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Friday, March 25, 2016

Enjoying a #Cre8time Snow Day in SoFL... Favecrafts/Prime Publishing Best Blogger Craft Event

Hello friends! Back in January I traveled to California to attend the CHA Winter Show. One evening I was invited to the Favecrafts/Prime Publishing Blogger Event. This is a networking mixer between creatives, bloggers, and manufacturers where you get to mingle and learn about new products in a more casual setting. After the event, some companies send samples and products to try out and to use to create with for the Favecrafts Best Blogger Craft Event.

A change of seasons calls for a change of decor starting with this Seaside Faux Palette Wall Decor. Using Fredrix canvas stretcher bars, brown craft shipping paper, burlap fabric, a staple gun, Design Master Color Tint It and Über Matter paints, Design Master Sno Blast Decorating Snow Spray, and a few household craft supplies, you can create a weathered beach themed wall hanging that is full of color and texture.

My project I'm sharing today is using spray paints provided from Design Master. Its been quite some time since I've used spray paints and I am quite pleased how these paints helped me complete this project in just a couple hours. Living in hot and humid South Florida, using spray paints is not ideal because of high humidity and drying time. The Design Master Paints are wonderful – the colors are beautiful, nozzles ergonomic and the paints fast drying! These products made this project come together in a snap. I have made a bulletin board in a similar fashion and the addition of spray paints take the faux wood panels to a new dimension.

Gather supplies and tools needed. This project is Easy-Intermediate due to use of spray paints, utility knife and staple gun and takes a few hours to complete (including drying time). Project can be completed over a weekend.

Assemble canvas stretcher bars (this used two 26" and two 36" lengths) and reinforce corners with a couple staples. Attach picture hanging hooks (if desired). Cut brown craft paper slightly larger than frame and wrap around to back, tacking in place using staple gun.

Measured and cut strips of burlap fabric to width of canvas, including a bit for overhang on each side. 

On long sides, fold over edges approx. 1" and iron to press in place.

Spray each burlap strip with several colors of Design Master Tint It spray paints to give a weathered wood coloring as desired. I alternated with Jade, Gold Shimmer, and Sepia colors.

Staple painted burlap strips to side edges of prepared canvas – forming the wood planks, completing the faux palette background. 

To add extra dimension, fold over extra burlap overhanging edges before stapling in place.

Cover the entire background with clear contact paper to create a custom stencil. Using a permanent marker, sketch in three starfish shapes as desired. Gently cut around starfish shape outlines with a utility knife to expose the starfish, leaving the rest of the canvas covered.

Spray each of the starfish with a couple layers of the Design Master Sno Blast Decorating Snow Spray, building up texture as desired. Leave as is -or- add a bit of color and shimmer using the Design Master Tint It Sepia and Gold Shimmer spray paints (as done here).

The starfish come to life with a different layer of texture. The Design Master Sno Blast Decorating Snow Spray is fun to use and you can build up the layers of dimension. 

Seaside Faux Palette Wall Decor

Set aside to let paint fully dry then it's ready to display!

Supplies Used:

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you drop by and check out all the Favecrafts Best Blogger Craft entries when the voting begins on March 31st. Happy Creating :) Sb


  1. I am so in awe. Loved watching this come to life. What an amazing project!

  2. What an awesome project! I love that you did strips of burlap instead of just a solid piece. So beachy!


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