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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Wonderland Snow Dome... Wintery Sparkle to Enjoy Through the Season

Hello everyone! I have been spending the month taking care of my health as January is going to take off from zero to the moon for me. I woke up this am realizing its December 28th {yikes} and I haven't shared a couple things I have done this month.


This project served as my Christmas Tree and my hubs found a cute little train to match at CVS. Spending the holidays at home this year in hot and sunny South Florida doesn't really feel like Christmas... a trip home to Chi-town is on the TO-DO list soon!

For this project I combine Amazing Crafting Products and items from the December Frog Dog Studio kit... to create this wintery wonderland dome created using a recycled seltzer bottle, wine cork and tape spool... and my DIY AMAZING No-Gelatin Printing Plate, too!


I applied Pearl Viva Colour Modeling Creme on my AMAZING No-Gelatin Printing Plate to make some fabulous monoprint texture resembling snowbanks. 

I will tear this paper into sections and layer to create some some snowy layers...

Working quickly - I dipped the tree directly into the resin, rotating to hit all the tips of the tree branches. As the Amazing Casting Resin Cures - it becomes an opaque white. You have to work quickly - the Amazing Casting Resin has about a 5 minute open time before it cures {especially when you mix a small batch}.

To see how I put glistening snow on my tree... CLICK HERE.


With a scraps of patterned paper a, ribbon, some tulle and a pretty button - my recycled bottle and tape spool are transformed into a "Winter Wonderland" dome.

I want to take a moment to say thanks to all of you for following my adventures through another year. I slowed things down a bit these past few months, but I promise... 2014 is going to DARE to be an awesome adventure. I wish you all a healthy, merry and bright and shiny new year in 2014!  Sb :)

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