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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TUTORIAL: Making a Permanent Wish using Amazing Mold Putty & Amazing Casting Resin

Hello! Remember this project from last week??? Well today I am sharing the HOW-TO for this jewelry project. It's cast from a "WISH BONE" that my husband and I were drying out to break to see who gets the wish. Well - this has been stolen for another project!

To mix up Amazing Mold Putty, I followed the simple illustrated instructions on the packaging. If you want a more in depth how-to of mixing Amazing Mold Putty please click here.

For this project I am casting a two-part mold of a wish bone from a roasted chicken [that has been dried out and cleaned} in Amazing Mold Putty. After molding the bottom half of the mold, I did the following:

Please see accompanying image number(s) to go along with written instruction/description.

Photo 1: Mix equal parts of part A and Part B of Amazing Mold Putty and blend evenly. Flatten into an oval and place the wishbone into the putty and let cure. Photo 2: After first half of mold has completely cured - I coated the mold with three layers {as instructions prescribe} of Alumilite Rubber to Rubber Mold Release. This helps in keeping the second half of this two-part mold from adhering to first part. Photo 3: Mix up a second batch of mold putty and impress around other side of wish bone. Photo 4: Before part two completely cures, I fit both parts together encaseing wish bone and label sides with a sharpie marker. Photo 5: Completed cured molds with wish bone removed.

After curing I needed to make a patch of additional mold putty on one side to repair a thin area where the bone was flush with the edge of the putty. This was repaired by flattening out a ball of prepared mold putty and placed over the thin area. I also made sure this was level so that resin will remain in mold when poured.

Please see accompanying image number(s) to go along with written instruction/description.

Photo 6: Dusting mold with Alumilite Pearlescent powder and also metallic powders to add color. Photo 7: Measuring out to mix Amazing Casting Resin which sets up in 10 minutes. Photo 8: I poured mixed resin into each half of molds separately - THEN - right when I start to see the flash point {color changes from clear to opaque}, I quickly place the two molds together. Some resin seeps out - but this is to be expected. Photo 9: I let the mold set for about 10 minutes to harden, then gently remove it from mold. I carefully trim away excess resin from cast wish bone shape while resin is still soft and pliable. Photo 10: I replaced the trimmed cast wish bone back into mold to complete curing and hardening process. I really love the metallic color achieved with the Alumilite metallic powders.

Detail of wire wrapping to complete charm.

After letting the wishbone set in mold to continue to harden for several days, I sanded and polished with a rotary tool. Some of the metallic powders were removed so I added metallic color back with a Krylon pen and Rub and Buff. After wire wrapping an eye pint at the top and adding a jump ring, I hung a heart lock and key charm.  I used to only make jewelry for gifts... and maybe now I may make them for my craft shows, too. I have been casting many wonderful beads, buttons and other interesting found objects for creating jewelry - my new found favorite hobby.

Now I have a wonderful replica life size "Wish Bone" charm to add to my charm bracelet. I will be making many of these for gifties this year.

I hope you enjoyed this project. To see more AMAZING projects from the other Amazing Mold Putty Design Team members, head over to the Amazing Mold Putty Blog for more great tips and ideas!

Have a wonderful Wednesday : ) Sb

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