is the final recipe card that includes all 12 ingredients.

I worked in my journal with black paper pages.
Read on to see my steps in order followed by the finished page.

Start by prepping surface page with gesso. I used Liquitex black gesso. This sounds weird, though it makes the dark paper have a nice, rich surface and the colors POP.


Add 2 colors of acrylic paint to the surface. I used a green Ranger Adirondack acrylic to draw in swirls and a tube of Heidi Swap yellow straight from tube making striped strokes.


Add collage to surface. I set out with more pieces
of collage fodder than I ended up using.


Stencil a repeating pattern to surface. I applied Payne's grey acrylic paint through the StencilGirl® L456 - Buenos Aires stencil.

Scribble or doodle on surface.
This was fun! I used three Stabilo woody crayons.

Represent "opposites" in project. For this I added opposing words "LOST" and "FOUND" using StencilGirl® S305 - Text and Texture Transform Stencil using many layers of acrylic paint, markers and pencil so the words could emerge from the background.

This week's recipe presented an interesting twist! Draw a face. First I sketched in with Stabilo pencil, followed by a flesh colored Stabilo woody, then added water to paint in the area. I added features with layers of pencil.


Add the color RED. I added red in areas, bringing out some of the florals using a Vicki Boutin water soluable crayon (these are so buttery).

Stencil with a Tina Walker stencil. Using StencilGirl® S822 - Cathedral Floor and a mixture of Payne's grey and white acrylic followed by yellow, I aligned the pattern of cathedral floor join up with the stone path I collaged in earlier.

Add ink. I added four colors of Liquitex inks, two of them metallic -- adding a little bling and contrast to certain areas. The metallic is hard to see, but it really added a lovely glowing effect to the Cathedral.


Add words. For this I added the words "Destiny" using StencilGirl® S306 - Text and Texture Explore Stencil peeking in and around the florals and one that stood out to complete the phrase "destiny found".


Cover something up. Another plot twist! The face needed some work as it was just floating there. I used a swirled decorative staircase that I had leftover from the collage ingredient to form a head-dress and trees amongst the flowers. This tied the face together nicely with the image of the statue from my Grandmothers garden.

Add finishing touches. Using pencils, Stabilo woody's and markers, I added details, built up contrast and finished up the lettering to complete this moody colorful garden.

"In this Garden... Destiny Found"

This art journal page is full of luscious layers and texture. It was a challenge to let the ingredients lead the direction of where the art wanted to go. I'm in love with how it turned out. This page helped heal my heart I have spent much time away from home during this challenge -- sitting in my Grandmothers home, and her garden, reflecting on all the wonderful memories spent together.

It was fun to add a new ingredient each week and I enjoyed leisurely playing along!! I look forward to using this recipe style on new pages -- next time starting with surface prepared with white gesso.

StencilGirl® Stencils Used:

CLICK HERE to jump over to see the other fabulous journals made for the Cooking with Tina... StencilGirl® Collaborative. Did you play along? I'd love to see -- leave me a comment with a link to your art journal page created using the recipe card above.

Thanks for dropping by! Sb

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