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Saturday, June 27, 2015

An OUT of THIS WORLD #Cre8time Pillow Fight with Fairfield World... a Designer Crafts Connection Challenge #DoctorWHO #Fandom

Welcome to another special Designer Crafts Connection Bloghop... and we are having a good old fashioned pillow fight! We have been challenged to create fabulous pillows using products from Fairfield World.

I am a MADwoman with a sewing machine and the perfect color blue oly*fun™! My pillow is of the intergalatic fashion - perfect for any Timelord. It's no secret that I'm a Doctor Who fanatic {and perhaps I'm a bit obsessed at this point}, so my pillow is of the total Sci-Fi NERD variety... a T-A-R-D-I-S. My very own plushy blue box standing about 3 feet tall.

In today's project I have used oly*fun™ {in Twilight, Blueberry, Snow White and Jet Black} and Nature-Fil™ Blended Fiberfill from Fairfield World. Other supplies used: Sewing Machine; Tonic guillotine trimmer; loads of blue thread and clear poly thread; Fiskars Scissors; recycled packing cloth; and a variety of cording/sequin edging from Decorative Trimmings.

I've created a few projects using oly*fun™ and this has to be my favorite so far. Oly*fun™ is one of the the easiest, most versatile materials you will ever find {CLICK HERE to jump over to all the info I shared in a previous post}. I love creating with this stuff! It gives you creative freedom, because it's not like standard fabric - so you can skip a lot of the traditional methods of sewing... AND it doesn't fray.

I'm fortunate that my mother loved sewing and that she taught me how to sew when I was young. I can make anything I want - today a pillow... at Christmas an Elf Shelf Sitter. I love sewing, but sometimes following patterns can be a bit tedious and take the fun out of making stuff, though the end result is always worth the work invested. In this project straight pins were my friend and my magnetic bangle came in handy.

But oly*fun™ is FUN for me, because I like to create on the fly... cut shapes and sew them together into something amazing - like my Blue Box pillow. 

My pillow is bigger on the outside LOL! This is all about shapes, layers and details in stitching. I actually ran out of blue thread twice!  The Twilight blue oly*fun™ is the perfect Police Box Blue.

I won't bore you with all the details as this was a wild fantastic Cre8time ride, though I will share some stops along the way. I planned out a basic paper pattern based off enlarging an embroidery pattern I found online about 600%. This was just so I have some scale to go by for placing my 5"+ squares that I had already cut and sewn FIRST. 

**A TIP** You can cut oly*fun™ on your crafting guillotine cutter to get nice square cuts! This is the main reason all my details were cut first.

I try to include something recycled in every project, so behind the door paneling and windows is some recycled packing cloth. This was about a 1/4" thick, but was sort of a two-ply material so I used half of the layer to get a little extra dimension behind my squares. With all the stitching I did, they poofed up quite nicely - this just saved me a step of stuffing each and every one by hand.

You can never PIN too much when sewing your pillow closed!! I have some detailed cutting at the edges and I didn't want them to shift around from the pressure foot pulling the fabric along.


I actually have three layers here - two blue layers make the front of the pillow and one black layer of olyfun for the backside to hold in the Nature-Fil™. I chose this filling because it's a blend made of 50% bamboo and also for its ECO initiatives {always THINKing GREEN}.


As the layers build up, pinning helps keep things where I plan as this involved making a lot of twists and turns.

I really love the charm created by all the free-form stitching to add details without adding bulk of another layer. Even the few strips/scraps were used here and there and I'll save the Decorative Trimmings for the finishing touches.

Right before I stitched on the backside so I could stuff my pillow - I had a lightbulb moment! I quickly fashioned two loops on the back and stitched them down to hang my pillow on the wall {I have a feeling there's a mural coming soon to a room nearby}. Right before sewing on backing, I did sew down the couple of the trims across the width using clear thread - the rest will be hand sewn at the end.

Now with everything sewn up and stuffing secured... it's time to embellish with some braid and bling from Decorative Trimmings

I dabbed all the trimmed edges with a small amount of Diamond Glaze to prevent fraying. The blues all matched perfectly to each other and give a nice contrast and pop to the sewn pillow form. These trims really make this handmade plushy out of this world!

Plushy-Wushy Timey Wimey Fun!

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Thanks so much for visiting! For more ideas and inspiration follow the Designer Crafts Connection "Fairfield World Pillow Fight Challenge" by selecting hop back/forward on the logo below to enjoy all of the wonderful creations. Sb :)

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  1. That pillow is totally awesome! Now you can travel time and space in your dreams.


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