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Monday, December 3, 2012

Sharing my Creative Daydreams - Announcing sbartist : daylight musings

It's Monday morning and I'm trying to get an early start today! I had a super creative weekend and I'm going to sqeeze in something involving paint before I have to head off to the rat race in 2 hours. 

I wanted to announce I've started a spin-off to this sbartist : painting in the dark page. Most of my creations are created in the wee hours when all is dark and quiet, but then there are times when I am creative during the LIGHT of day. These times are becoming more frequent - YAY - so in my twisted logic I decided that my daytime muse deserves her own space...

So I invite you to this new blog sharing my creative daydreams...

Daylight Musings will share my exploration and personal journey as an artist. Daylight Musings is completely connected, too - so you can follow the blog, Facebook, twitter and streaming via Linqto.

Stay tuned for some exciting things to come :) Sb

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