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Monday, June 11, 2012

How do you use May Arts Ribbon and Trims???
They are Not only for Embellishing...

...but a Staple of my Mixed-Media Toolkit!!!
I love to create...and I love to use ribbons and fibers in my projects! I consider ribbon not only an embellishment...but also a media in my toolbox. Ribbons and fibers have a multitude of uses and applications - when used in a utilitarian fashion, like bows and handles...or as a paint to add color and an alternative to adhesives. It can be used to add dimension and texture and also bring personality and whimsy to your creations. I find that it is the icing on my creations and the stash of which I can never have enough.

And May Arts makes all these things possible!!!

 Whether it be to add a shabby chic feel to a handmade card...

or as the perfect accent to your holiday themed party decor.

Various burlap ribbons enhance the vintage rustic theme while adding texture and dimension to this otherwise flat scrapbook page.

On this art journal page, I used the rose floral ribbon to add color and texture for a sea of whimsical waves. To see my complete how-to at the Sakura Hobby Crafts Blog, click here.

How about create a quick and easy birdhouse ornament? Just a few paper scraps and some May Arts trims and this sweet house looks like it just came from the pages of Hansel and Gretel.


I was so inspired by the wide trim with red and white checkered stripes - it just wanted to be the rooftop of my whimsical little bird house. This project came together with ease and the size was determined by the size of my paper scraps. No measuring involved!!! This was put together in a free-form one of those recipes that you throw together using a handful of pantry staples. For those of you who know me...this is so NOT my style - I am a MEASURING FOOL! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and your contact information spelled out {ie: youremail at service dot com} and I will be happy to respond.

Step one: I cut two matching strips of patterned paper scraps and for texture, I applied acrylic paint using a dauber top.

Step two: I overlapped and adhered the two strips together like a "plus sign", then cut the triangular peaks to support roof from top and bottom of one strip.

Step three: I punched a series of holes along each edge and used green burlap fiber to stitch house walls together using a cross stitch pattern.

 Completed house with all sides stitched. No glue necessary.

Step four: I cut some of the wide burlap trim, folded it in half and folded edges over twice to add extra roof dimension.

For extra stability, I adhered this to a piece of scrap patterned cardstock using miracle tape.

Step five: To add an overhang, I adhered a piece of red cardstock to the burlap roof piece. I tied a loop with green burlap to make a hanger, and fed through a small hole punched in the roof. I strung on a bead cap to complete the roof.

Step six: I glued the roof on to the structure using Diamond Glaze {I use this for all of my handmade ornaments}. To finish, I mounted a matching red cardstock rectangle to the base. I edged around base of house with raw natural burlap, and added a keyhole brad embellishment. The finishing touch is the beautiful bow made of the sheer burlap ribbon adhered with a heavy-duty glue-dot. 

This came together so easily using a minimal amount of supplies. I can find myself creating many of these for gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

And finally...there's GREENCRAFTING!!!!

I love recycling. I am an avid greencrafter and am always repurposing interesting things in my projects. This project is a recycled plastic strawberry basket which has been completely transformed using May Arts "Candy Coated" ribbons.

 May Arts Candy Candy Coated ribbons.

Bright pink and orange satin, along with yellow gingham ribbons are woven around and through the rungs of the basket. A thin teal velvet ribbon in woven like an overhand stitch at the top and also edges the horizontal lines of the basket. This redux is completed with a fancy bow and snowflake beads glued on the bottom for feet. I have every intention of prettying up a plain potted plant with this bright and lovely basket...but I couldn't resist filling it with some sweet treats.

I hope these projects inspire you to create something with ribbons and fiber! The possibilities and uses are endless...and only limited by your imagination. 

I am submitting my work to May Arts and applying to be a May Arts Ribbonista. Wish me luck - I'm off to play with my ribbon!!!
: ) Sb

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  1. Good luck! I love your projects and can't wait to see what you would bring to May Arts


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