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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#Cre8time New Beginnings... Artist Weaving Collaborative Bloghop

Hello friends! Welcome to a special "Artist Weaving Collaborative" bloghop that I am participating in with a group of my creative pals hosted by Tina Walker. Tina has been inspiring us with loads of woven and textile creations and she gathered a group together who would like to explore weaving. 

I am totally new to this art form and was excited to try something completely NEW! I found this was right up my alley as I could create using household items and yarns and fibers in my crafty stash. If you google "weaving tutorial", several fabulous how-to's come up. I really liked this one by, this one on weaving on the etsy blog, and this one using a clipboard as a base at - which is the one I followed along to make my wonky woven wall hanging.

If you arrived here in the middle of the hop, you can CLICK HERE to jump over to Tina Walker's blog who is our hostess and organizer of this Cre8time weaving adventure and her gorgeous framed woven masterpiece.

Since I am a total novice to the weaving, I plodded along leisurely and didn't track my steps via photos. I found that I really enjoyed this process and that it's so easy, anyone can give this a whirl with stuff you have on hand. The only tools I used was a pair of scissors, a knitting needle and large eyed embroidery needle. The knitting needle came in really handy to pick up the rows to pass the needle and fiber through.

I didn't mount to a dowel rod like traditional hangings - I liked how the burlap twine bunched up at the top made a fun triangular shape. So I just tied it off at the top and wrapped with some coordinating fibers.

Of course... most of my yarns and fibers are my favorite color purple! I have an unopened crochet and knitting kit in a box with pretty yarns/fibers with fond memories of my desire to learn one day. Weaving has filled the need for working with textiles, without all the counting and complicated stitching. I'm excited to see everyone's tapestries and to read and learn more from all the ladies joining me on this woven adventure.

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Thanks for dropping by - I hope you are inspired to try something new! Have a creative day :) Sb


  1. Oooooh.. purple.. who would have thought? :P

    I love how long and skinny it is.. I need to branch out on size! :)

  2. really cool! I´ve only done carpets so far, definitely need to rethink the options of weaving - so many possibilities out there!!!

  3. It makes my heart happy to see purple! I love purple and your weaving is gorgeous!


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