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Sunday, September 7, 2014

#Cre8time goes on Safari for the Designer Crafts Connection Home Décor Challenge

Welcome to another special Designer Crafts Connection Bloghop - this time it's a Home Décor Challenge. Upon receipt of my challenge materials provided by Kunin Felt, Beacon Adhesives and Buttons Galore and More, it was a bit of a challenge to decide what I wanted to create. I had a "lightbulb" moment and decided upon a greencrafting project - one that goes along with the decor in my bedroom and take my muse to the serengeti.

Join us today September 7th through 14th for this special Home Décor Challenge by the Designers Craft Connection where we are challenged to create an amazing home decor project utilizing Kunin Felt, Beacon Adhesives and Buttons from Buttons Galore and More! For this event there is a fabulous giveaway too {please scroll down for Rafflecopter entry info}.

I was sent an assortment of gorgeous felt, buttons and Beacon Felt Glue and Fabri-Tac Adhesives. I've planned on altering a recycled tequila box into a fashionable lamp, so these adhesives and the pre-cut felt squares will make my work "NO SEW". I will alter some of the buttons to make them a uniform color that will coordinate with the felt and painted wooden shapes to be used for feet.

An extra added bonus to this "GREEN" project... all of the Kunin Felt I received is ECO-FI Polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles. I totally dig that! I'm all for utilizing GREEN products.

My husband likes a certain brand of tequila which to my delight comes with a gorgeous sturdy linen paper box that I get to use for my Cre8time purposes. I removed the lid and gently disassembled to gain access to the interior where I will mount one of two puck lights. There is a handy hole already cut here that just happens to be the same size as the LED portion of the light. I will mount the other in the bottom where there is a larger circle from securing the bottle.

The paper of the box is black, but my felt are in a variety of browns so I took the extra step to paint the edges of the box that will be exposed with an Expresso Adirondack acrylic paint dauber by Ranger. These dauber tops make painting quick and easy!

A little discovery that also made my project easier is that I was able to cut the felt on my 12" X-ACTO guillotine cutter. I'm still doing a happy dance about this! Since I was cutting rectangles and squares to cover parts of my recycled box, precision cutting was going to be important. I couldn't have cut them better by hand, unless I measured and marked each piece first.


I started out with the Cheetah print and made this the lining of the light, so I could utilize the contrasting beautiful brocade textured felt on the outside.

The Beacon Felt Glue tacks up quickly, and dries clear. I did find out that it's not so great for felt-to-felt adhesion - so for that I used the Fabri-Tac. I continued around adding felt panels around the entire box, and on the lid. For the edging at top and bottom, I doubled up the layer of brown felt to give more dimension and a nice curved finished edge {this is where I needed to adhere felt to felt}. I added a decorative ribbon trim around the edging using tiny dabs of Fabric-Tac in a few places on each side.

The bottom of the box I brushed with a combination of gold, bronze and the espresso acrylic paint to match some wooden pieces I had painted already leftover from another project. I finished off the feet with altered buttons painted first overall with black, then a combination of metallic Ranger Alcohol inks.

I repeated the alcohol ink process to create a layered button accent for the top of my lamp. I recolor my buttons often when I don't have one or enough in the color that I need {this certainly helps in using all the buttons in my stash}.

The feature of the lamp is the two battery powered LED tap lights installed. The light is not too bright, gives a nice glow, and makes for a great accent nightlight. I picked these up at my grocery store - they come in a 2 pack for about $6 {the dollar store version aren't quite powerful enough}.

So from what began as this assortment of supplies... 

Has been transformed into a stunning LED touch lamp that matches perfectly with the Asian/Safari decor in my bedroom {the one room that we have really actually decorated}. The cheetah print felt lining glows nicely in the light and fits in with my wooden carved safari accent pieces and the embossed felt blends in beautifully with the light and dark wood furniture, wicker pieces and the handmade banana paper wall in the backdrop. This is simply beautiful!

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Thanks so much for visiting! Continue on the Designer Crafts Connection "Home Décor Challenge" Bloghop by selecting hop back/forward on the logo below to enjoy all of the wonderful Home Décor inspiration. Sb :)


  1. Omg, this is fabulous. What an awesome idea. I especially love the idea of a night light to match your bedroom decor. Great use of the tequila box!

  2. I love this project and your attention to detail is great!

  3. What a wonderful upcycle Susan! The textures look so good!

  4. Oh wow Susan. ..This is fab recycling and so stylish. Love it.


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