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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Missing You... Simply #Cre8time Playtime

Hello friends! I find it hard to believe it's mid-November and it's now dark before dinner here in SoFL. I was rifling through a box of crafty stuff and came across some old collage stuff from way back in the day (or 2012-2013) when I did weekly live-streaming. It was fun and I miss those times and interacting online with all of my creative friends across the globe made through the web. Technology and social media has advanced significantly, some for ease and some making things more complicated. 

Remember Linqto - it was limited but it was the infant of what FB and YT live has become. Why did I stop streaming?? Because the technical issues with the platform became more problematic AND a server failure resulting in loss most everyone's recordings. It was nice to just turn it on and go... they were such FUN times. I had a strenuous job and a lot of DT commitments... then my health started to intervene on my round-the-clock lifestyle, forcing me to change everything. Jobs included.

Recent times have been upside down for all of us. Meanwhile I've taken a LOT of online classes and focused on my love for cooking as I get back in the swing of things. Last month I was a guest designer at Artesprix and I made a few projects for Dia De Los Muertos. It was nice to create just for fun, finish a UFO project and one was a livestream DIY for the annual festival at work. One thing has led to another...
AND... I have some super awesome news
that I have been so excited to share.
It's been so hard to keep a secret.

Check back tomorrow -- 
Monday, November 15th
when I can finally
announce the news!

See you tomorrow! :) Sb

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