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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Sight for #Cre8time Eyes... Altered Eyeglass Collaborative

Hello friends! I'm so excited to welcome you to a very special bloghop today... a MUST SEE!!! Several creative pals and I gathered to take another challenge posed by the super imaginative Tina Walker. This time she posed the question, "could we alter old eyeglasses"?? Tina wears glasses and she said she had plenty to donate to the Cre8time cause to have our crafty playtime with.

These are the eight pairs that she had and she graciously donated for us to use if we didn't have our own in our craft stash. I was squealing with delight!! I selected pair No. 8 as it was the perfect size and shape for a bunch of metal and electronic junque I have been hoarding for years... just waiting for a magical project to use them in.

These are my blank canvas upon which to create! CLICK HERE to jump over to Tina Walker's blog who is our hostess and VISIONary of this Cre8time adventure.

These glasses have nice sturdy frames, though the arms posed a challenge as they were thin - I had to be creative in attaching bulky items to them as there isn't much surface area to glue things.

I knew exactly what I was going use before my pair of glasses arrived. My whole project is centered around this recycled component that I have been hoarding for years {I'm not ashamed to say it}... saved perhaps for an altered book project with a bunch of other electronic disassembled junque. My hubs goes crazy taking apart stuff that no longer works. I think this came from a pre-historic digital camera or an old cel phone.

I created an eyelid and eyelash with a small computer board and some fringed metal pieces that I can only imagine serves a cooling purpose. The COOLEST stuff is inside electronic stuff.

Combined with some found rusty pieces and old broken jewelry pieces, I layered to create a contrasting eye for the other lens.

I added some color with paint pens and alcohol inks, then I layered and glued items together with some E6000®.

After a couple of assembling fails... creative and strategic wire wrapping was the best method to mount the bulky items.

I scuffed up the edges of my lenses with some sand paper {since I scratched one of them attempting to drill tiny holes on the frame} which added some interesting dimension. Frames were painted with a combination of plum and metallic alcohol inks - easy peasy!

More layering and adding and wiring and gluing... my vision is coming together!

Enjoy all the fabulous details of seeing through my "curious" eyes... perfectly titled by a recycled tea bag tag message.

Please take a minute to visit
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"Altered Eyeglass Collaborative"...
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Thanks for dropping by and hanging around until the end! Thank you Tina for your boundless creative vision!!! 

I hope you are inspired to alter something and create something interesting and new! Have a creative day :) Sb


  1. Super cool! Will never throw away another pair!

  2. The detail in this is incredible! And your 'trash' saved was perfect!


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