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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Art is the Key to Happiness... and the #BlueBox

Hello everyone! I'm off on a whirlwind weekend attending my first official artist workshop and just wanted to share a little recap. If it wasn't for ARTing... I would be at home glued to all the Doctor Who regalia and fandom of the new twelfth incarnation.

Friday after work I packed up the MINI and set off to Central FL for a creative weekend away to learn from the amazing Cat Kerr.

The workshop was being held at Art More Place in Melbourne, Florida... a magical place that I plan to be visiting again. I met a wonderful group of creative ladies who share love for jewelry making.

There was plenty of space to work and loads of inspiration all around.

I learned the art of soldering - something completely NEW and alien to me. It was a challenge and it took me all the way until the last jump ring to realize I needed to hold the tools in opposite hands {being ambidextrous sometimes makes being creative a little trying when learning new things}.

We had a wonderful home cooked lunch indoor picnic style. Good thing this was all indoors - is was about 100 degrees outside.

Lunch was healthy and divine! Vegetarian style buttersquash coconut chili over rice, fresh fruit salad, sliced watermelon and macroons. Delicious, comforting and fuel to power us through the afternoon of creating.

Hammering inspirational words and sentiments into my charms.

Everyone's finished work from the day's learning. Mine are the three capsules that are alone. I'm making special keepsake gifts with them so I won't be sharing these until later.

Here is my completed official "Tardis Key" necklace complete with inspiring solder charm that I created in the class {the key is a find on one of my artful junque-ing expeditions}. It was refreshing to take a break and go off the grid to learn some new things. Now it's time to pack up and go back home... my DVR is calling "...oooh WE oooh!" :) Sb


  1. I am so very thankful to you dear friend for making the long drive! I am thrilled to pieces that you enjoyed the class and I cant wait to see how you finish the pendants!! They Tardis pretty-darn-cool! xox

  2. OMG, I love it!!! The little bottles are adorable!


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