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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String...

Hello friends! It's been a while. I don't know how long and my heart is heavy with what we have all collectively endured. I have been blessed to have been working all this time, but that work has been altered and more time consuming. Arting hasn't felt right, though I have taken many virtual gallery tours & talks and workshops... keeping the muse fed with interesting fodder and challenged with morning pages.

So its a new month... I've lost all track of time and space or routine. I have cooked a lot of banana bread. The last batch I added mini dark chocolate morsels in with the shredded coconut. YUMMO!

On top of everything else a mythical mysterious critter has taken up residence in my walls and ceiling – it has boundless energy – is illusive and has eaten his way through the plumbing creating quite a costly mess to be repaired. It's well past my bedtime and while I await my phone backing up and updating I exercised... YES... at night. I feel a bit calmer.

Before I call it a day I am dusting off my blog. Written in this little handmade brown package is an intention I am sending out into the universe! It's no secret but I wanted to make it artsy... I will post to my blog everyday for the month of April.

I’m planning to blog every day this month along with a few hundred other bloggers with Effy Wild and her “Artfully Wild Blog Along“. If you’d like to join in... both bloggers and readers are invited to join in the fun! The only requirement is that you agree to comment on three blog posts for every blog post you share in the dedicated Facebook Group.

Have a great evening {or morning} and thanks for stopping by!

<3 Sb

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