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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some CHA highlights...just to tide you over!

Hi everybody! Just arrived back home this morning on the red-eye and I'm already back at work three hours after landing {am I crazy???}. I just wanted to share with you a few highlights of the trip - but they were all really BIG events for me. I'm so glad my sister was there with me, too.

Sandy practicing her moves. My sister  is on her left and I'm on the right.
Just happened to be standing there...
First up - here we are caught in a candid shot of Sandy Allnock putting on some cat's eyes in preparation for the Flash mob! Cross this off the bucket part of a flash mob. This was fantastic and it was for charity - so a for everybody. It was so awesome that everyone was cheering, clapping and taping or photographing with their phones! Many people joined in to take part in the fun. CLICK HERE to see one of the many u-tube videos uploaded. It was great meeting you Sandy and I'm proud to be a part of your wonderful organization!

First stop after the bag pipe processional and ribbon cutting to open the show it was straight to see my "Fairy Craftmother" Terri Sproul. She is launching a new line with Sakura Hobby Craft called Terri Sproul Mixers!!! These are fabulous mica powders and other glittery goodness to be mixed in with 3-D Crystal Laquer...these are to die for!!! Terri is so warm a bubbly, just like her video how-tos. Even though I only have conversed with her online, we hit it off immediately and we are going to be craft buddies for a long, long time. You GO GIRL!!!

Next I headed straight over to the Alumilite Corp. booth #2252 - the AMAZING MOLD PUTTY booth where my work is on display with many of my team members. WOW! We're on a flyer and everything. My team-mates work is so awesome in person, too. Terri called us "Rockstars". This is me and Mike the owner of Alumilite Corp., playing with objects and casting molds right at the booth. I have to admit - I spent most of my two days at the show here just playing {like a kid in a sandbox}. I wasn't asked to work or hang around the booth, but I couldn't help but want to. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart...especially when it comes to exploring and crafting. I got a lot of great tips from Mike and some pointers on how to better create my own molds. And I got to demo to the public in the process. Yes, Terri...I made you proud over on the other side of the trade show!

Finally, I too have a T!m photo-op to share. I'm just going to say this for now...before CHA I had a mission and it WAS completed. Proof being the HUGE smile on T!m's face {this was not from saying cheese to the camera}. Thanks T!m for letting me steal a few seconds of your time. I promise I will share the entire story of this photo when I get all the photos together from my cameras and my sister. Craft-on my friend - you are craft royalty!

I will share more of these adventures a little more indepth after I catch up on some project blog posts that I have coming up the next couple of days. It was my full intention to do this in the evenings before bed...but the HOTEL internet was out the entire time. I have my iPhone, so not a big problem except for the one Viva Las Vegastamps! project for Monday had to go live. This was completed and uploaded from the IHOP next door. Free internet access and pancakes with boysenberry syrup is the way to this crafty girl's heart!

: ) Sb

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