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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sneaking a Little #Cre8time on Holiday...

Hello everyone! As summer comes to a close my hubs and I were able to squeeze in a last minute vacation to the tropics and we had a little ARTchaeological adventure! I couldn't resist packing a little Amazing Mold Putty along with my watershoes, binoculars and camera.

On our last day in paradise we ventured out on a covert "molding" mission. The mission was to capture something wonderful in Amazing Mold Putty that I could bring home and be used for my art creations. There were so many wonderful finds, designs and textures to choose from - making it hard to decide!

We are home now and not only do I have this fabulous mold for use in my art, but I also have a special memory shared with my hubs from our travels. I'm excited to experiment and see what I create with my fabulous new mold.

CLICK HERE to jump over to see
how I captured a piece
of the SEA in time...

Thanks for dropping by. Have a creative day! :) Sb

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  1. Wow.What a neat idea.Perfect way to capture some awesome textures.I would love to see the final mould you make out of this one.


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