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Thursday, January 26, 2012

CHA - SNEEK PEEK!!! Steampunkery with
Amazing Mold Putty CHA Booth #2252

I'm sharing a little project I created in Steampunk style that will be showcased as part of the Amazing Mold Putty Design Team's works at Allumilite Corp. booth #2252 at CHA in Anaheim, CA starting on Sunday! I am so excited that I am actually going there to see it on Saturday...and YES - I will be sharing pix with all of you. 

Here is my how-to on this project...

Let me start off with saying, I have never created anything in the "Steampunk" style previously and it was a fun challenge - and I am addicted. I have tons of neat things in my crafty stash of junk and this silver shield pin was what I decided to use. I wanted to mount it to chipboard wings, except it had a huge pin clasp on the back and it was soldered on pretty good. So I had a "LIGHTBULB" moment...make another cast with Amazing Mold Putty

So here it goes. I am sharing with you some of my trials and tribulations as I am playing with these AMAZING products. I mixed up my mold putty according to directions, and as it turned out, I made quite a lot in relation to the size of the piece I was casting. After pressing it into the mold putty I decided I had too much extra so I carved some away to try and use for casting something was already too late, it was already curing and no longer moldable. NOTE TO SELF - this sets-up real quick - quicker than I can change my mind. So I let the mold sit and finish curing for about 20 minutes since it was a little thick and prepared my resin.

So I made up some quick set Amazing Casting Resin and poured the mold. Because I had carved some of the mold edges away, some of the resin ran out the side. As a result, one side of my cast piece was a lot thinner than the other. I used the piece anyway - I didn't want to waste it and it wasn't at all noticable from the front. I want to make another, so I will modify my mold by adding some "gutters" to the original casted mold, so I can prevent the runoff. 

On the left, the original pin - on the right, my AMAZING decorated casted pin. I really like how the casted resin piece looks much more aged and weathered than the original.

I painted the cured resin shield with a variety of things and building up color was a layering process. I began with colored with alcohol inks in a dabbing fashion. I found out relatively quick that the blending fluid removes color. I then used the metallic color alcohol inks - these are great. Then added back in some rust and soot colors. After the alcohol inks dried, I dry brushed in some acrylic black and gold acrylic paints to really bring out the patina and details. The wings are hammered chipboard that I embossed with gold embossing powder, then added depth in color with alcohol inks and acrylic paint. I finished it off with suspending some beads, pearls and an old key and also some adhesive gems for a little bling. The finishing touch a pin back hot glued to the back.

This really came out pretty fantastic. I'm not one who makes jewelry - but I have a new found passion! Thanks for dropping by! My next AMAZING Mold Putty adventure to share with you will be on February 22nd.

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