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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Place for Blissful Wishes... a Decorative Trimmings Wedding Challenge with Designer Crafts Connection

Welcome to another special Designer Crafts Connection Bloghop. With Spring and Wedding Season upon us, we are sharing projects for Weddings using beautiful cording and embellishments from Decorative Trimmings.

Decorative Trimmings has been manufacturing and distributing Braids, Twist Cords, Jacquard Ribbons, Fringes, Laces and Embroideries for over 30 Years.

I love to make personalized gifts when I can, and for this challenge I decided to make a book for the wedding reception where family and friends can write a special message to the happy couple. I didn't have a big lavish affair for my wedding, as I got married at a small ceremony in Jamaica. We had a big family party when we returned and I really cherish my book of wishes that were gathered at the event. My book is a simple brown book that was from the party supply store. My handmade keepsake book takes that idea and adds a personal touch and elegance with the addition of Decorative Trimmings.

The trimmings I selected from Decorative Trimmings are ornate and sophisticated in oyster coloring. I have to point out how beautiful and secure each trim was sent on individual shrink wrapped cards - safe from tangling and unraveling.

Trims as shown in photo above from left to right: OYSTER STAR GUIMP Code: 02550-8-12Y-020; 3/4 INCH NATURAL LACE and GIMP GALLOON Code: 06550-8-012Y-020OYSTER 1/2 INCH "CHINESE BRAID" Code: 02539-H-022M-020; and 5/16 INCH OYSTER PEARL TWIST CORD Code: 09141-R-10Y-020.

I set out to create a simple bound book. I cut a couple of pieces of thin recycled cardboard to 4 1/4" x 6 1/2" and also a 3/4" strip for a spine. I mounted double-sided adhesive sheets to each side; placed onto backside of cardstock leaving about 1/8" allowance between for folding; then wrapped my decorative cardstock around. I finished the inside off with a creme cardstock.

I wrapped the cover with a beautiful creme and bronze glittered 12" x 12" paper I had in my stash from The Robin's Nest {Creme Awning Coffee Glitter}. This was one lone sheet of cardstock that was waiting for a special project such as this. Gorgeous!

The inside pages are a stack of creme cardstock sheets cut 12 1/2" x 4", scored and folded in half. I scored each 1/2" from the fold and used a paper adhesive to glue them together.

I would normally hand stitch pages into proper signatures, but then I would have to stitch and bind them to the cover. This way I can keep the cover simple and let the Decorative Trimmings stand out. The first page is accented with the Chinese Braid 1/2" trimming adhered with double-sided tape. 

On the cover I layered first the Oyster Star Guimp, then added the Oyster Pearl Twist cording on top using Beacon Fabri-Tac®I dabbed all the trimmed edges with a small amount of Diamond Glaze to prevent fraying. This covers up the seam where I joined the sections of paper together and puts the finishing touch on this keepsake book.

A Place for Blissful Wishes!

Visit the Decorative Trimmings website to see the wonderful selection of decorative trimmings, lace and narrow fabrics for use in Crafts, Hobby, Home Décor, and Apparel. You can also follow Decorative Trimmings on Social Media via Facebook page {} and Twitter {}.

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Thanks so much for visiting! For more ideas and inspiration follow the Designer Crafts Connection "Decorative Trimmings Wedding Challenge" by selecting hop back/forward on the logo below to enjoy all of the wonderful creations. Sb :)


  1. Very elegant. I love your choice of trims.

  2. nice wedding album tutorial.

  3. Love that your detail is inside and out - great idea for a guest book!

  4. Agree with all the above comments and an idea that can be made to suit anyone's style!

  5. Great idea for a wedding book. Love the trims with the RN paper!

  6. Susan,

    Thank You for contributing to the Decorative Trimmings Design Circle. The combination of the lovely earth tone scroll work print design with our oyster faux pearl twist cords and gimp trimmings is inspired. You created a beautiful wedding keepsake.


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