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Monday, October 25, 2021

I AM... StencilGirl® Affirmation/Tarot Deck Collaborative

Hello friends! It's a new week and I am excited for you to join me today for the reveal of a new StencilGirl® collaborative project, the "StencilGirl® Affirmation and Tarot Card Collaboration"... a project in which we were challenged to create an inspiration/tarot deck of cards using StencilGirl® Stencils.

This project is a bit different... one that is more reflective and introspective. For a while now I have been investing in refilling my creative well by following The Artist's Way and the accompanying work with a group of fellow creatives in an accountability cluster.

A bit about the process: For the cards I started out with a base black metallic cardstock that I stenciled with 2-3 layers of color using different Plaid FolkArt® Color Shift Acrylics. I have previously swatched all the colors on white, black and chipboard surfaces to see the resulting color magic. If you have these, they are really fun and make for some pretty cool unexpected effects.

On the backside I layered over the first layer with a combination of 3-4 colors of my favorite Ranger Distress Acrylic paint daubers, creating an ombre on my Gel-Press plate to stencil onto. The backgrounds are a result of combining the rubbed stencil and papers created from pulling the leftover after removing stencil. Nothing goes to waste! I mounted fronts to backs using spray adhesive and cut sheets down to create cards (cards are sizes to fit into a recycled altoid tin).

I also upcycled an altoid mint tin as a coordinating home for these cards on my desk.

I left adding the inscriptions to the end. I set out stenciling in letters with a liquid silver pen.

As luck would have it... the ink bled like crazy under the stencil.
Interestingly, this mess up actually looks pretty neat with how distressed it looks.

So I carried on... intentionally doing this on all of them.

I think this may have been kismet... a way of just enjoying the process, regardless the twists and turns.

This forced me to work slowly, adding many layers of marker and pen to fill in and make the letters stand out on the cards.

This project turned out to be very personal and emotional one. This project served as several of my artists' dates and was a free time to just "BE" and let each session evolve without any pressures to make an instructional.

Here are all of my cards before adding stenciled text inscriptions. The colored stencil background overlayed with a black stencil design.

I am sharing the first three of inscriptions here as they were part of the StencilGirl® stencil I used and started me off on a journey of what the rest should/would say.

Front and back side-by-side (sorry the scanner doesn't pick up the shimmer and shine of the metallic paint and pens).

"i am enough"

"i am me"

"i am brave"

All of the fronts are the same. To finish off, I created a chipboard template with a corner rounding punch to add a silver outline.

StencilGirl® Stencils Used on Front/Back of 18 cards:

StencilGirl® Stencils Used on Container Lid:

+ + + + +

I hope you enjoyed this project. CLICK HERE to jump over to see the other cards made for the StencilGirl® Affirmation and Tarot Card Collaboration

Thanks for dropping by! Sb

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