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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Winding Things Up for Inspiration at the #Altered Pinewood Derby!

Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing a special little project that was totally just for fun... between friends - and I'm totally in love with this creation!

A while back, Tina Walker announced she was hosting a Pine Wood Derby Challenge and gathered some creative friends to join in the fun. The idea was to all start with the same blank Pine Wood Derby car, and alter it however we were inspired and everyone's resulting cars are so amazing!

This is the blank Pinewood Derby kit we all started with... 

A wedge of wood, four wheels and four nails for axles... so full of potential!

I gathered a bunch of items from my stash of embellishments, leftovers from other projects, watch parts, recycled bits and found objects to alter my dream racer. The base of my car is collaged with a monoprinted deli paper, one of many that I made in a Nathalie Kalbach workshop a few months back.

I used Mod Podge to collage it to the car, wrapping around like a present. I love how it blends from black, to blue to purple - with all the painterly effects and none of the mess, so I can get to embellishing all the faster!

I had loads of potential items to junque up my car... but once I mounted the SIMPLIFY tag on the back bumper as license plate... my muse waived the flag "less is more". Two resin cast bolt caps are the lights flanking the simplify plate. An assortment of embellishments and watch parts clustered into a gear mechanism formation to meet up to the horizontal gears on top.

This was so fun to create. I'm quite pleased with my whimsical racer topped with a vintage winder key... enjoy all the details!

The rims of the wheels are capped off with recycled watch parts.

The front fender is half of a hinge clasp from a cigar box accented with mini adhesive pearls and a recycled watch gear cluster for hood ornament.

The large gears holding the winder are an assortment of recycled gears from adhesive runners, metal craft gears, and found recycled rusty metal pieces all stacked and fitted together. I can acutally spin and turn these around... too FUN!!!

This section is one piece I knew right off the bat would be the feature... this recycled mini square watch face with a leftover stamped eye inside; mounted on top of a partially altered mah jong tile received in a goodie box from a creative friend long ago.

A section of chain that was in with my stash of recycled watch bits and an "INSPIRE" tops off this car. My vintage key came with this purple string tied to it... I left it as it is my tiny scarf tied for good luck!

Thanks for dropping by! Please click on the boxes below to jump over and see the other fantastic creations for the Altered Pinewood Derby. If you are inspired to create your own, please leave me a comment and share your link for us to see - we would totally love it! Have a fabulously creative day! Sb  :)


  1. I LOVE the colors and all of those gorgeous gears!! Great job, Susan!

  2. SO SO SO love this Susan! Full of amazing little goodies!

  3. Wow!! Love that steampunk feel to your car!! Very cool my friend!! xoxo


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