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Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Mixing Creativity with Crystal Lacquer" to
make a LOVELY Altered Candy Box -

Welcome to my project for the "Mixing Creativity with Crystal Lacquer" Bloghop!!! I am so excited to be part of the Sakura Hobby Craft Design Team - I will have featured posts the first and third Wednesdays beginning in March at the Sakura Hobby Crafts Blog.

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A brief recap of my project: This started out as a recycled paper heart chocolate know the for Russell Stover chocolates. I did a some altering and built up a layer of the Creative Paperclay® around the outer edge of the box to beef it up some - like a ceramic box would be. Then with Amazing Mold Putty, I cast a scrollwork heart frame ornament and also a scrollwork heart pendant. Using the molds I created, I cast both of these in Creative Paperclay®. I painted over the Looney Toon's characters adorning the box and the edging of paperclay with red acrylic paint base layer. Over that, I decopaged a red heart doily using 3-D Crystal Lacquer. Then the magic happens when you add the BRAND NEW Sakura Terri Sproul Mixers that get mixed into 3-D Crystal Lacquer!!

Photo 1: Just the beginning! Detail of box painted with
only three colors of Terri Sproul Mixers.

The detail above {photo 1} is base painted with three of the new Sakura Hobby Craft Terri Sproul Mixers: Red Pearl over the red acrylic painted layer which looks as luscious as lipstick; and Yellow Pearl and Violet Pearl on directly on the white paper clay nested cast hearts. The Yellow is very vibrant so I toned it down a bit with a touch of the violet. THIS WAS JUST THE BEGINNING...

Now I have more colors and I have continued building up the layers...

Photo 2.

Next I added the Ultra Fine Glitter to Crystal Lacquer and painted in the large heart detail and dotted some on each of the gem detail areas. As this dried - the bright yellow really began to "POP" from the base layer. I didn't add more color, just clear with shimmer glitter. Then I mixed up some of the "Gold Glitz" which is a chunky crushed glass glitter and placed in the negative spaces between the small and large hearts. Wow - this is getting good, but still not done yet!

Photo 3.

This I added a second layer of Gold Glitz and mixed up some Gold Dust and placed in the voids of the center heart. Then I added some Green Pearl dotted to the detailed areas. These did not come out as nice as I was expecting - I need a little practice in applying small details with this new media. I was applying with a toothpick and didn't have as much control as I thought I would. But it still looks great to me! I finished up the box with some tri-colored twisty cord and a green bow - LOVELY!

Thanks for stopping by. Remember, there is blog candy to be won as well. One winner will be chosen and posted on the Sakura Hobby Crafts Blog. Three MAGICAL containers of Terri Sproul Mixers and a bottle of Crystal Lacquer will be given away!!! RULES to enter to win blog candy prize....stop and visit each stop on the hop - THEN return to the Sakura Hobby Crafts Blog and leave comment there telling what your favorite project was on the hop. Easy-peasy!

30 colors of Sakura Terri Sproul's Mixers are now available.
Contact your local SB store owner to get yours!!!

Thanks so much for visiting - the next stop on
the hop is Gini Cagle's "Beadz" CLICK HERE

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  1. What a nice upcycle of a carboard box, beautiful.

  2. What a super project, love the colors & the details. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it.
    alsmouse ~C8> Ratty Hugs

  3. The heart is beautiful... I love all the designs... wonderful colors! Love that you recycle!!!

  4. love the detail and love the victorian feel. Great idea

  5. Love the project, but you shouldn't lie on your blog. You said entering would be easy peasy. All of the projects so far are incredible. How are we supposed to pick a favorite. There will be nothing easy about that.

  6. So pretty! Thanks for the chace to win!

  7. Love the box. You did an awesome job.

  8. Very creative! I love upcycling :D This is beautiful.

  9. So pretty! That's the prettiest chocolate box I have ever seen!

  10. oh my! what a fabulous project! I never would have thought that started as a russell stover box!

  11. how clever. Love the 3D pieces you added to the box. Lovely.

  12. Wonderful project. So much thought and detail pays off with a gorgeous heart box. Kudos,

  13. Hi this is so pretty I loved the different embellishments you added with all the different color

    Thank You so much for sharing this

  14. Love your heart project, Susan. The depth and sparkle of the different colors are so pretty. The textured details are awesome.

  15. Like that you made your own heart molds then casted them in paperclay. Nice job.

  16. Love you casted the hearts and made them out of paperclay. Nice job.

  17. Love your recycling. I love the texture make me want to touch it.

  18. Beautiful! Love up cycled projects, and your dimensional embellishing is great!

  19. Beautiful project! I love the up-cycled box and the colors you used :D So do you put your chocolate lips you made inside the box :D

  20. Gorgeous heart!! LOVE the new colors!!

  21. that was really it.


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